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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The Boat List

Eons ago, back in the days when I lived on dirt, I began a list of possible boats for my eventual life afloat. At that time I'd focused on sailboats and motorsailers, so obviously it was a small step from there over to the dark side. And yes, I bought a sweet little power boat. Hey, it's all good...  The search criteria was as follows:

  • Less than 30'
  • A boat I could dock unassisted
  • Safe to go forward in a thunder-boomer to check on anchor, etc.
  • Capable of sustaining long-term life afloat (head, shower, bunk, galley all below decks)
  • I'm partial to full keel but have included and noted exceptions
  • Beamy for added storage/cargo holding ability
  • Not too light weight (if adding 2000 pounds of my stuff makes her unstable...)
  • And now including power boats that meet the same parameters (actively seeking data on houseboats, trawlers and cabin cruisers)
    If you have pictures, diagrams, brochures, etc. please send them for inclusion: janice@janice142.com

This list originally was my working files. It is essentially intact from those days. Links take you to a folder and the files within folder are available for your convenience. This is not fancy, but it works!

Just remember:

The ideal boat sleeps two, feeds four and entertains six.


Please remember the editorial comments included are as written ten-plus years ago. There have been many *updates since then. What's ugly to me may well be rugged to you. There is a very good reason so many boat builders exist -- to fill varied niche markets. As far as I know mine is the largest repository of the under 30's available.

*Regarding updates, should your boat not be included or you have more info for any of the folders, please, feel free to Email Me. Thanks.

Links are blue. Click and you'll be taken to a folder on my website with the details on that particular boat. Some (most) are just a name and size so you're on your own there. Good luck!

M/V - Motor Vessel aka powerboat  ~  S/V is a sailing vessel aka sailboat


M/V Acadia25

M/V Alaskan Trader 24' (power boat) https://janice142.com/BoatInfo/AlaskanTrader24

Alberg 29 (not thrilled -- a bit long) A well-built, strong, offshore-capable boat. Local prices around C$ 20,000 a bit tight for headroom (There is also a 22' Alberg that could carry one across any ocean if you don't mind sleeping half-in, half-out of the miniscule cabin-approx C$8,000) [writer is 6'2"]
wheel steering...it's a well built boat and a nice compromise for those who can't afford to go completely over-the-top price-wise.  Steps going in and out of the cabin to the cockpit are steep

ALBIN 25 MOTORSAILER (1972) (16k sold)
Albin25 - M/V (no sails) with aft cabin
Albin25 Fisherman M/V (no aft cabin, open fishing back deck)
Albin 27FC
Albin Vega 27 (fin)
pronounced "veega," by the way in Sweden)
Many around my area for C$14,000-18,000 lacks headroom problem with mast compression on cabin-top (requires reinforcement) I seem to recall that there is a question of the chain plate structural quality. typical Swedish go-anywhere boat [writer is 6'2"]
"it's a small, light, inexpensive, and very seaworthy boat; deck compression issues are more related to sailors over-tensioning their standing rigging rather than a design or construction weakness"

Albin27 M/V (between helm and aft cabin is open to weather)

Allport25 M/V (custom trawler cabin built on runabout)

Link broken at present]

Allegra 24 (poor man's Dana?)

Allied Seawind 30 (ketch, full keel, 4.2 draft) (nice, but want smaller)

Aloha 26 by Bob Perry www.valiantyachts.com  (fin keel)

Allweather 8M - powerboat

Amazon 29 (steel) 1984 (tankage/liveability/not sleek) www.svpelican.org/jennyp/logs/may2001a.htm
[Dead link, but maybe helpful]

Annie 28 (built by Morris)

ATLANTA VIKING 26  (Viking 26 is boxy m/v speedboat sort of double (aft-cabin)

ATLANTA VIKING 28 motorsailer

ATLANTA VIKING 29 motorsailer

Aylward 25 (powerboat)



Bayfield 25 (too lightweight, no shower nor space for one)

M/V Beaverglass Hull design (slow power boat aka pocket trawler)

Bianca 27 (from UK)

Birmingham 1975, 26' with 6'10" beam

Blanks Boatyard Wooden Sloop 27 (wood, from UK)

Bulldog26 - M/V Aluminum power boat aka tugboat

Bristol 24 (full keel?) -- too small for shower
Bristol ALL except the 27 have fin keels

Bristol 27 - Alberg design. Full keel w/attached rudder. Outboard in well or inboard - inboard preferred - Sleeps 4. ** (27.7 has fin keel) Dinette model, NOT weekender.

