Christmas... from Sid the Wonder Dog on 29 Dec '21

Beautiful article. It shows through, how much you love Christmas. My favorite picture by far is the one showing your granddaughter trying to escape all the rules and regulations of her keepers. By action she is telling the world that she prefers the freedom of the open road (or water). Gotta love her spirit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Janet. You are the best.

True enough Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Dec '21

The Newest is a hoot. I love that child so much. We speak on the phone regularly, mostly with her saying "Hi grandma" ... You are quite correct Sid the Wonder Dog. She's got the independent spirit that well suits the world afloat.

The girls are a great pleasure. I am indeed fortunate.

Thanks Sid for your good wishes. I hope your new year is the best yet. Thank you for your comment Sir.

A fine Christmas from Pam on 29 Dec '21

You made me smile. Special decorations and 'soft goods', wonderful memories and music. A fine Christmas! I sent an e-card last week, be sure to check your inbox. 😊

Will do Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 30 Dec '21

I confess that I haven't checked email for a week. Digging my way through 800 letters in there. Thank you.

Christmas was relaxing and fun. Most of Christmas is put away. I did not get to laundry today. Maybe tomorrow. I did put away a few items and put new covers on. The dinette bench seats. I'm ready for the new year...

This coming year I hope to get back into crafts. I used to paint and sketch a lot. And I'm tinkering with crochet (mostly to finish the cotton yarn I paid perfectly good money for!

Here's wishing you happiness and a great new year. Thank you for your continued friendship. I appreciate that. J.

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