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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler cruising on $14 per day is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.


When boaters get together we generally talk about our stuff -- what works, and what does not...

These items are ones I've found useful aboard Seaweed and can recommend from personal on-the-water use. They are currently in my home and perhaps a small part of my ongoing waterline issues. Well worth it though!

Click the link and you'll go straight to Amazon
for safe, secure purchasing (or adding to your wish list)

Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual 4/E

When things go wrong there's one book that generally has the answers. Be it taking apart and fixing a water pump or diagnosing and repairing an engine, this book has it. Well, not for gas engines (which I have) but by extrapolating the information provided, I made it go again, all by myself!

And don't worry that it's way "above your head" at purchase time. Eventually you'll figure it all out and be an "old salt" too.

Tricks of the Trades

Written for the physically phfittt versus the kids whose strength and stamina wear me out just thinking about, well, this book is for those of us of a certain age (call me vintage) who wish to enjoy life afloat -- not break records (or boats) bashing our way thru the islands.

The advice on weather is complicated. This is not a book you read once and understand/comprehend immediately, rather it is one for study and hopefully, eventual osmosis into the brain.

And yes, it's all in his Gentleman's Guide HOWEVER here it's compressed -- easier to reference. That's why I bought it. Used.

The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South: The Thornless Path to Windward (Volume 10)

Gentleman's Guide is Bruce Van Sant's final edition (tenth) of the classic. If you plan to island hop your way thru the Caribbean you'll need this book.

Earlier editions are sometimes spiral bound and lay flat. This one isn't. Having had both, I'm not sure if I'd go with #9 for spiral or #10 for most up-to-date.

Your call.
Aside: I have #10 -- and when I get closer will pick up other island guides for current information....

2 Wire Blue DC 4.5-30V LED Panel digital display Voltage Meter Voltmeter By BuyinCoins

I have two of these (one in the galley and the other by my bunk) ... they are bright and easy to read without my glasses. What I like best however is the ability to monitor the state of charge -- running down the batts too low damages them. Because they are always in my line of sight I can tell when I need to adjust (shut off) the power being used.

I like that -- good, cheap insurance.

MAXSA Innovations 20014 Comfy Cruise 12V Heated Travel Blanket, Plaid

I love love loved mine -- it only draws 35 watts so is just perfect for cold nights at anchor. For those of us off the grid, it uses half the power of other "car blankets" -- and I liked mine.

As a matter of fact, I just bought another one! Mine, after two years of hard use finally stopped heating. I wrote a full review on AZ -- read it and decide for yourself, but as for me? Yes, definitely!

Aside: Originally I bought a navy blue one, but this time I went go for plaid. Dog hair won't show as much. :)

Ambient Weather WS-1171 Wireless Advanced Weather Station with Temperature, Dew Point, Barometer and Humidity

You're thinking temperature and barometer, plus a 24-hour clock (should you so desire, and who on a boat wouldn't!?) but what's best is that the face is clearly readable from all angles.

The bonus, and why I bought it is because of the "outdoor" remote. That resides in my refrigerator and tells me the temperature and humidity levels without opening the door. How cool is that?!

The Intricate Art of Living Afloat

Gosh, I sure do like the author and would love to have her aboard for a nice chat over a cup of tea. Her book feels like a friendly visit with lots of how-to's from a lady who doesn't immediately think about how to spend a lot of $$ to solve an issue. It's an older book but well worth the price just for the details on living without refrigeration.

Anyone contemplating charter work will get an eye-opener too. This is one of the books I buy again and again because I end up sharing it with newbies! Please, purchase your own so I can actually keep mine.

Why Didn't I Think of That? : 1,198 Tips from 222 Sailors on 120 Boats from 9 Countries

This is another book I've bought more than once. It generally gets borrowed and not returned though I've given away more than one copy over the years. Though primarily focused on sailboats there's enough good information to please all boaters who actually live on the water (versus the weekend go-fast throttle jockeys)


2pcs 100W Mono Watt 100W 100Watts Off Grid 12 Volt 12V RV Boat USA Solar Cells

I have two of these panels on the pilothouse overhead and eventually will have two more. These two, plus an older 75 watt panel at the FL/GA border (25th latitude) give approximately 15amps of power at noon. I like that. Price wise, these were the best option I could find (and I paid $360 for the duo)

When I can afford more, I'll buy the same brand. Decent quality, shipped via UPS (could not use General Delivery) and arrived quickly, packaged nice too.

I used the foam as liner for my dinette seat lockers and under my bunk along the hull for condensation abatement!

Quakehold! 88111 Museum Putty Neutral

I got waked pretty badly once too many times so ended up coming over to Amazon and buying this putty. It's now under my speakers in the pilothouse and holds steady a vase in the galley.

It's removable but holds nicely. Specifically, that means I can lift of the vase and add water (or not) and the stuff re-sticks a-okay.

I also use it to hold a small LED that is my night light for reading in the bunk. There was no way to bolt the socket assembly where I wanted, so I've got this rotating gizmo thingy -- the putty holds the light on just fine.

There's quite a bit in the package too.

Garmin Vehicle power cable

I've got both a Garmin72 and Garmin76 GPS and the batteries were always an issue. Because there is plenty of 12 volt power aboard it was a no-brainer to buy this item.

Now I use my GPS as my anchor confirmation -- when the wind kicks up it's great to be able to look at the coordinates and see I'm right where I belong. The Garmin's don't use much power but with this I don't ever worry about the state of my AA's.

I paid $16 and it's sturdy -- good quality; should last a long time.

Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook Norfolk to Miami, 6th Edition (Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook: Norfolk, Virginia to Miami, Florida)

This is my go-to for cruising the Atlantic ICW. The chartbook also contains the FL Keys, the Dismal Swamp Canal, the Lake Okechobee crossing and inlets. I like that this new edition has GPS coordinates. There's plenty of room in the margins to take notes.

It's a good size too for coastal cruisers -- 8 1/2 by 11" (spiral bound so it lays flat) -- and easy flip charts. It does not have the tributaries shown on the bigger Maptech chartkits, but for a boat such as mine (meandering down the coast versus big hops off-shore) this is the book to have.

I upgraded (this is a new edition) and the upgrade was worth the additional cost. I'm hoping the Kettlewell's will come out with a new version for the Gulf Coast. Mine's old, out of print, and no, you may not borrow it.

Universal Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin for Laptop Notebook

For less than $2 (I think I paid $1 originally, but today was $1.86) ... anyway, when the doggone skylight drips on your keyboard, having one of these covers will save your computer. At least it works for me.

The down side: It's harder to type -- you have to press the keys harder but if you've ever typed on an old manual, you already know the drill. For me the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

It's not perfect but lasts well. The original was bought 18 months ago so I'm guessing ten cents a month is more than fair value.

RESCUE TAPE Self-Fusing Silicone Tape (1", Clear)

Rescue Tape will save your bacon -- you need this stuff aboard your boat. And buy the name brand; others are thinner and many do not have the ability to withstand heat like the genuine article.

And yes, I've got a couple of hoses in my cooling system that had chafe issues. A bit of this stuff and voila: no more leaks. Saved me money by having on hand, as there aren't many shopping centers in the middle of a lagoon. Pelicans, yes; retail stores, no.

Rescue Tape is amazing stuff. I wouldn't be without it. There are lots of color choices -- I picked clear but have used white. This is a handy item to have in your repair arsenal. I wouldn't be without it because you never know...

Davis Instruments Navigation Rules Quick Reference Card

Handy to have reference card. It's plastic (stiff) and for me the perfect page holder by the chartbook. I confess I don't always recognize the lights on boats at night and this card will tell me what I'm seeing. Easy -- and nearly indestructible... translate that to: pretty doggone good for aboard a boat.

