Screens from Rob on 27 Aug '21

I've bought the screen cloth/material at walmart and made envelopes to go over the front doors of different vans I was camping in. With the screens in place I could leave the windows down.

screening from Pam on 27 Aug '21

Hi, Janice. Easy, inexpensive solution. Since it doesn't cost much or take up a lot of room keeping plenty in reserve would be easy on a little boat. Good to know it keeps bats out as well. 😄

screens from Captain Sid on 27 Aug '21

Thanks for the update on screening your boat, and for being willing to update to new methods. I will copy what you are doing. You are the best. Keep writing these articles, please

Didn't know that Rob from Janice aboard Seaweed on 27 Aug '21

I was surprised to learn this was available locally. I don't know that the closest Walmart has fabric though I know some stores do. Now that would be interesting. Congratulations.

I had a friend named Marsha who owned an orange VW bug. Yes, she was a delightful old hippie. Anyway she used magnetic clips (similar to heavy duty clothes pins) to hold screens to her windows. She gifted me a few, that I'm still using.

About bats... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Aug '21

That bat was something else. It was perhaps the only time in my life I was hoping for a cockroach. Oh my gosh, that was awful. But yes, since the screen no bats have entered Seaweed.

For the record, birds are okay. Buddy will lean on the screen in my pilothouse door. The screen holds too. Except for when bugs are out or if it is bright and sunny the screens are stowed. As you say Pam, the screen takes little room.

I bought the black to make the inside a bit darker. Bright light bothers me. That is perhaps because I grew up with oil lanterns. When outside I always wore sunglasses. I still do.

You might want to pick up both colors for your boat someday. The cost of the kit is less than buying just the velcro, at least around here. Those in vans can probably use good magnets and get the same results. Anyw, Thanks Pam for your comment. It is always appreciated. J.

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