Laptop Stand from Captain Bligh on 24 Sep '18

Great idea for a laptop stand. It is nautical, attractive and will way outlive plastic stands. I WANT ONE! Would you consider making one just like the one in the picture and sending it to me? How much would you need to charge me so it is more than fair to you? You do wonderful work. I suspect it will last my lifetime. Thanks!

Laptop stand from Pam on 24 Sep '18

Very nifty laptop stand you created, Janice. The 'pie dough' rope accent is a nice touch. I like! :) Hmmm, so watching DVD's on a laptop is an energy hog. I never thought about it. Guess I better get all my DVDs on a jump drive before I get on board.

How nice you are Captain Bligh. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 27 Sep '18

Alas, even though the materials are not very costly, the time is rather significant. When combined with shipping, well, you'd be better off making your own!

Honestly, it is not that difficult. Today I priced the materials. The wood palate board is $4.97 at Walmart. The rest of the items I had on hand. Perhaps you have some things lying around too? In any event, thank you for the comment and the lovely compliment. Both are appreciated.

That is my goal Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 27 Sep '18

The problem was (ten years ago) that my 15" laptop used a lot of power. It was heavy too. The combination meant I did not make full use of it.

Now back then I did not have wifi on the boat so that makes a difference. Now I have a nifty Verizon tablet that powers my netbook.

The jump drive idea is great though -- that is my goal. I am trying to find a program that will work with a netbook. I would LOVE to have my DVDs (and I have an embarrassingly large collection) on a hard-drive. That would free up A LOT of space.

And too, being able to watch by selecting from a list would be easier than getting out the DVD, etc.

Oh, and look on Amazon (as long as I'm going to spend your perfectly good money) for an Axess television. It is 12-volts (with an AC adapter along with a cigarette plug gizmo) and uses just 2.5 Ah (amps per hour).

It comes with a built in DVD player. It's a tv/dvd combo. It also has a port for an HDMI connection. The built-in TV tuner is terrible however I do not watch TV so that matters not at all to me.

I bought it to watch movies. It does that well. The zapper is not the greatest quality and I could not get a Wally-world knock-off to work with the Axess. Thus I had to pay $25 (ouch!!!) to buy a second zapper aka remote control.

Anyway, flash drive is a good idea for storage. Always make two copies. Friends lost their hard-drive and were without movies for the last couple months of the island hopping.

Another thing... those that have the DVD/RW's... well, they don't work for long out here. Mildew and failures are common. The "real deal" movies work fine but those folks that tried to use RW's were disappointed.

What program are you using to copy anyway? Thanks Pam. And thank you for commenting. You really do help keep me inspired. J.

One more thing Pam: from Janice aboard Seaweed on 27 Sep '18

Final thought: The Axess I bought is the smallest one they have. 15 inches as I recall.

Axess television from Pam on 28 Sep '18

Oooooo, an Axess TV is a good idea. I'm checking it out. Thanks.

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