Inverter? from Rob on 23 Dec '18

What do you have for an inverter? I looked and didn't find it...

AC POWER SOLUTIONV from Captain Mick on 23 Dec '18

Well done! Nice new picture, too. Great smile.

Lights! from pam on 24 Dec '18

Very festive and pretty Janice! Great solution to the powering of the lights. Merry Christmas!

Two inverters from Janice aboard Seaweed on 24 Dec '18

Hi Rob. Actually I have two inverters. The initial one is an Aims1000 . That one is a square wave and was bought from

Then I bought a microwave with digital controls. Though the turntable spun, the unit sounded "off" and nothing heated. So I needed to upgrade to a pure sine wave inverter. I chose the Aims1200 from the same website. I am embarrassed to admit it is still not wired in. Sigh.

Rob, sometimes I procrastinate and this is one thing I have delayed. Now that I am not eating popcorn, the need for the nuker has abated. I do want to get it mounted. That is a two person job. One to hold it in place and the second to turn the nuts. I tried to do it on my own again a couple weeks ago.

Because one of the neighboring boaters has volunteered to help I intend to take him up on the offer when it gets warmer.

The standard Aims1000 powers everything a-okay, except for the microwave. That unit is several years old and has worked flawlessly. The new one has automatic switching and I also purchased the remote. That way I can shut off the inverter when starting the engine.

Thank you Rob for your question. Happy boating. J.

Thank you Cap'n Mick. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 24 Dec '18

How nice you are to say so. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Thank you for being a part of my journey. J.

Thank you Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 24 Dec '18

Oh Pam I really struggled with the whole power in the pilothouse issue. Having the ability to have AC power up there is a nice bonus. Although an outlet with the weatherproof covers would have been ideal, that would have been a pain in the transom to do. I am still not satisfied with the head portion which I should box in for aesthetics.

But that's another project. There are always jobs to do. I do have fun tinkering. And I am always busy. Frankly, I cannot imagine I managed back when I had children, a husband, a job, an online business and home schooling too. The house was seldom neat and tidy, unlike my boat. And Seaweed has Christmas out now too.

It has been okay without the tree. I had wondered if I would miss it. I have not. The garland with my ornaments plus the lights was enough. Oh, and my main decorations, the tugboat, Santa's treehouse, the whale, etc. All sorts of bigger items are up where my paper chart would normally be. There are decades of memories in the pilothouse.

This time of the year I tend to be more introspective. I am fortunate though. Happy Christmas to you too Pam.

Christmas from Pam on 26 Dec '18

Yes, your pilot house looks so festive a tree isn't needed! And having all the objects out that have meaning and memories for you is good. I received my card and wonderful chart ornament. I'm going to treasure it. Thank you! I hope Christmas was enjoyable and fun for you, Janice.

Christmas was good Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Dec '18

It was a relaxing day. I spent most of the day reading which always pleases me. And too Amazon had some of my Christmas anthologies on sale.

As you may remember, on Amazon I have a Shopping List. That one I use for the Kindle books I want, but not at the particular price they sell for. When you list them, Amazon keeps track for you -- when the item goes on sale it will tell you how much of a discount it is offered for. The Bad Part is Amazon does not tell you when they raise the price! Surprise, eh?!? In any event I use Shopping List to track the books I'd like, but not at full retail prices.

I keep track of lots of things that way. My Amazon Wish List is there too -- those are mostly items I'd like however they are down on the list of what I'll buy until after the next Biggie -- Tuna Door.

And now, no date nor even a worker to do that. Still, it is on the Wish List of stuff. I have bought the hinges for it. Am hoping that will happen in the springtime.

In the meantime I've been busy writing. And Reading. Plus I've got this super cool tablet... you have no idea how cool that is. I love that the screen is big (8") so I can actually see what is there. I've seen folks watching YouTube on their phones and cannot imagine that. My vision is not goo enough for that. I am incredibly fortunate. The larger the screen, the better.

OH Pam, I am glad you liked your ornament. I had fun making them. Pinterest idea, not mine, though the execution with a chart was my idea. A neighbor had bought a new chartkit, so his old one was not being used. I was so happy when he allowed me to have the old chartkit. Anyway, it is always good to find a use for something that is no longer needed. I am glad yours arrived a-okay.

Thanks so much for your posts this year. I have appreciated them. Your comments have helped me stay motivated. J.

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