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Shaft)

For those on a budget and just wanting to putt along slow and steady, there's nothing like a quiet, light weight, trolling motor. Aboard Seaweed it's necessity for my happiness quotient.

And truly, the trolling motor is a part of my safety precautions too. It allows me to easy get back and forth to shore should I need to do so, with nearly no effort whatsoever.

Okay, I do have to turn the switch and open my parasol, but really, it's not that tough....

Life is great afloat.

MinnKota MKP-2 Replacement Prop, PowerProp

Yes I did have to replace my prop after running over some logs -- however reviews suggest these are not so sturdy. I disagree. Usually I keep my motor/prop out of the water and after baking under the hot Florida sun for three years if the plastic should degrade and become more brittle I can't consider that a design flaw -- more an age issue.

It lasted a good long time and so for less than $20 I bought a new one. Later I bought a spare "just in case" -- and they come with the hub and connectors so you can do a complete placement using all new parts. I like that.

WD-40 110057 Multi-Use Product Spray with Smart Straw, 8 oz. (Pack of 1)

No need to flog this item, eh? I like the new nozzles (no more hunting down the straws) and, did you know you can use WD-40 as "starter fluid" for a diesel?

Maybe I should buy another can...

CRC 05074 Heavy Duty Silicone Multi-Use Lubricant - 7.5 Wt Oz.

This stuff is great -- I've been using it everywhere on my boat for years. It's oily and penetrates well, leaving behind a barrier to prevent rust. I spray hand tools and mist the jars holding my drill bits.

It works.

Vise-Grip 5-10WR Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter

Who doesn't know Vise Grips? My Daddy always told me that in hand tools it was particularly critical to chose a brand with a good long-term reputation for safety and sturdiness.

These are not knuckle-busters and spray 'em with CRC especially the screw part on the handle where you adjust.  They will last for decades.

Ancor 121110 Marine Grade Electrical Standard Duplex Tinned Boat Cable (Flat, 10-Gauge, 100-Feet)

I've got a lot of 10 gauge wire in my boat, preferring over-kill in wire sizing -- and knowing I am woman. Basically that means that even though I think that I'll only want X on that feed, well, when power is available I can sure find ways to use it!

Ancor 311225 Marine Grade Electrical Nylon Insulated Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Ring Terminals (16 to 14-Gauge, Size 8 Screw, 25-Pack)

Heat shrink terminals are a no-brainer aboard a boat. Neat, tidy and dead simple to use.

Beckson Deck Plate

Having had both the screw in and pry out varieties, I can say without equivocation that this is the type to have. I have both white and clear ones aboard Seaweed. The quality for these is decent.

And they appeal to my need for a tidy home.

Oster Oatmeal Naturals 4 in 1 Shampoo

When Skipper takes those unplanned swims, she knows that next on the agenda is a nice soothing rinse in the sink and a shampoo with this oatmeal shampoo. It's not expensive and leaves her smelling nice, although most anything is better than Wet-Dog!

 MinnKota RipTide 50 S Transom Mount Trolling Motor with Tilt Twist Tiller and Speed Coil (50lbs Thrust, 42- Inch Shaft)

Included for your convenience.

This is the trolling motor for those with a bit richer blood. It's for salt water use, is larger/more powerful than my own and would be an excellent choice if you've $$$ to spend. You will have to shorten the shaft so it's not a use from the box item, but is a viable choice for those who prefer to follow the rules i.e. use a motor designed for salt water in salt water. What a concept, eh?
Weighs 28 pounds.

 End of SUMMER SALE - Solar Panel Charger KIT - Boat RV Marine - Indestructible - Stainless Steel Backing 12V Battery Charger 12 Watts. 17.5" L x 10.5" W x 1/4" Thick.

Included for your convenience.

This is very similar to the one I have on Algae and it does work well at keeping the battery charged. I would not count on it keeping everything topped if you daily take long trips in your tender, but for me and the type of jaunts I make, oh yes it's just fine.

I've been using Algae a bit more than I used to, and though the theory is good, I have to hook into my boat system to keep the battery charged. Better than nothing and will keep the bilge pump working.

 Borax Laundry Booster, 76 oz Box

Mix with sugar and water, then form into balls and toss in the backs of lockers. Deadly to roaches and bugs.

I also use it as a laundry booster though you must be careful and test for color-fastness. It does brighten whites.

 Hot Shot MaxAttrax Roach Bait 12 Count 2030W

These are the exact thing I used to get rid of the bugs when a boat sprayed for roaches while I was rafted up to him. Yes some of the bugs died, but a few (and one is too many) moved aboard my home!

Put out the trays, wait a month and replace the trays with another set (just to be sure) ... it kills roaches and you'll find a carcass now and then but after a month I would not expect there to be any bugs anywhere aboard -- presuming you're not living tied to a dock where more can come aboard that is.

Hot Shot works.

 PIC C-4-12 Mosquito Repellent Coil, 4-Pack

These coils smolder and the smoke bothers mosquitoes. I put it inside the back door on the deck by the screen. It seems to give me a bit of a bug-free area outside the door. They aren't perfect, but one of those better than nothing things -- and not expensive (think $1 per box or so)

 Pic COMBO Terra Cotta Mosquito Coil Burner

This is the one I should have bought. It's large enough to fit the entire coil and is a far better choice than my dinky one. About $6.

 Lamplight TIKI 1212171 Citronella Torch Fuel, 50-Ounce

I burn citronella in my oil lantern to help convince the mosquitoes that this is a bad place to hang out. Sometimes I burn it straight but often I simply add a bit to the mineral oil just to "flavor" it so to speak.

 Hopkins FloTool 10801 Shaker Siphon with 6' Anti-Static Tubing

This will empty your portable water tanks into the main tank, HOWEVER you must have a depth of 8" or so in order for it to start to siphon. Filling up the tube won't work. So, if you're like me and think "maybe my bailing the dinghy days are over" think again.

It works, as long as you have enough head (depth) in your container to build pressure.

 Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater

I had one of these catalytic heaters thru a very cold winter at anchor. Definition of very cold: 15 degree nights. Brrr. This heater kept me warm and by warm I mean long sleeves in the boat. Wearing sweat shirts and sweaters inside my home is not going to happen -- I'm too old for that nonsense. Inside I expect to be comfortable.

It uses one green bottle in 14 hours. It is not adjustable (1500BTU) and doesn't need to be. I put it under my dinette table and the heat raises, warming the entire boat. Now at night about half an hour before I'm going to bed, I take it down into my cabin to get that room warm. At the same time I turn on my electric blanket (see above) and it's all good.

Spend the money and buy this one. You won't be sorry. The base is stable even without the feet extended. Also has a 5 year warranty from Coleman.

 Texsport Propane Heater

Not Recommended!

This is the one I bought last year and passed along. It puts out 2800 BTU and that's just too hot for my boat. I'd light the thing and 10 minutes later be roasting, shut it off and 15 minutes after that I was cold.

I wanted the adjustable temperature gauge but couldn't get it set low enough to be comfortable. And it burned thru tanks fast too.

Basically, it was a pain in the posterior, the base is flimsy (plastic is not of good quality) so I went ahead and bought another catalytic -- at $30 I paid for this one, it was too expensive.

 The Incredible Mr. Limpet (Keepcase)

I love the old movies and this Don Knotts is simply fun. When boat folks get together for a meal often afterward we'll watch a movie. It's a good thing to have a collection aboard to share with visitors.

Mine tend to run toward musicals, comedies, old sci-fi and nice films without a lot of testosterone. Don Knotts fits the bill quite nicely, and he always makes me laugh.

And when I watch this one I remember enjoying it with Dave and Tina aboard OreMae. Nice memories....

