Doing the dishes from Pam on 27 Aug '18

Beautiful galley in the 40 footer, Janice! Thanks for the excellent ideas on saving water while doing the dishes. You evaluated every step and made adjustments to the process so that it works well and doesn't waste water.

Thanks Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 27 Aug '18

One thing about our 40'er that was particularly nice is a large forward facing hatch directly above the sink. If there was any breeze at all you felt it down below.

Additionally if it rained and the hatch was open below sometimes we were lucky and didn't have a mess. The hatch over my bunk meant I would get wet if it were opened too wide when it rained.

Having a way to partially open hatches is important especially in hot weather. It is even better when the hatches and portlights can be left part way in moderate rains.

Such is life in rainy season here on the west coast of Florida. Thanks so much for your comment Pam. I appreciate it. Happy summer! Your friend in the south, J.

Dish rinsing tools from Oldfurr on 11 Dec '19

Hello, regarding rinsing off dishes etc. you might consider mini garden sprayer type devices. They are also useful for activity's from showering to wide area cleaning aboard with relatively low water consumption and easier than spray bottle pump labor. Just a thought I felt I should pass on to you, be good to yourself. O-f

Great information Oldfurr from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Dec '19

Thank you Oldfurr for the reminder. Yes, you are correct. Those garden sprayers do have multiple uses. Aboard a boat or in any place with limited space multiple-use items are definitely preferred. Anyway, thanks Cap'n Oldfurr for the advice. I appreciate your reminder. J.

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