Electrickery from Coen on 15 Oct '21

It is good to follow your progress. I share the same goals. My small generator starts with one pull... when she wants to. Many years ago I had a small motorbike with electric start, you would have thought they could do the same with generators? Be safe!

You're correct Cap'n Coen from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Oct '21

The newest ac arrived (Dometic Penguin II 15k btu with heat pump for an rv) deep breath!!! This will work off a Honda2200eu (soft start to be installed in ac unit) however now I am looking into starters for the Honda. As you know, any addition to a boat brings complications. Really though, that makes this life fun.

Autumn has arrived in Florida, thank goodness. And thanks for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

Solar and Mr. Buddy from Diamond Sid on 18 Oct '21

Thanks for the beginnings of a great dissertation on solar but the real star of this article is Mr. Buddy. What a handsome fellow he is. Do you own him or does he own you?

Hello Diamond Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Oct '21

Thank you for the compliment regarding Buddy. He is certain that he runs the area. I seldom feed him anymore though he still hangs out. There are bunches of night herons in the mangroves near Seaweed.

The hierarchy is a bit different however. The teenagers tend to be mean and cranky to the older birds. Then as they mature younger ones attack the newly adult.

As for me, when Buddy comes to my side door, I weaken. He gets hotdog chunks. It's our midnight snack time. I believe he hears me and flies over to my door to just to see if I'll produce a snack for him.

Life's good afloat. Thanks again for your comment Diamond Sid. J.

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