 Rule 10 Marine Rule 2000 Marine Bilge Pump (2000-GPH, 12-Volt)

Bilge pumps are important and I have two of these Big Guys aboard Seaweed, in addition to a smaller one that is lowest in the bilge. These are designed to move a lot of water out quickly. My two (one in the forward bilge in front of the engine, and the other just aft of the engine room) are tested each month.

Yes, I do have more bilge pump capacity than many much larger boats. Seaweed is home, and I like protecting her.

Once per month I verify that all pumps start/function. It's part of my monthly maintenance routine.

 Rule 37A Marine Super Switch (Mercury Free)

Float switches are a necessity with non-automatic bilge pumps. And once per month I check each switch by lifting it to make sure the pump will come on.

 K&W UPT-KW1504 Copper Coat Gasket Compound

Handy to have and definitely a good addition to your box of tricks. Lasts forever but you don't need much so small size works well.

 Rust-Oleum 7776730 1/2-Pint 8-Ounce Protective Enamel, Flat Black

In paints I prefer regular versus the spray cans because I always get runs when spraying and, well, it's messier. I've used this around the windows (exterior and interior) to freshen the appearance. It works and it's not expensive.

 Gilmour 528T Solid Brass Twist Nozzle

Mine I've been using for two or three years. I like that I can get a sharp blast of water or a fine mist. In the cockpit I've a spigot for rinsing off after swimming and this makes controlling the water easy. Plus it doesn't break like the plastic ones I've tried.

 Coleman 5010D700T Camp Oven

The new models are

Mine is the old version and it's all stainless. That said, my temperature gauge failed. I like apple pies enough that if without I'd buy it. Folks with ovens don't need this but for those of us working with burners only, one of these means you can bake small pizzas, cinnamon buns and my personal favorite: apple pie!

Side Note: I heard Gander Mountain (the sporting goods store) has these under their own brand and they are stainless. If so, that would be my first choice.

 Chapman's Piloting & Seamanship

Everyone should have a Chapman's aboard as it's the most comprehensive how-to-boat book I've seen. It's also thick and hard to handle so I re-bound mine into three sections. It's not that hard to bind books -- at least the way I do it. And no, it's probably not the "proper" way, but it works so I'm happy.

 Gardner Bender GST-70M Circuit Alert, Volt Sensing Wire Stripper, 8-20 AWG

When it comes to stripping wires, crimping ends and doing electrical on a boat, there is nothing like having the right tool. I paid nearly $30 (and it was painful at the time) and am grateful I decided to opt for the better tool. On some things going cheap works, but being able to easily strip off the insulation makes life so much simpler aboard a boat. Spend the money -- you'll be glad you did.

 Black & Decker 15557 10-Piece Drill Bit Set

I've found this particular drill bit set quite adequate for Seaweed. Yes I have bought extra 1/4" bits, but mostly the ones that come in this set will work for every hole (thru hulls and cigarette lighter inserts excluded) I have needed to make aboard my home. It's good enough and with space at a premium having a massive case of precision bits seems extravagant, and expensive. 

 Crow Foot Wrench

If you have a need for a crowfoot wrench you'll want to have one on hand. There are sets but I opted for the singular one as I needed it to tighten down the two pins that hold the shaft to the coupling at the transmission. The head is square so this worked perfectly and with a 3/8" drive ratchet I was able to tighten it down by myself.

 Stanley 85-727 3 Piece Universal Joint Kit

This is the set I should have bought -- I needed one and have the 1/4" drive, but this set with all three (for less than I paid for the 1/4") is a better deal. And you'll have a 3/8" drive too plus a spare adaptor but I think all of us have one or two kicking around in our tool kits.

It makes reaching those impossible to ratchet bolts if not a cinch, at least do-able.

 DT830B LCD Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Multimeter

Inexpensive (less than $10) and it works -- nothing fancy however functional is all I require. Perhaps you as well?

 HELLA 006239022 '6239 Series' 12V DC Single Speed Jet Fan with Black Housing

Hella fans are known for their power stingy status -- this one draws less than .4 amps. Mine, I have three of them -- well, the one by my bunk bothered me because it was too loud UNTIL the temperatures hit the high 80's and suddenly the sound was a lot softer! They blow hard and fast and I would not be without several. [Make sure you check for the free shipping ones in the link.]

 Minwax 22150 1/2 Pint Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Red Oak

I prefer this color (a more golden red than mahogany) and have used it as trim for my DVD shelves in my cabin and in various craft projects. I bought the smallest container but if you're going to be doing bigger projects, you'll want the larger quart. It is only a couple dollars more than the one above:

 Minwax 70040 Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Red Oak, Quart

 Seasense Auto 800 GPH Bilge Pump

Last year I installed this SeaSense (paid $40) bilge pump. It was an experiment in that I wasn't familiar with the brand; as I've two 2k per hour pumps I put this one in at the bottom so it became my most used pump. It's worked flawlessly since October 2012. Warranty from company is 3 years.

I like that this is heavier than the "cheap" pumps you can buy. Automatic, so install and you're done. Of course checking once per month is routine maintenance.

 Johnson Pump Heavy Duty Bilge Pump

I have two of the 2k per hour Johnson's in my bilge and both work flawlessly. Once per month I test the switch (these are not automatic  so a switch is required to activate) and they move some serious water.

Yes, I have nearly 5k gallons per hour pumping capacity between my three 12-volt pumps in a 23' boat. And no, that is not excessive when you consider Seaweed is my home.

 Attwood Corporation Float Switch Automatic With Cover

This is the bilge pump switch I chose for my Johnson duo -- one per pump of course. It had the best reviews and has worked for me. Of course I test these monthly -- no issues and yes these have been installed for about 3 to 4 years.

This is larger than the little Rule switches you're familiar with. It also is in a protective housing so that bilge junk can't jam the switch either on or off!

About 3" x 4.5" x 2.5" [width, length, height]

 Harry Potter books

It goes without saying that any stormy blustery day is best spent with the wizards created in J.K. Rowling's magical world. I'm saving because I'd love love love to have them on my Kindle!

There are three more in the series timeline/world. They are:

  1. Quidditch Through the Ages

  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  3. The Tales of Beedle the Bard

 Kava Instant Coffee, 4 Ounce Glass Jar

This is the brand I drink and that acid-neutralizing seems to really work. It's never tasted bitter.

Please note though I'm not a coffee expert -- I just like this one and folks who do know their brews seem satisfied with having a cup or two of instant with me aboard Seaweed.

The Amazon price is high so check it out at your local grocery store! It's about $8 usually.


Mine is the original Kindle 6" E-Ink display with WiFi at $69 and I'm sorry I didn't buy it long ago.

However, to turn it on you must have WiFi for that original boot up so if you're living on the hook, it means a trip to town. WWAN via Verizon won't work.

After starting even though you can't shop Amazon via Wifi, anything bought on AZ via the computer will download without a problem. I'm guessing it's sort of like being able to text but not make calls on our Cell-phones when coverage is spotty.

 The Jetsons DVDs

Yes, I'm a Jetsons fan and do have most of the DVDs from this charming show. (Haven't yet bought the combo movie with the Flintstones, but it's $$ so I'll wait a bit!)

Meet George Jetson
His boy Elroy
Daughter Judy and Jane, his wife...
Plus Rosie and Astro!

Anyway, if you're like me an enjoyed the Jetsons back in the day, they do make a fun popcorn show even today!

 The Richest Man in Babylon

Amazing book... with over 800 reviews on Amazon, I cannot do it justice. I bought it for my Kindle though it's available in hardcover and paperback.

