The Egg and I from Sid on 2 Nov '18

Thanks for your timely article. I am in my RV on a hunting trip and have been thanking of deviled eggs. Now I must buy a timer!

Deviled eggs from pam on 2 Nov '18

Every time you talk about your Deviled eggs I have to make some!! :) I think the scrumptious photos are what does it.

I swear it from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Nov '18

It is amazing. Now that I have the Eggy I feel so much more confident when it comes to making hard-boiled eggs. I know I could watch a clock, set a timer, etc. This is just so much easier.

Walmart has them for $3 which is a good price. Still, if I can find one for just a dollar I will buy two. A second for me, and one for my Baby.

Good luck with your quest Sid. And enjoy the eggs. Happy RV'ing too. Stay warm, okay? It's getting chilly here. We had a cold snap come through -- supposed to go down into the low 60's tonight. Brrr. Thank goodness for the 12-volt electric blanket.

Thanks again for your comment Sid. J.

Thanks Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Nov '18

I know... today I made some too. Could not help myself. I ended up with both deviled eggs and egg salad. (Half the eggs peeled perfectly and the rest were a mess. So, I have egg salad (turned into chicken salad because I added too much mayo -- I need to re-read the "What Not to do" part about adding too much mayonnaise, eh?

In any event I have some chicken breast and added that, plus lentils and a bit of clover sprouts to my salad. It was good.

Thank you for noticing the photos. I'm learning. My friend Bob Winter (Time Stopped) was a truly amazing photographer. He was offered a spot with National Geographic after his time in the service as a photographer. That was his "Road Not Taken" moment. He went into law enforcement instead.

He is my inspiration. So your compliment means a lot to me. Thank you. J.

deviled eggs from Whisky Pete on 4 Nov '18

I LOVE deviled eggs. Just LOVE them. Thanks for your recipe. I am one of those who likes a bit of relish in them. I have a feeling that yours are the absolute best. Made with love. WP.

Thank you Whisky Pete from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Nov '18

How nice of you to say so. Hey, should you ever spot my boat along the waterways, call me on the VHF. IF I have any deviled eggs made, I'll pass along a couple to you.

Thank you for the nice compliment, and for the comment. Both are appreciated.

Hard Boiled Eggs from Cindy Clark on 4 Mar '19

Hi Janice, I was reading some of your old posts and ran across the egg salad post. I steam my eggs in a steamer for 20 min. Then set them aside until they are still hot but not burning my hand. They seem to peel better when really warm. I steamed 18 eggs last week and there were only two that were stubborn, the rest peel in almost one motion. I have done it this way boiling them also and they peel great. If stubborn I run a little water over the egg while peeling and the water seems to get under that membrane which is the issue. Your article reminded me that I wanted to steam eggs tonight!

Thanks for the idea Cindy from Janice aboard Seaweed on 19 Mar '19

I had never heard of steaming eggs so that is a new one for me. You know, I do believe I need to pick up eggs the next time I get to a grocery store.

It seems like i get into ruts when it comes to what I eat at times. Eggs do sound good.

Thanks so much for the idea. And thank you for reading my website. I appreciate your comment too! J.

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