Bristol Channel Cutter 28 - too long bowsprit

BUCKLER / Nelson 42’ / Buckler 24 bilge keeled ketch motorsailer


Cal 20 (recommended by Vigor - fin?) - too small
Cal 25 - Bill Lapworth (fin) has been sailed everywhere and at C$5,000-7,000, I would go for the extra length & space There are articles floating around that describe structural changes to be made for safer offshore use Like my 30' Cal, the hull thickness is an attractive feature

Caliber 28

California (brand name, apparently)

CALYPSO motorsailer

Camper & Nicholson (Nicholson 31 is full keel) (C&N 30 -- smaller available?)

Cape Dory 22 (full keel but too small/ no head-shower)
Cape Dory 25 (forward head/no shower/no standing headroom)
Cape Dory 26 (too light)
Cape Dory 270 (keelboard)

Cape Dory 27, 28 - Alberg. Full keel/attached rudder. Inboard diesel. Sleeps 4. *

Capital Newport 27 - fin keel

Caravela Yachts 27 - fin

Caravelle 22 (may be too small/coastal) motorsailer

Cargile Cutter 28' -

CARIBEAN motorsailer (spelling correct/at least that's they way it was on the list I found)

Carver 28 -

Cascade 27 / 29 fin keel

Catalina 25, 27 (fin) Catalina 27 C$10,000-15,000 locally, every broker seems to have at least 2 of these boats (yes, the same 2, year after year, I think they just pass them around) thin hull, rudder-post separation problems, constant "work-in-progress"

CATFISHER 28’ - catamaran

C CREST 26 motorsailer

Cheoy Lee Newell Cadet (later became Offshore 27) (Taiwan) (wood cabin?/teak decks?)

CLAYMORE 30 motorsailer

Clipper 26 (flush deck)

Coastal Recreation La Paz 25 (no keel/appears unsafe) motorsailer

M/V Coaster 23 by Lovett/Chudley and built by RFC Marine of Sidney British Columbia. The Coaster is a trailerable mini trawler built in the late 70s early 80s. *She was to be powered by diesel 24-75 hp. *Some were powered by a Pathfinder diesel 50 hp engine.

Colin Archer (wood?)

CruisersRogue2870, M/V

Crosby Tug 26' M/V

CS 27 - impractical galley

Columbia 24, 26, 29 (outboards) (26 - too light) Check out the Columbia 8.7, and 9.6 Both designed by Alan Payne of Australia who also designed an Americus Cup Boat. They are beamy, very comfortable at sea and very stable. A friend of mine sailed his 8.7 to Europe, motored the canals and returned. His is very well outfitted with a Navik windvane and is for sale. He is in his late 70s and the boat is in New York I believe. It is extremely reasonable. I think the price is around $13,000. That includes multiple sails, inner forestay with storm jib, charts, dinghy, small out board for the dinghy, anchors and Volvo diesel. All you would have to do is load on the provisions and go where you wish in a boat that was meticulously outfitted by a very knowledgeable sailor. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you in contact with John. Posted November 2005.

COLVIC MSl motorsailer

Colvic Countess 28 (low, fin keel – not a motorsailer)
Colvic 23 Motor Sailer (too high, poor handling) (27 foot also - not sleek)
Colvic Sailor 26 fin sloop (not a motor sailer)
COLVIC WATSON 19’6” motorsailer
Colvic Watson 30' overall is a real beauty (great lines)

The next two were for a time, right at the top of my wish list. Logistics (getting one to America) was the deciding factor. Still, lovely boats.

COLVIC WATSON 23’6”  The Colvics are fairly rugged but almost all are home finished - Colvic supply mouldings, u fit it out. So some are amazingly well appointed and some, er, aren't. Not sparkling performers under sail. motorsailer


COLVIC WATSON 26. The Colvics are fairly rugged but almost all are home finished - Colvic supply mouldings, u fit it out. So some are amazingly well appointed and some, er, aren't. Not sparkling performers under sail. motorsailer

COLVIC WATSON 28’6” maybe – wheelhouse / think about it The Colvics are fairly rugged but almost all are home finished - Colvic supply mouldings, u fit it out. So some are amazingly well appointed and some, er, aren't. Not sparkling performers under sail. motorsailer

Commando 28 (27' from UK) high cabin/motorsailer "look", wood

Com-Pac 25 - has centerboard

Contessa 26 (too low, too lightweight, built for pigmies) aka JJ Taylor 26
Contessa 28 (from UK?) fin keel

Corribee - 21' Bilge Keel Sloop (UK?) too small, too low

COX MARINER 22 – bilge keel  motorsailer
COX 22 – maybe (need internal diagram, specs) bilge keel (both Mater Mariner & Swim Ranger; huge window, too small, outboard motor
COX 27 - not sleek, motorsailer

CROWN23 - designed by William Lapworth. He was also the designer of Cal Sailboats; built by Calgan Marine of Vancouver.
CROWN28 - mid 70's, cutter rigged; built using Cal molds in Canada (several sizes)
We own a 1978 Crown 28. She (and all Crowns) was built in Vancouver BC. Al Naim, the owner of Calgan Marine, was instrumental in Crown throughout the company's existence.
"Solid, sea-kindly cruisers. Not fast. Heavy (our 28 weighs 4,900 lbs..) Built like a tank. Point reasonably well and carry a nice amount of sail. Cabin in our boat has plenty of headroom for average adults and is nicely appointed.
Some osmosis, as do many of this vintage. Came with a Volvo; it now has a 20 hp Perkins Perama."