 The Earth's Children Series 6-Book Bundle: The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Valley of Horses, The Mammoth Hunters, The Plains of Passage, The Shelters of Stone, The Land of Painted Caves

It was Jean Auel's book series that caused me most to want my Kindle. Yes, I've got all of them in hardcover and the weight/size of volumes were just too much for my Seaweed. Now, with the Kindle I can once again journey with Ayla.

Her comments on Stuff (in Plains of Passage re the bowl boat) solidified my own experiences. She's so right.

 Outward Hound life jacket

I bought this brand for Skipper because the tummy part is very wide -- that way when I hoist her by the handle on the back it won't cut into her tummy. The neck has an extra piece of floatation too. All in all, with three easy safe connection points, I'm pleased. And Skipper finds it comfortable too.

Some have just a strip of webbing under the chest/arms so make sure whatever you select is wide and will support fully your critter if you have to pick up via the handle.

 Iron Eagle DVD

It's an old movie about a pilot who was shot down in a middle-eastern country and how his son along with other teenagers and Lou Gossett Jr. kick butt and get the dad home.

Basically, jet fighters, and a bit of testosterone... the perfect movie to watch when  you're in the flight path of an Air Force base.

 Seashore Life (Golden Field Guide Series)

Originally titled Seashores, this Golden Guide offers a bit of information about what you'll find as you walk along the beaches including horseshoe crab, various seaweeds and more. It's informative without being overwhelming. Well illustrated too.

 Seashells of North America: A Guide to Field Identification (Golden Field Guides)

This is my "go-to" book for identifying and learning a bit about seashells. Golden Guides makes two Seashell books and I recommend this one featuring North America. It's 360 pages whereas the world seashell book is just 160 pages. Both are good though, but this is the best!

Beautiful true-to-life illustrations.

 Birds of North America: A Guide To Field Identification (Golden Field Guide Series)

This is my bird book aboard Seaweed and almost every bird I've seen has been in it. I like that the illustrations are clear and easy to understand. It shows in-flight silhouettes and gives areas including migratory patterns. I like it.

HOWEVER as I was extolling this Golden Guide I was told that the Field Guide to North America by the National Wildlife Federation was better....

 National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Birds of North America

As I was extolling the virtues of the Golden Guide featured to the left, a friend said that the National Wildlife Federation's "Field Guide to Birds of North America" was the better of the two. And yes, she has both but did prefer this one.

I'm not certain myself, but list it here for your consideration.

 MorningStar ProStar PS-30M PWM Solar Battery Charge Controller, 30 Amp 12/24 Volts

I love my ProStar-30 controller. It tells me at a glance the state of my batteries, how much is incoming from the solar panels and the flashing lights indicate absorption charging.

It's expensive but worth it. The more expensive MPPT's are "better" but the cost when compared with this one for that added solar power? You're better off in my view to buy another panel. Those with limited real estate might consider the MPPT's though.

 Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator

I have the Air-Breeze version of this (think $1k) ... this is Southwind power's orignal unit, the Air-X. It has been discontinued but is still supported by the company. For the price (less than $500) I would consider it seriously.

No, I didn't see if this was the marine version (forgot to check) so use due diligence yourself.

With two means of power generation if it's not sunny it's generally breezy and in both cases my batteries win!

 Copenhagen Lite Solar Panel Cooker

This is the solar oven I have aboard Seaweed and it's great. It disassembles flat and reassembles quickly. The best part though is I can put it in Algae (deck space is at a premium on Seaweed) and a few hours later supper is done.

It's small (18" square, and the whole package is perhaps 1/4" thick. Comes with a few recipes but this isn't genius material: put your food in a pot, cover and wait 4-5 hours. Things essentially steam (moist and tender) and I like it. You will too.

 Iams Proactive Health Adult Small & Toy Breeds Premium Dog Food 6.1 Lbs (Pack of 2)

Included here for your convenience... it's about $15 at Wal-mart or just less than $10 for the smaller bag.

Skipper likes it and enjoys 1/4 cup every day. A bag lasts a long time when you've a 4 pound ball of fur and fluff.

 Firefly: The Complete Series

Years ago a neighbor loaned me his copy of this TV show and I was hooked. Immediately I went to Amazon and bought my own set. It's a keeper with the most interesting cast of characters. I loved it!

Besides, you've got to determine if you're a Browncoat or not. I am. Shiny.

 Serenity (Collector's Edition)

The Firefly show didn't even last a single season yet drew such a devoted fan base that eventually the entire cast returned and made a movie that rather nicely wrapped up the show. It's exciting, it's amazing, and, well, I wish the show had continued. There were so many opportunities -- and the movie is excellent.

You don't have to watch the show first, but you'll want to after seeing the movie so save yourself. Buy both. And plenty of popcorn.

 Bigelow Earl Grey Tea, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

Included for your convenience. It should be less than $3 a box at the grocery store.

And, this, plus Constant Comment are two of my favorite treats. There's nothing like a spot of tea first thing in the morning.


Oh, and Bigelow teas are in foil packages so they stay fresh a long time. Worth the extra when compared with the bargain brands that go stale.

 Bigelow Constant Comment Black Tea, 40 2.37OZ Count Box

This one is worth the money! I love the hint of orange flavor in Constant Comment. It's an AddOn on Amazon and priced about right. 40 teabags in the box works out to be about the same as buying two boxes of 20 at the grocery store.

Free shipping too.

Oh, and Bigelow teas are in foil packages so they stay fresh a long time. Worth the extra when compared with the bargain brands that go stale.

 Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition)

Enjoyed with friends aboard S/V Gypsy, there's nothing like a delicious dinner and a DVD afterwards.

This is the movie from the Enterprise prequel to TOS* The Original Series, aka Star Trek.

It amazed me how much the actors (who could act, incidentally!) resembled their elder versions we first become familiar with in TOS.

But, it's not canon as far as the planet Vulcan is concerned. Yes, I'm a Trekkie.

 Adams Record Ledger, 8.25 x 10.75 Inches, Black Covers with Maroon Spine, Lined , 150 Pages (ARB810R1M)

This is the newest from Amazon and available from them direct -- it's similar to the one next to the right that I bought originally.

Were I to need another I'd pick this one. About $20.

Bound book with numbered pages.

 National Brand Texhide Series Record Book, Black, 10.375 x 8.375 Inches, 150 Pages (56211)

This is my Log Book -- no longer sold by Amazon but still available on the site. I like that it has a ribbon to make flipping to current easier. It's good quality. I paid about $20 or so.

Bound book with numbered pages.

 National Brand Texhide Series Record Book, Black, 10.375 x 8.375 Inches, 300 Pages (56231)

If you wanted the 300 page version, this is it. I don't particularly care for it (too thick/too heavy) but it's here for your convenience.

Given a choice and buying today, I'd pick the Adams ledger.

Bound book with numbered pages.

 The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know

This is the single best compilation book of knowledge for Americans of all ages. We should know dates (1066, 1492, 1865, etc.) and why they are important. We need to know what the Magna Carta is, to be able to recognize a Picasso, Monet, and a Renior, know who Henry Ford is, and this book will teach all that and more.

 Quidditch Through the Ages (Kindle)

 Quidditch Through the Ages (paperback)

Quidditch is of course a favorite for Ron and Harry and this book tells a bit about the rules and such. It was published as a fund-raiser for Comedy Relief and is a nice complement to the Harry Potter series though I found it more extraneous than either Fantastic Beasts (good) and Beedle Bard (excellent)

 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Kindle)

 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (paperback)

Fantastic Beasts is one of the books that is mentioned throughout the Harry Potter series. The boys particularly enjoyed it, and I confess it was fun to look up critters mentioned and learn about them. Fun and inexpensive -- two of my favorite things!

 The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Kindle)

 The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition (Harry Potter)

This is the book Dumbledore gifted to Hermoine in Deathly Hallows. It's a fairy tale for witches and wizards and quite fun to enjoy on it's own. 

