Just right from Pam on 23 Aug '17

You're SeaWeed seems to be the just right size for one person, and contains all the components you need. And you've done a lot to make her comfy and livable.

You're correct Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 24 Aug '17

Seaweed is a gem. Because she is small, storage keeps me from buying stuff I do not need. Next week Aldi's has a small dehydrator on sale for $30. I have seen larger ones for $10 at thrift stores. It is just that I do not have the space for One More Thing!

And too I never used one when I was ashore so a dehydrator is simply one more item I would have to stuff away. I do confess that I like dehydrated oranges though. I found a package at Big Lots for $3 that I have been savoring. Yummy.

Yes I do have real Mandarin oranges chilled in the reefer. Gosh I'm glad and thankful to have that. Having refreshing and cool goodies sure is wonderful this time of the year.

I hope your boat search is progressing. It is not easy to find that elusive Last Boat.

Your friend in the south who appreciates very much the comments,

dehydrated oranges from Pam on 25 Aug '17

I've never heard of dehydrated oranges before now; though it sounds intriguing! I'll have to do a bit of web searching and get some to sample. Thanks, Janice :)

The oranges from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Aug '17

Hi Pam. The brand I bought at Big Lots (a discount chain store) is Glendee. 120g aka 4oz. The package says dried Mandarin orange Soft & Juicy.

I like the taste and texture. Also when I was able to get back to the store I could not find them. Argh!

To you wish happy hunting. Price was $2.95 incidentally. Good luck Pam! Your friend, J.

Thanks from Pam on 31 Aug '17

Num! Thanks, Janice :)

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