Cutlass 27 - odd windows, UK

Cutler sailboats

Cutwater 26 - The cutwater 30 is impressive
Cutwater 28 -


Dana 24 - has shower (by Crealock - Pacific Seacraft) high-$$
27'3" overall

Dartsailor 28 - Luxury motor sailer

Deerfoot Yachts (aluminum - probably too large)

Diamond Class 27 - wood, UK

Dockrell 27 (full keel; windows too large)

Dufour 27 - interesting cabin design


Eastern27 Islander - similar to Rosborough25

Eastsail Yachts AllWeather 25 (offshore or pilothouse) (both full keel)


Ericson 26 (fin)

ESPACE 1000 34’ Jeanneau (ugly too) motorsailer

Europa TS240 (ugly)

EVASION 25 Bènèteau – bendy-toe. Too light motorsailer
EVASION 29 motorsailer

Excalibur 26, 27 (too light)


Fairey Fisherman 28’ wood. Motor sailer/ long keel Fairy Fisherman. Not wood in a wooden boat sense. These were built using Fairy Marine's 'hot moulding' process in which the hull was planked up in double diagonal hardwood over a former. A hot curing glue was used between the plank layers and the whole hull was baked in an autoclave to set the glue. The effect was an early version of epoxy timber. They didn't rot much and if epoxied now would be more durable than grp imho. Double ended and beamy, lotsa room, I believe a long shallow keel but don't know. More motor than sail, has rather a converted lifeboat look to it.

Falmouth Cutter 22 (Vigor recommends)

FISHER 25 Pilothouse - ketch and sloop models (Potter model is ugly) Fisher 25. Very solid, very expensive, hold their value well. Real motor sailor @ least 50/50 but probably more motor than sail in practice - too small to drag that big a prop along convincingly under sail.

FLIPPER FUTURAl motorsailer

Folkboat 25 (Vigor recommendation)

Formosa, Taiwan

FRANCES 24l motorsailer
Frances 26 full keel (make sure it has a cabin -- some didn't) aka Morris 26 (Morris designed)
FRANCES VICTORIA 26 motorsailer
FRANCES VICTORIA 28 motorsailer

FREEWARD 25 motorsailer

Falmouth Cutter 30 - long bowsprit, paying a lot of dockage/haul-out fees for a bowsprit. Sails okay.

FAMILY FOUR (Shetland Family Four)  speedboat

Fantasie www.fantasi-yachts.se  (too large)

FINNCLIPPER 29 motorsailer
FINNSAILER 29 – consider --  motorsailer


FISHER 30 motorsailer

FJORD MS28 ugly motorsailer - 6 Berth Motor Sailer 1983 ugly

Flicka 20 (impractical/small)

Folkboat26 more Swedish quality sells locally for C$8,000-10,000 If I were 4.5" tall, this would be the one for me Seriously, the cabin height/space is my only complaint

FREEWARD 30 motorsailer


‘G’ CLASS motorsailer

GIB’SEA SERENA 100 motorsailer
GIB’SEA SERENA 120 motorsailer

Grampians (Canadian?)

GREAT DANE 28 motorsailer

Gypsy II – looks small (investigate) motorsailer

Garden Classic 27 - wood

Gibsea 242 ugly fin REALLY UGLY motorsailer centerboard too

Gloucester 22 (fin)

Gulf 29 (Canadian boat?) (fin keel with spade rudder)


HALBERG-RASSY 94 motorsailer

HALMATIC 8.8 motorsailer

Hans Christian (33 smallest?)