 DigiPower DPS-3000+ 3-Hour AA/AAA Rechargeable Battery Kit with 4 AA 2700 mAh Batteries and Car Charger

It works, however you must charge either 2 or 4 batteries at a time and they must be either all AA or all AAA.

LEDs indicated charging status. When fully charged the unit will shut itself off so our batts are not cooked/over charged.

The "free" batteries are junk: 1.2 volts versus 1.5 which is standard.

 Upwords: A 3-Dimensional Word Game (1983)

Similar (better than!) Scrabble in that the letter tiles stack (won't slide if the boat rocks) and you can change the word down by covering a letter. As long as it makes a word, it's all good.

Anyone who can spell above the age of eight or so will have fun playing. And it stows in a small area and is the perfect boat game for more than one player.

 Swiss Family Robinson (Vault Disney Collection)

The classic Disney movie that still brings joy to me. You need this one in your collection for those times when laughter is required.

 Pollyanna (Vault Disney Collection)

Another favorite from my childhood that now is aboard Seaweed. The kindness, happiness and joy are just the perfect thing for those days when I hanker for a trip down Memory Lane.

 The Parent Trap Two-Movie Collection (The Parent Trap / The Parent Trap II)

This is the DVD set you want. It has the original movie (too funny) and the follow-up starring Haley Mills as an adult, er, pair of adults. It's all good fun.

This version is good clean fun.

 Daniel Boone

The classic television series starring Fess Parker is now available on DVD. How cool is that?!?

 John Wayne DVDs

Remember when our movie stars were heroes? John Wayne was bigger than life and is still fun to watch.

 Simple Jess

The hero is a simple man, not one of the "smart fellows" but gosh, what an admirable character. I liked the book. It's not your usual love story and Simple Jess is one book I'm glad I read. Twice!

 Horatio Alger books

The classic work hard, be honest and you'll go from rags to riches. I loved them when a child and have been enjoying them again.

Mostly out of copyright and in the Public Domain.

Public Domain: free!

 The Swiss Family Robinson; or Adventures in a Desert Island

Sure, everyone's seen the Disney classic movie [Swiss Family Robinson DVD] (and it's a good one!) but the book has all four boys and is a lot of fun too.

Read it, for free!

 Jules Verne Collection, 33 Works: A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, The Mysterious Island, PLUS MORE!

In reading the reviews on Amazon, this particular collection is one that was translated most accurately from French. Many apparently have been "corrected" over the years so I picked this version. So far, I'm having fun.

 All in the Same Boat : Living Aboard and Cruising

Written by Tom Neale, this book documents the joys and challenges of raising a couple of girls aboard a sailboat while traveling. 

I liked it.

 Living Aboard

By Janet Groene and her hubby Gordon, this book talks about life aboard a cruising boat. She's got lots of information that is useful for those starting out on this journey.

On board with Bradley: The collected columns from Motor boating & sailing magazine, 1977 to 1983

For the yachtsman, of those of us "of a certain age" who won't be happy afloat without our luxuries. There's a lot of truth found within the articles this gent wrote.

Those with reluctant wives might find some wisdom worth following here.

 The Marlinspike Sailor

The book for those who wish to learn to splice, dice and have fun with ropes of all sizes.

Basically a fun book, and worth having aboard. I wish I hadn't loaned my copy to that so-and-so who left with it.

 The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat, Revised & Updated

Dated but a worthwhile read nonetheless. It does have good information about the ins and outs of life afloat.

 The Cruising Life: A Commonsense Guide for the Would-Be Voyager

I liked this one... worth reading for contrast with the others. Almost a Walden Pond type of book... valuable.

 Living Off the Sea

Dated but still valuable for the people and lifestyles covered. I liked it.

 Living Aboard: The Cruising Sailboat As a Home

Lots of topics are covered -- it's an interesting view of life on a sailboat. Older, but applicable for those on a tight budget now.

 This Old Boat, Second Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded

Not just how to fix your boat, but also how to prioritize the jobs so that the essential are handled first.

Detailed how-to's with lots of illustrations.

 Gently with the Tides: The Best of Living Aboard

From the Living Aboard magazine, this book contains reprints of articles published.  An easy read.

 Voyaging On A Small Income, 2nd Edition

Annie Hill's classic, this book is more focused on cruising (passagemaking) than others. I liked her take on provisioning.

 Beachcruising and Coastal Camping

For cruisers too poor to go "Voyaging on a Small Income" this is the book you want. It's more camping know-how's but has a lot of useful information on provisions and essential gear.

 Sailing Alone Around the World

Joshua Slocum's book about his circumnavigation aboard the ketch named Spray.

Kindle Edition.


Fun game played aboard Anja. Roll die, letter is the first letter in the words from all categories on list. Fast paced fun.

 Sea Foam

Every boat needs a can of this miracle worker.  As an aside, Deep Creep is nothing more than the spray version of SeaFoam so buy this one and save money.  Both are made by Sta-bil incidentally.

 Sta-Bil 22254 Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Performance Improver - 32 oz.

Diesel Sta-bil is what I add to my tank with every fill-up now that I have a sweet little diesel.

When I had the gas beast I used the following formula of Sta-bil to help abate the problems with ethanol.

 STA-BIL 22240 Marine Fuel Stabilizer - 32 oz.

 IIT 26050 Insulated Alligator Clips - 10 Pieces

A few alligator clips are handy to have when testing power.  I started with a half-dozen and am down to just one so you might want your initial purchase to be more than a pair.

Very good for clipping wires together while testing things. 

 Handheld Digital Laser Photo Tachometer RPM Tach Small Engine Motor Speed Gauge

This is the one I have and it works. Comes in a zippered kit with three strips to shoot the laser at. The strips can be cut into pieces. I used a  couple inches for my two test places on the flywheel. About 20" comes in the set.

 Etekcity® Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer -26 to 716°F Temperature Gun w/ Laser Sight

I love mine and use it to shoot the manifold. It's a good way to determine when it's getting clogged.  Clearing the manifold before it's choked is a cheap fix.

 The Box-Car Children, by Gertrude Chandler Warner : (full image Illustrated)

This is the version you want. The newer one is a shortened edition, re-written by the author for earlier readers.

I liked this years ago, and then again yesterday.

 Jarden Home Brands 12Pk 1/2Pt wide Mouth Jar Canning Jars

Not sure why Kerr jars are now called Jarden, but these are the wide-mouthed jars I use for lasagna. 

The only difference between these and the old Ball jars is they do not come with a paper sticker label.  I write the contents in permanent marker on the lid. Easy.

 Ball Quilted Jelly Canning Jar 4 Oz (Pack of 12)

For a soloist such as myself this is the perfect size for a portion of meat.  It's small and sometimes that's just enough. Most of my jars aboard Seaweed are this size.

 Norpro 600 Jar Lifter

Tongs aka Jar Lifters are a needed accessory for canning.  No matter how careful I was, lifting the jars without this gizmo meant burned fingers. 

This works, and at about $5, well worth it.  You hold it by the black handles and it lifts all size jars.

 Back to Basics 176 Canning Funnel

This is the type of funnel I use. It's plastic -- not that brittle stuff, and it works. A funnel makes it easier to stuff the jar full.

The reason you want this is to keep the edges of the top of your jars clean so the lids to seal properly.

 SODIAL(R) LCD Cigarette Lighter Voltage Digital Panel Meter Volt Voltmeter Monitor for Auto Car Truck

Picture shows five but you're paying for just one. It's a Chinese knock-off and mine works perfectly.

And it is affordable.

 Star Trek Voyager: The Complete Series

Voyager is my favorite Star Trek series. I've enjoyed watching, and believe you will too.

