Huzzah! from Pam on 7 Oct '22

Glad to hear that Ian left you unscathed, you got your new netbook working properly with FrontPage, and you got the treat box! Life is good. 😎 Now, hopefully you won't have any more weather drama this season.

Spare Mouse from Keith Wolfe on 7 Oct '22

Yes, I do keep a spare mouse aboard SV Grace. I haven't needed it in 5 years but I know that as soon as I toss it out I WILL need it! So I consider it to be a form of insurance. :-)

Storm prep is exhausting from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Oct '22

The neighbors do work together making sure all boats and properties are free of debris. It is a ton of work. The problem (thankfully "just" a mouse) added stress. That box appeared when I was at my lowest!!!

The computer wasn't working to access the codes. Almost Every picture on my site is coded to display at 90% of screen width, with the full sized one "behind"... personally I want to see big pictures and so I provide a one click big picture. This does differentiate my website from the majority. And besides, I like it. 👍

For instance, in addition to Algae there are two more dinghies stashed on land. Yards around here, at least those on the canal have various seating, tables, plus planters -- big ones. Even Seaweed has at present four hanging baskets of plants in the cockpit. So, cleaning up both before and after a storm is tiring.

Thankfully for me the storm turned south of here. We were fortunate. Thank you Pam for everything. All is well here.

You're friend in the south, J.

Re tossing stuff Cap'n Keith from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Oct '22

I tend to have the opposite... I can't find something until I purchase another. Then I have two.

Thanks for letting me know my theory (having a spare) is a good idea. Hopefully by storing more carefully my new spare will be good when I need it.

P.S. - I have already made my first pancake of the day. Thanks to you and your Janet. This gizmo is my most used galley item. It's simply amazing. Thanks for solving my pancake problem. You two are so nice. J.

Hidden Mice from Sid on 7 Oct '22

Terrific article demonstrating that I am not the only goober when it comes to computers and their accessories. Thanks for writing this. Glad, also, that you are still smiling and beautiful after Hurricane Ian. I have been on the Florida Gulf coast for not quite 50 years and Ian was the worst storm I have ever seen. They are STILL finding bodies.

Thanks for your comment Sid. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 8 Oct '22

I was indeed fortunate. This storm was a bad one. Storm preparations took effort too. I was so happy that the issue was not the computer nor FrontPage. I was not pleased to discover my spare was broken. Walmart had the same size and design. For the best price ($10 versus $13 and up) I ended up with blue. Not my favorite color however the others were more money, so...

The Gulf coast is beautiful. What impressed me most is how quickly the power came back on. From a high of 2 million without electricity, I read it is down to 100,000. That is still a lot of suffering people, yet I am impressed by how much progress has been made.

This weekend I went south to the Cortez for the nautical flea Market. I found a few things! 😀 And I also saw quite a few LARGE trees downed. On a side note, this was the first time I was able to get cash out of an ATM since the Monday before the storm hit. That was a good thing.

Thank you Sid for your comment. It is nice to hear from a fellow gulf coast person. Take care, and thanks for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

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