Sprout supplier from Marsha on 2 Sep '17

Here is a link to a sprout and micro green supplier that I use. You might like to try growing micro greens sometime too. You can use the little plastic trays that have clear plastic lids that salads and stuff come in. They are grown in a small amount of soil and they are cut off at the surface of the soil. They are a super food. I keep them going all the time. https://sproutpeople.org/ I met you in Carrabelle some years back and have enjoyed reading your blog. I spend the winters in the Keys living on a 36 foot trawler, the Morning Star with my husband and my dog. I alway hope someday I will see you out in Big or Little Basin in Islamorada. Continue to enjoy life and keep writing!

drain cleaners from Pamela Rigenhagen on 4 Sep '17

I have a drain cleaner such as yours, Janice. It works very well. Good luck with your farming project! I'll be most interested to hear how it goes.

Thanks Marsha. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Sep '17

That is a great resource. Look forward to taking notes and hopefully duplicating sproutpeople success. My mung beans are doing nicely and I intend to buy more of those for certain.

Yes it was great meeting you in Carrabelle. Yours was the first Gulfstar 36' I was aboard. She has a nice layout.

I wish you well with Hurricane Irma. What a mess she is. Keep safe and one of these days you'll look up and see Seaweed down your way. But first to do storm preps here. Argh!

Thank you again for the information on sprouting. That is helpful. I do appreciate your comments too. It is fun to catch up. I'm glad you're still aboard MorningStar. She is a gem. J.

The newest farm from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Sep '17

Well Pam, this is attempt number three. The first failed due to fruit flies. That was Really AWFUL. Little white worms which were fruit fly larvae coming up from the dirt sure wasn't fun.

Number two ended up baked in the Florida sun. This time, inside the mung beans are doing okay. I am not impressed with the wheat yet, nor the buckwheat groats. I'm continuing to try to get this right.

In my spare time I'm finishing up last minute things for Irma. I sure do hope it goes elsewhere!

Those drain things are pretty neat. The inventer found a winner for certain. Those gizmos can't cost much to produce but mine sure does work well. Except for the stainless straw I managed to drop down the sink drain, it has worked well.

Such is life here. Take care and thank you for your comments. They really do make my day. Your friend, J.

Irma from Pam on 5 Sep '17

Good grief, Janice. I just read that Irma has been upgraded to Cat 5. Can you load Seaweed on to a truck and go to another state or something? Prayers for you and every creature in her path. Stay safe Ma'am!

I like the way you think! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Sep '17

Thanks for your note Pam! I have permission to use the two pilings on the property just east of me. Those with the ones here plus trees will keep me safe and sound.

I will tuck into the mangroves. This is exactly what we did numerous times with our 40'er. Safe, buffeted by winds, and secure. I am confident. Of course being on the west coast is a good thing this time.

I have good friends in harm's way. This storm is HUGE and I sorry for those in the cone... Keeping everyone in our prayers. Skipper and I are okay.

We will be going to Aldi's later this afternoon for soup crackers. Their store brand is a favorite. Also a quick stop at Walmart for canning jars. A neighbor has power and a stuffed freezer. I processed four dozen jars over the past few days for him. Two dozen more pints will do his fish and chicken. Then I quit!

I have enough stuff to make Seaweed ready. That includes little things such as installing new rope fiddles, finding permanent homes for the garden stuff. I started some new sprouts today. I'll get the lettuce planters secured too.

So far all is well Pam. Thank you for your note. It is nice to know I have friends. A new article regarding hurricanes will go up as soon as I can get it finished. Your friend in the south, J.

OK then from Pam on 7 Sep '17

I'm glad to hear you've got a good, safe place to shelter from the storm, Janice. Keep us updated as you can. Be well!

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