Captain Janeway, Chakotay and crew are are an epic journey and that too is my goal in boating.

 Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

The books are better (lots more humor) but honestly, this series of movie adaptations is great. And not too costly either!

 HDE 2.5" SATA External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Metallic Enclosure - 500GB Max Capacity (Blue)

Sata Drive cases are great. They will hold your old hard-drive and allow you to access the memory via a USB cable/included. All your files will be there. These cases (there are a lot available) run less than $20.

 Brave and Bold Or, The Fortunes of Robert Rushton

An unscrupulous squire stole the legacy entrusted to him by Captain Rushton for his family. A note in a bottle leaves Robert to go to sea too, seeking his dad.

After defending a cabin boy on the ship Robert was sailing to Calcutta on, Robert was marooned on a deserted island.

 Robinson Crusoe

The classic shipwreck story by Daniel Defoe... worth revisiting for certain.

 Sailing the Farm: A Survival Guide to Homesteading on the Ocean

Offers ideas on surviving at sea, eating off the bounty of the oceans. His section on seaweeds is worthwhile though frankly I took the info there and added it to my Seashore Life book as I prefer the color illustrations in it.

Ken Neumeyer has a following amongst some preppers afloat, but not so much with me. I found his outlook a bit extremist.

 Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect 2 In 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 12.6 Fl Oz (packaging may vary)

My favorite, because my hair smells nice and is soft. I do use conditioner with it.

 Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner 12.6 Fl Oz (packaging may vary)

Part two of the hair washing regimen includes Pantene conditioner. I like it, and use it daily.

 Raid Roach Trap and Egg Stop

I don't have roaches on the boat and attribute that to the fact that I keep Raid roach trays out. Whenever I see a critter, I'll open a package and distribute the contents.

 Clover No. 3-9 Gold Eye Embroidery Needles, Pack of 16

Embroidery needles were made for boaters. The larger than normal eye makes it easier to thread when the boat rocks.

 Cruising in Comfort

A website reader said he liked this one... It's mentioned in the Glass-bottom Dinghy article and listed here for your convenience.

I don't recall reading it but may have. It did not make my Keeper Shelf.

 Fishes (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)

This is another in the Golden Guide series. I like them all, but this one in particular is pocket sized, 160 pages and makes finding and identifying the fish easy. I would not be without it.

 Fishing (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)

This is from the Golden Guide series. I like them all. This one has specifics on fishing (bait, rigging, etc.) and I find it useful. It's earned a spot aboard and is referenced occasionally.

 Conch Cooking

Published in Key West (aka the Conch Republic capital) back in the 1970's these are local recipes for the tourist trade. Some basic island food for Americans including recipes for conch, turtle and various fishes.

 NuWave White Infrared Oven

My dirt-dwelling friend has this one. He suggest the "Classic style" (this one) is better at handling power fluctuations than the newer digital version.

Always set the top down flat on the countertop. The lid is too heavy to use the rack gizmo.

2017 Update: Walmart sells a BETTER version for $30 now.

 E6000® Craft Adhesive, Clear, 2 oz

A thin glue. Seeps into small crevices and is useful in the arsenal of adhesives.

 Ge Household Glue & Seal 100 % Silicone Rubber Clear 2.8 Oz

A necessity aboard Seaweed for gluing. Also comes in a tube for a caulking gun but I prefer the more useable smaller tube.

Caulking gun version:
GE Silicone II Clear Caulk, 10.1-Ounce Cartridge #GE5000

(I rebound this book)

The Circle of Useful Knowledge

Published January 1, 1885 by Charles Kingsley it's a encyclopedia of information suitable for those times. I enjoyed reading advice offered 100-plus years ago.

 Fan-tastic Vents

This particular brand gets great reviews. I installed the bottom of the line unit (hand crank to open) with powered exhaust.

I should have bought this years ago. Buy butyl tape to go around the edge where it fits through your overhead. Also use butyl in the holes for the screws. Supply your own stainless screws.

 Interlux Varnish Goldspar Satin Quart

I used Goldspar Satin for my canning jars cabinet. This varnish works well.

 Sea Gypsy

Written in 1966 by Peter Tangvald, it tells the tale of a circumnavigation in a 32' sailboat without an engine.

 At Any Cost: Love, Life and Death at Sea

The final voyage of Peter Tangvald...

 Dinotopia (TV Miniseries)

This Hallmark series DVD set is amazing. It explores the world of Dinotopia created by James Gurney in his books. It's as good as the books.

Wonderful, beautiful, and if you like steam punk, Jules Verne and sci-fi set in the 1800's, you'll love this one. I did.

 Dinotopia books by James Gurney

Beautiful books, illustrated by James Gurney (think Norman Rockwell set in the late 1890's with dinosaurs and people coexisting) -- telling the story of a shipwreck and survival on an island nation where pterodactyls are the airborne fleet. It's fabulous.

Buy hard-covers because you'll want to keep these in your library.

 The Doris Day and Rock Hudson Comedy Collection (Pillow Talk / Lover Come Back / Send Me No Flowers)

Remember the party line movie? And the one where he's dying? If those tickled your fancy as they did mine, you'll want this set.

 The Thrill of it All!

She sells soap and he drives into a swimming pool that wasn't there in the morning. Be prepared to laugh a lot. I did.

 Cheaper by the Dozen (Illustrated)

Laugh out loud funny, the story of a couple at the turn of the century with twelve children. You will laugh, giggle and enjoy this book immensely.

Be sure to buy the follow-up tale called Belles on Their Toes. It's equally as good.

 Belles on Their Toes

The final book of the Cheaper by the Dozen duo, written by two of the children who grew up at the turn of the century in a home with twelve children. It's hysterically funny and joyous.

I laughed out loud many many times. Truly one of my Keepers.

 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Widescreen & Full Screen Edition)

A chick flick without being maudlin. The dialog is witty, and the actors are perfection. Set just before the beginning of WWII in England, it's sure to have you laughing out loud. Fun and funny.

 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

This book is in my Wish List. Reviews suggest it is superior to the movie. I didn't think that was possible as the movie is a hoot.

Listed here for your convenience, and mine.

 Tenara Thread

Tenara is "the" thread to use for anything used in the sun. It's got special UV protection, and if you're sewing a bimini or canvas for your boat, pick this thread.

It is expensive. It is worth it!

 Econoled 10m 30ft Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Pipe Camera

My inclination to be thrifty and buy a 5m one was not followed. A friend suggested 10m (30') would be better if I ever wanted to examine the prop for line around the shaft. He uses his to check his zincs too.

I'm buying it to inspect the inside of my stainless manifold. It's a camera with LED lights that connects via USB to your computer.

 The Non Sequitur Guide to Aging (UDig)

What's not to like about a look at aging? The cartoons are funny however there are not so many in this book. Pick Beastly, for his older cartoons, and lots of them.

 Non Sequitur's Beastly Things

The most bang for your buck. This one contains lots more pages and the reviews are terrific. Guide to Aging is good too however the quantity of cartoons is lacking.

Pick this one.

 Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Basically a sturdy plastic bucket with a "real" toilet seat atop it. Line with a plastic bag, do your business, add some kitty litter or pellets. You're done. Dispose of ashore.

 Reliance Products Luggable Loo Seat Cover

For those who prefer to use their own buckets, Luggable Loo offers their snap on toilet seat lid at a discounted price.


Charlie Codman's Cruise

A young boy aged 14 is shanghaied and put on a ship. Enemies abound, tales of pirates too. Fortunately he's befriended by a good sailor who helps him escape in Rio de Janeiro, then return to Boston.

 Sky High (Widescreen Edition)

Sky High takes the premise that the children of superheroes go to a special school to perfect their superpowers or become side-kicks. It's a fun movie for a rainy afternoon.

