Electrical from Brother Bart on 29 Sep '23

And here I used to think that you wrote mainly about Manatees and mangroves and green water and your birds. Now we see that you are a highly skilled technical writer capable of dissecting complex electrical wiring systems on a 50' boat. Just WOW. Hope you are able to find the errant switch and that the boat can get back to full power again. Congratulations and good luck. You are amazing.

Electrical from Brother Bart on 29 Sep '23

Question: Before you search for and buy another high dollar switch, why wouldn't you first pull the old switch off the boat and put it on a bench to test it so that you are 100% sure that the old switch is indeed defective? Might save you some time and some money. Just pondering...

Electrical from Brother Bart on 29 Sep '23

That way you can find out if it s something as simple as a loose or broken wire or connection? Just pondering...

Thank you Brother Bart from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Sep '23

You are quite correct Brother Bart. I am enamored by the life surrounding Seaweed. Watching the critters interact is fascinating. Sharing that is frankly easier than writing technical articles.

There are real experts. I am a boater who tells about life out here without sugarcoating the pitfalls. One of those acts is the frustrations of figuring out what is wrong, and then making the repairs. Or buying the part necessary to get things going again.

Those with large bank books do have more options. They can hire an ABYC certified electrical technician. The problem with that is those guys are 1) Fabulou$, and 2) Bu$y, and 3) Expen$ive. For the majority of us out here, we struggle. We sit at the end of the dock and shoot the breeze, figuring out stuff along the way. That is me. The bad part of that experience is we might not be as up-to-date as someone that does this every day. I have to be particularly careful about this as times change and so too do best practices. With power that is especially true.

Boats have far more energy needs than in the days of oil lanterns and gas stoves. That is the Era of my youth. We did not have refrigeration until I was a teenager. I have NEVER drunk a glass of milk. My world differed from the majority. It was a good life. It still is.

So that is my journey down Memory Lane. I appreciate your compliment. Thank you.

Testing the switch from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Sep '23

Your idea is a good one Brother Bart. In normal situations with (for instance) one of those smaller switches I would agree. There are quite frankly wayyyy to many wires fit onto that one switch. The potential for making an error is high. And frankly AC power is what is used to electrocute criminals. It is quite literally deadly.

The other reason is these switches when you look at the guts have one copper bar that is the conduit for power. When they go out the copper melts and one or both ends of the connection are burnt.

If I were experienced and did the regularly I would have no compunction about doing it today. Alas, I do not. And there are a lot of big wires involved!

Great questions Brother Bart from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Sep '23

I love that you have ideas to try. This I helpful. Perhaps with assistance (taking off the wires is the easy part/getting them back in the proper place is going to be challenging) ... With help this might be doable. As AC power is not an area I have a great deal of experience with, I am cautious. And there is the whole electrocution aspect, though of course that's avoidable. Anyway Brother Bart, your insights will be the talk of the dock tonight. Hopefully another boater or two will be on board with dismantling. That is a good idea. 👍

Thank you again. J.

Wires from Pam on 29 Sep '23

Hi, Janice. Holy smokes what a tangle of wires and connections. 😄 Have you considered posting this question on Trawler Forum? A lot of experts there. Though you may get a dozen conflicting answers and opinionated observations on who knows what.😄 Good luck.

You're absolutely correct Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Sep '23

I should go over there again. I get busy with life (we have some frisky manatees) that I spend way too much time relaxing and watching them. Buddy has taken to walking through my boat, pacing as it were. He walks back and forth until I get him some hotdogs. He's staring at me right now!

Yes, he does follow me up the dock -- those are my Disney moments. :) Life is so wonderful aboard a boat. I truly am blessed.

I did send you an email. I've got something to mail you and wanted to confirm the address for shipping. I *might* get to the post office tomorrow (if TEMU delivers) and do want to get this in the mail for you.

Have I mentioned that I bought my Christmas cards?!? I'm so excited for this time of the year. It is cooling off. The world seems fresh and new. Thank you for being a part of my world. Your friend in the south, J.

addressed sent from Pam on 29 Sep '23

I received your email and replied. Oh boy, a surprise!😃

Pam... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Oct '23

I don't appear to be receiving emails. Argh. I'll figure that out later. Could you reply here please with a "same as before" if you haven't moved. I do have your Christmas card address. :)


address from pam on 4 Oct '23

Hi, same as before. 👍😊

Sent. Due on Tues 10 Oct. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Oct '23


Package arrived! from Pam on 8 Oct '23

I love it, Janice. Vintage look Halloween picture garland. It's perfect and I'm going to string it together to hang on the fireplace mantle.🎃 I'm getting my Halloween towels, candles, etc., out and this will be the perfect compliment to it all. Thank you so much for this thoughtful gift. You know Halloween is my favorite holiday.😊 Fun!🍂

Package from Pam on 20 Oct '23

The picture garland is put together and hung. It looks awesome! 🎃 Sometime, once your email is working again, I'll send you a photo. Thank you, again!

So glad for you Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 19 Nov '23

I managed for years to avoid the virus... until I didn't. Recovery is in progress. I've been soooo tired.

Of course amongst the mess I broke my phone. Not 20 minutes after a friend said "be careful" I dropped it face down on the sidewalk. That ended about as well as one can imagine. A month later I have a new phone without the majority of my phone numbers. I am grateful to have a phone though so that's great. 😌

A few days ago I started on decorating for Christmas. For decades I always put everything up on Thanksgiving. Getting an early start does feel a bit odd.

AND the gosh darn diesel heater I bought is still in the middle of my pilothouse. Where I had imagined it living simply won't work. So rethinking and now I have a new place for it. Honestly this does seem to be a better option. I needed L-brackets to hold the support and not wanting to go out I ordered online. I'm waiting for them.

Mostly I have been sleeping, interrupted by coughing and then napping. A bit of reading too. Rest is what I needed, so that is what I've done. Thank goodness for Walmart deliveries 😀

I am glad you liked the vintage Halloween banner. I used mine as postcards for the grands, plus neighbors. Note: if you chose to mail them, we get charged letter rates, not postcard fees as they are oversized. Our sets came from Temu. I confess to ordering the Christmas ones too. I will use those in home made envelopes for the Christmas 🌟 stars. Last year I picked up a set of black and white (older!) charts from the Bahamas that I can fold into envelopes. I have a great star pattern and template somewhere aboard Seaweed. Lost, the folded version but do have the template so there is at least that. 😅 Such is life aboard Seaweed. My lights are up. I ordered a Perry Como Christmas CD so that's on the way. Last Lear I had lost my Christmas thumb drive (it failed) however I did find a copy from years ago so I have been enjoying those while I recover. Take care and I will post something in a day or three. And thank you for your note. I have to open the computer (Gmail will be scary!) later today. Take care... J.

Oh no! from Pam on 25 Nov '23

So, sorry to hear that you've dealing with the virus. 🤒 It's a brute. At least you're on the other side now. 🤗 Take all the time needed to rest and recuperate. It may snow here today. I would be fine waiting a few more weeks for that! Good that you got a little diesel heater! Once you get it mounted and hooked up that will make Seaweed cozy and dry in the cool weather. Good deal. Take care now! Happy Holiday Season from the frozen tundra.😁

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