Irma from Pam on 20 Sep '17

I can imagine how much of an art getting lines set properly for a huge storm must be. I read the preparations folks were going to on the Cruising and Trawler forums, and all the thought and re-thinking they were putting into getting the lines right. Were there any other boats in your hurricane hole? Was there a possibility they might drag into Seaweed? Just glad you all are safe and sound!

Safe and sound Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Sep '17

There is a 40'er that did leave along with a small center console. Two other boats came in though. All were well secured.

The last couple paragraphs are actually written for a friend. He did exactly the correct thing. He secured his boat at a new dock in a safer location from his previous marina. He brought along another boater, thus having a second set of eyes.

The owner of the small marina gave him Hades for the way his boat was secured. My friend's boat was a-okay after the storm incidentally. It just wasn't done exactly the way the marina owner would have done it.

I have heard that same thing multiple times over the decades on the waterfront. It's the old "you have to know how to take your boat apart and rebuild each system before you go boating" and it is elitist and particularly annoying to me. We all have things to learn however there is not Just One proper way either...!

I know after the devastation there will be a lot of post-storm finger pointing and blame game histrionics. None will be helpful to the person who is suffering. Years ago my friend Mabel didn't just point fingers. She got the ball rolling when things were at their gloomiest. I keep her in my prayers still and hope she finds the happiness I have aboard Seaweed. Post-chemo, the days were truly dark. I was blessed. Though I have done my best to move forward, successfully I might add, I cannot focus on the past. There was too much sadness. Daddy's cancer, Son lost at 21 to a heart attack, Mother's Alzheimer's, my cancer... It is all too much. In order to maintain my sanity I must more be forward, one anchorage at a time. I never watch sad or scary movies, sticking mostly to Disney and old circa 1940's sci-fi, the great musicals like Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, plus I read happy romances. I want joy in my life, having experienced too much despair. Truly I am blessed. And I remember those who have made a difference in my happiness quotient. That keeps me sane. Well, all that plus my Seaweed. She is my shelter in this storm of life.

Gosh all that sounds maudlin, doesn't it? I am happy now. Writing is fun. And comments are such a pleasure. At least two thousand folks a day look at my site. The group that post something are a special highlight of my life. Thank you Pam for your messages. I hope I did not wear out your eyes. Have a great day. J.

Life from Pam on 21 Sep '17

I understand, Janice. Life is wonderful but it also leaves some terrible scars along the way. Actively looking for joy and goodness is the best way to carry on, and it takes guts. BTW: my taste is movies leans toward Sci-fi, action, cartoons, comedy :)

Me too Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Sep '17

I just watched The Incredibles and still laughed at the dorkiness. It's me and it is perfect. As for the cartoons, you could watch the whole Ice Age series aboard Seaweed.

I did buy a portable DVD player so I can turn my movies into digital copies. That will free up a lot of space occupied by movies. I did not buy the program recommended, audibles one 2017, so will have to wait for the next year's edition. I look forward to having them on a hard drive... Much tidier though the built in sorting system seems weird. I store mine alphabetically.

That is life here. Working on tweaking part three, and then four perhaps tomorrow. Plus one biggie for those with bandwidth who don't like clicking through a bunch of pages. I always hated that. Click once and give me the whole works. I know I've got opinions...and that's not always the best thing in the world.

Thank you Pam for reading and for your comments. I love them. J.

Irma from Beverly Phillips on 2 Aug '19

I'm loving your adventures and enjoy seeing things through your eyes. I went through Irma too, from a shelter in Clearwater (now live in St Pete)but wish I could have spent it aboard Seaweed. It may have been scary but not nearly as scary as spending two nights sitting in a hallway with a bunch of strangers and others that the police rounded up off the streets and dumped at the front door of the school we had been assigned to. But it's over now and you and Seaweed are safe and living a blessed life. You've come through storms of many kinds Janice but I hope the tranquility of the sea will flood your heart with joy with each new day. Looking forward to reading more of your story...thank you for the sharing!

Thanks Beverly. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Aug '19

Hearing about the shelters is scary. And adding strangers to the already stressful situation would have ramped up my worries. I'm glad you're able to see the light.

Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate that. J.

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