 The Happiest Millionaire

Set back in the 1920's this movie tells about a family whose daughter falls for the son of a tobacco farmer. It's old money versus new, and young love.

A musical by Disney, it's classic entertainment.

 Dictionary of Nautical Terms

Written by a friend of mine, Dictionary of Nautical Terms is a compilation of tons of both common and esoteric words used by boaters. It covers everything from Abaft to Zulu.

 Boat Life Lifeseal Sealant Tube, Clear
or caulking gun size
 Boat Life Lifeseal Sealant Cartridge, Clear

Can be used above or below the waterline. I prefer the tubes as there's less waste though if I had a big project I'd buy the caulking gun size. Used this product with a scupper that had a steady drip. Sealed it right up and no more leak.

Boat Life Sealant Lifecalk Tube, White
or caulking gun size
 Boat Life Lifecalk Sealant Cartridge, White

Can be applied underwater.

Adheres well to wood, stainless and fiberglass. Used this in my overhead when installing the solar panels. So far, no leaks after two-plus years. Satisfied.

Good stuff, and a great company.

 4 oz Original Gorilla Glue

Get both surfaces wet (water) then add a thin layer of Gorilla Glue to each side. Hold together. The glue turns to a foam (oozes out) so watch that you clean up immediately while it's easy. Bonds well porous items.

 Get Rid of Boat Odors

Written by Peggie Hall, who is "The" expert in marine sanitation devices, holding tanks and more, this is a gem you'll want available when things go wrong in the head. And they will.

How to avoid common mistakes and solve them permanently, Peggie's book is a true treasure.

She names names, gives recommendations and knows her poop.

 CrazyFire® 2.0MP HD 720P Coms 6 LEDs USB Endoscope 8.0mm Dia Waterproof Borescope USB Snake Inspection Camera Pipe Locator With 5m Cable

A borescope is a miniature camera that attaches via USB to your computer. It comes with six LEDs around the camera. I allowed me to know exactly what was inside that stainless manifold. A friend uses his to check his prop for barnacles. Yes, it's waterproof.

 LEDAUT 2" x 50' Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll for Motorcycle Fiberglass Heat Shield Tape with Stainless Ties

I bought this to wrap around the exhaust pipe on Seaweed. This will cover and become a heat shield so that I will not burn myself. It's the same thing bikers use on their tail pipes.

 Hoosier Hill Farm Butter powder, 1 lb

I bought this one pound container of butter powder in an attempt to save money by not buying Molly McButter. It's okay.

Instead, I've added it to an empty Molly McButter container and shake it over the tops of asparagus and broccoli.

Butter is easier/less costly. This doesn't take up room in my reefer so it's perfect.

 Dpower Foldable Camping Stove with Piezo Ignition (4.8 Ounce)

After I removed the stove to make way for the new refrigerator and freezer combo, I wanted a single propane burner. This one had the best reviews and is small: my favorite size.

It's also ready for butane so I bought a butane to propane adaptor. See next item.

 Kovea LPG Adaptor, Small, Silver from BUTANE to green PROPANE

I bought a single butane burner to replace my old propane stove. I wanted to use less expensive propane in the green cans rather than the higher cost butane. That required an adaptor. This one!

It is $20, the same price as the stove!

 Stove Tamer and Heat Diffuser (1, A)

My espresso pot is small in diameter. The new burner (and too, my old one) is too small for it to sit properly. Thus, I bought a Stove Tamer.

Reviews suggested, rightly so, that the small Coleman-type camp stoves tend to flame up. Mine does. This allows me to cook slowly without hot spots in the pan.

And my coffeepot fits perfectly now.

 Nordic Ware Quick Pop Single Serve Popper, Assorted Color

About the size of a basketball, this is supposedly a "single serving" popcorn maker. It's also too large to fit into my small 700 watt Rival.

I opted for a Stone-Wave bowl that makes just two cups at a time. That's a single serving and it's easy to make more if desired. Also the smaller size fits better in Seaweed

 Morton's Nature's Seasons Seasoning Blend, 4 Ounce (Pack of 12)

This is my absolute cannot live without it seasoning blend. I like that it tastes great on everything.

I even add it to my popcorn.

Link is for a 12-pack. Just wanted to show you the product. It's a couple bucks each at the grocery store.

 Molly McButter Original Sprinkles, Natural Butter, 2 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Strongly recommended by lots of folks, I gave Molly McButter and Butter Buds a try. Molly is FAR superior and buttery than the other.

I like this best.

Link is for a 12 pack. The item is about $2 at the grocery store.

 Butter Buds Sprinkles 2.5 OZ (Pack of 2)

I was prepared to like this product better than Molly McButter. After all, you get more of it and the price (retail at $2 per bottle) is good too.

However I do not like it as much as Molly McButter. It doesn't seem as buttery.

Link is for a two pack.

 Spiderwire braided fishing line by Dyneema

Spiderwire is my favorite fishing line. It comes in a variety of strengths and colors/uses. Besides not catching fish (I'm the worst at fishing) I use it to secure the sun-catchers in my windows. It's thin and strong. I've used it to string beads too.

 Command Hooks

Command Hooks come in a variety of sizes and strengths. Check the upper corner for the weight each can support. Easy to install and remove. No residue.

Great product when you don't want to drill a hole in the bulkhead.

 Red 8 Gauge Heat Shrink Butt Connectors 10 pieces.

On Amazon you can buy a package of ten 8 gauge heat shrink butt connectors for $20, or you can make your own for lots less. *Use 1/4" copper pipe and heat shrink tubing. Article here: Waterproof 8 gauge Butt Connectors

 Ridgid 32975 1/8-Inch to 5/8-Inch Close Quarters Tubing Cutter

This or one similar that will cut 1/4" copper pipe is needed for the do-it-yourself 8-gauge butt connectors.

 Cruising Guide to Florida's Big Bend

I met the author Captain Rick Rhodes at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show in 2015. This guide offers a detailed look at the Big Bend of Florida.

 The Ohio River, Voyaging On Today's River -A Boating Guide

I met Captain Rhodes at the St. Pete Boat Show in 2015. This guide is popular among Great Loopers.

 Bergamot 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

I love Earl Grey tea by Bigelow. It's a bit expensive so I tried adding one drop of Bergamot Essential Oil to my teabag. Voila: Earl Grey for budget cruisers.

 Tangerine 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

I love Constant Comment tea by Bigelow. It's a bit expensive so I tried adding one drop of Tangerine Essential Oil to my teabag. Voila: Constant Comment for budget boaters.

 Lemongrass 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

I love the fancy teas by Bigelow and tried adding one drop of Essential Oils to my teabags. I wanted a mild lemon flavor, not too tart, and opted for Lemongrass. It works! Tastes yummy and not expensive.

 Sweet Orange 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden- 10 ml

I found Sweet Orange after I'd tried the Tangerine for my Constant Comment. It is a bit less sweet than the tangerine. I prefer the Tangerine.

 Juniper Berry 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

This one is also tempting me. It's a diuretic and that might be handy for those times when I'm retaining. Hmm. Still pondering. I placed it here for those who might wish to consider it for themselves.

 Camco 25523 Standard Levels

On a small boat like mine making sure she's ballasted even is important. These two levels help me. I've got one on the port side amidship and the other to starboard.

Inexpensive ($2) for the pair.

P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

I bought this to determine exactly how much power my cheap a/c powered refrigerator uses. It gives power and time so it was easy to figure out amps I'd need to replace using solar power. This was the least expensive (fewest features) one I could find. I don't need complicated. ($20 circa 2016)

 T. Tembarom

By one of my favorite authors Frances Hodgson Burnett, T. Tembarom is a good read. Starting out in America and shifting to England, it's a fast fun read -- if you like old stuff that is. I do!

Styptic Pencil

Back in the day, gentlemen used straight razors to shave. When they nicked themselves, they'd take a styptic stick to stop the bleeding. Just

Remedy and Recovery Professional Groomer's Styptic Powder for Pets, 1.5-Ounce 

Stops bleeding. Worked for me when my finger was cut. Sold for pets (dog and cat nails, bird beaks when clipped too short)

 Brisker 678B Brushed S/S Original Electric Crisper

We kept our crackers in a brisker on the 40'er. A brisker will also dry out books that are wet. First, rinse in fresh water, then put in the brisker for a few days or until thoroughly dry.

JB Weld Original Cold-Weld Formula
Steel Reinforced Epoxy

Be sure to mix thoroughly. I've used it to temporarily seal a leak in an oil pressure sending unit. I did replace said unit as soon as I could get to a store. Underway, you do what you have to do to keep going.

Topsy-Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter

I did not buy this, instead opting to do-it-myself. My experiment failed and the tomato plant died.

Vastar 20" version - drain clog remover

Check your local dollar store for a knock-off. Excellent at removing hair and gunk from drains.

Handy Heater

Wattages is accurate. It's okay if you're close to the unit. Warm rather than HOT!

LED Cordless Lights, Set of 2

I bought these at Big Lots for $4 each. They are Very bright and require 4 AAA batteries. Magnetic buttons don't work. Attach via screw.


The Cruising Chef Cookbook, Second Edition by Michael Greenwald

A cookbook for those of us who aren't gourmet chefs. I like that this was written by a real boater, using practical ingredients. His section on provisioning/storage was worth reading too.

Scorpion Handheld Vacuum

This is my preference. It has suction power. Although the Scorpion uses 7A when running, it takes so brief a time that your overall AC power use is less when using this. It truly is the best small unit I've ever used. And it's not expensive.

10" Kindle Fire with 32GB
10" Kindle Fire with 64GB

My wish... Gosh I'd love to have the 64gig one. But then again, a Kindle Paperwhite would be fabulous too.

Reading at anchor, or anytime really is a joy, pure and simple.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite is my current version. I like it. It's perfection for books. There is no speaker though -- strictly for reading versus the more versatile Kindle Fires.

Eversame AC Voltage Meter

You could make your own AC meter, however this one is neater, and better than my DIY version. Ten dollars.

Liquid Electrical Tape

Search for Gardner Bender brand to get the one in a plastic container. The metal tin cans rust. The lid on this one will rust too so coat the threads with Vaseline.

Xantrex Link

This is a link for the Xantrex Link battery monitoring system. I opted for the simpler, and far less costly voltage meters. I know a couple fellows who have this unit and swear it is great.

No person experience. Link provided for your convenience.


Betty Neels books

Betty Neels is one of my favorite indulgences. She writes of a time that never existed, a gentle era. The stories usually feature a poor and unremarkable young nurse and a wealthy titled Dutch doctor. It's Cinderella, written many ways. The books are clean, and please my need for happily ever after stories.

Boeshield T-9 Spray - Rust and Corrosion Protection Waterproof Lubricant

Spray this on and it lubricates, loosens tight fittings, etc. I use it instead of PB Blaster or other spray lubricants. It's by Boeing (the aircraft people) and though $$ is worth paying retail.

Figure less than $20 per can and it lasts a long time.

Boeshield T-9 Bicycle Chain Waterproof Lubricant & Rust Protection, 4 oz.Liquid

I bought this version of T-9 too as it dispenses just a drop or three at a time. For places were precise placement of the lubricant is desired, this is the better choice. And it's less costly.

Classic Ranch

I used to purchase Classic Ranch by Kraft in the 3.2 ounce packages at Walmart for just $1. Yes, this is more expensive than the larger containers.

Often on a boat there is limited space for storage. I buy smaller packages even though they may be more per ounce simply because they fit where I need them to be.


Haier Refrigerator 3.2cf

This is the 3.2 cubic foot version of my 3.1cf Haier reefer. My two door version has worked flawlessly for two years on the inverter. I'm satisfied. $150ish.

Ambient Weather WS-09 8-Channel Wireless Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer Alarm Set

This is the one I upgraded to... it lasted about three years before the display panel started to malfunction. Now I only have the bottom meter reading None of the others display.

I need to purchase a new display.

Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8 Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Four Remote Sensors

My old unit that displayed three (the refrigerator/freezer one) now has problems. The display isn't working for all three meters. I would prefer this one because I would put one meter in reefer, one in the freezer, and a third in the engine room. The final number is ambient air.

Evercare Delicate Garment Mesh Bag

Much better than the dollar store variety. Has a tighter weave that allows water to flow through. Contents do not snag.

Best Choice Portable Mini Washing Machine with Drainage Tube 6.6 lb capacity

It's a love/hate relationship. I like it when washing sheets. The rest of the time it's a hassle to store. Too big. Okay at $60 -- worth it to avoid coin operated machines. But by hand (excluding sheets) is easier.

Flower-type Washing Machine Floating Lint Mesh Bag Hair Filter Net Pouch,Blue

Float this in the top of my portable mini-washer and it gathers up the Skipper hair, plus my own. There is an amazing amount of lint in a load of laundry. Inexpensive.

Valterra RP800 Chrome Rocket Hand Pump

A new hand pump. I've got this on my wish list as it is $30. The and pump I have (a Whale) has the rebuild kit costing far more. Thus, I want these.

Actually I want three. Two for fresh water (head and galley) and a salt water one for in the galley.

GE SilPruf SCS2002 Silicone Sealant - 10 Oz, White

Recommended to me. Testing shortly.

HPS SSTC-44-51 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Hose Clamp SAE 28, Effective Size 1.73"-2" (44mm-51mm), 1 Piece

There are three types of hose clamps. This is the best. T-Bolt hose clamps come in a variety of sizes.

Eggy egg timer by Joie

$3 at Walmart, and worth every penny. The orange part changes color as the boiling egg cooks. When fully yellow, the egg is hard-boiled. Simple and inexpensive.

Topxome 20pcs Heavy Duty Clothes Pegs Plastic Hangers Racks Clothespins Laundry Clothes Pins Hanging Pegs Clips (gray)

These will NOT work if you use 1/4" rope for your clothes line. This is for narrow line such as the 1/8" braid. 100% plastic there is nothing to rust. Seem sturdy and of good quality.

Anchorages Along the ICW by Skipper Bob

Skipper Bob's Anchorages book is great. I like that it is the opinion of loads of cruisers. It's paper which helps me. Set up mile by mile I can use it to mark my chart with ideal places. It even includes "dog friendly" in the coding. Helpful. I pay retail for this one.


FloraGro hydroponics nutrient

Used in hydroponics, a nutrient for the water plants grow in.

FibreDust Coco Coir block
FibreDust Coco Coir block

For use in the composting head.

Reflectix BP24010 Series Foil Insulation, 24 in. x 10 ft.

Reflectix is available at Lowes Hardware Store in much larger rolls than on Amazon. The one I purchased was 3' wide and about $60 as I recall. It covered every window in the boat with some left over.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

This is the unit I bought after I broke my arm. It is not rechargeable. Those cost an extra $50. This one is $30. I'll pay for batteries!

T.W Evans Cordage 44-048 1/8-Inch Solid Braid Nylon Rope 600-Feet Spool

Braided nylon is a great item to have aboard your boat. Make sure you find SOLID CORE. The cored stuff is dreadful.

This is small stuff is useful.

Aphorism Alert: A good deed is like a pebble thrown into a pool of water. The ripples spread far beyond the point of impact. Dear Abby by her daughter Pauline Phillips.

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