Hardy 21' motor sailer (primarily in the UK)

HM 6 motorsailer

H/HORIZON 32  motorsailer

Hurley 27 from UK (full keel) (borderline light @ 5800 lbs)
HURLEY 9.5 - hurley line   i sail an old hurley and it is great     hurleys are well built and durable some are a bit ugly but that is only my thought       i did see something on your page that i do not agree     that is about bilge keels and kedging    one thing to remember is that if you are not on very hard all you need to do is let out the main sheet and the boat stands up and the draft is reduced and you just sail away    you must stop thinking in single keel thoughts when sailing a bilge keel boat  

H Boat 27' - from UK (low freeboard, fin keel, racer -- not for liveaboard)

Haida 26'

Halman Horizon 27 (Canadian) (fin keel)

HALMATIC 30 motorsailer

Hartley Tasman 28' huge ugly windows - motorsailer

heavenly twins mk 3 catamaran

Helms 27 (fin)

Hilliard Sloop 27' (wood, low freeboard, UK)

Horizon 27 (fin keel)

Hullmaster 27 (3/4 keel) (fin)

HUNTER PILOT 27 (fin keel/ugly/cheap looking) motorsailer

Husky 24 Motorsailer (too high, ugly)


IP 23 MOTOR SAILER (teak decks/boxy, but still…)
IP 24 motorsailer
Island Packet 26MkII and 27 (some centerboard/some full keel)

International Folkboat 26 - no standing headroom

Islander Bahama 24 - raised deck (ugly); outboard in well
Islander 26, 27 (too light) (outboard)
Islander Bahama 26, 28 (too light/impractical)
Islander 28, 29 (28 no shower/ 29 windows too large - day boat)


JOUET 940 motorsailer
JOUET 1040 motorsailer

J-Boats (smallest is 32')

JJ Taylor 26 aka Contessa 26



KENT CLASS motorsailer

Kelt 27 (ugly / not a real cabin)

Kingfisher 22 (seems small – outboard) Motorsailer?


LM 22 motorsailer
LM 24 motorsailer
LM 26 motorsailer
LM 27 Wheelhouse Motor Sailer
LM 290 Denmark sailboat (some with inside steering)

Laurant Giles Vertue 25' - wooden UK boat (10-15k pounds) - they have a dedicated following amongst owners and prior owners who wish they had never sold their "little vertue". This is the boat the Humphrey Barton sailed across the Atlantic in 1950 and broke all the barriers to small boat cruising. 

Land and Sea 28 (houseboat)

Lapworth 24 (ugly)

Linda 28 by Morris has ballast bolted on exterior

LM 28 Pilothouse (has galley in pilothouse -- too high)
LM 30 (for size) (but) I loved the pilot house. This boat really sails well. They were built tough and would work very well as a live aboard. I would sail one anywhere. The pilot house works great in foul and fair weather. Long stout fin keel. Sea drive. Skeg hung rudder. Two steering stations, wheel in the pilot house and tiller in the cockpit.
LM 32 motorsailer


MACWESTER 26 motorsailer
MACWESTER 27 motorsailer
MACWESTER 28 motorsailer

MANGO motorsailer

Maple Bay 27 M/V slow power boat

MARAMU motorsailer

MARGARET D Ketch aka Trump 25

MARINA 75 motorsailer

MARINER 28 motorsailer

MARITIME 21 motorsailer

MASCOTTE 28 motorsailer
MASCOTTE 910 motorsailer

MERIDIAN 9.5 motorsailer

MIDSHIPMAN motorsailer

MIRROR O’SHORE motorsailer
MIRROR OFFSHORE https://janice142.com/BoatInfo/MirrorOffshore/  

MOODY CAVELIER motorsailer

Morris 26, 28 (aka Frances -- see above)

Motiva Yachten Denmark

MacGregor 26 ugly motorsailor

MACWESTER MACGREGOR 26 MacGregor 26 (ugly/cheap)  motorsailer?
MACWESTER 30 motorsailer

Mallard Ecume De Mer 27 (ugly)

Marben Flybridge Trawler Pilothouse Pocket Cruiser (just pictures)

Marioholm 26 (too low)

Matrix 27

MG Spring 25 (ugly)

Midget 26 (too low/too light)

Millers Fifer 25 (ugly) wood motorsailer

Mirage 27 Sloop (fin keel)

Montego 25 (fin)

Morgan 27 - ugly cabin


Natant 24 - 42 HP Mercedes diesel inboard engine motorsailer

NEPTUNE motorsailer

New Goblin 27.5


NORDIC (81 B/K Motor Sailer) (size?)

NorSea27 (a favorite, and there's a ton of information, so have at it)

Newport 27 - fin keel

Nimble Nomad 24' - M/V

Nimble Kodiak 27 - big windows. Pilothouse/motorsailor

Nimble Wanderer (power)

Norfolk Gypsy 22' (small, too low, ugly)

Nor'Sea Pilot house 26' (ugly)


OFFSHOREMAN motorsailer

Ontario 28

Orion 27 (Pacific Seacraft built - probably $$)

Outer Reef 26 (motorboat)

OYSTER HERITAGE with pilothouse motorsailer

O'Day - fin keel

Octavia 25 - full keel (accommodations?) (too light)

Olle Enderlein, Sweden / Hallberg-Rassy 26 (doesn't have full keel)


Pearson Triton 28.5 - Alberg. The first production fiberglass cruising sailboat. c. 1958 thru 1966 (after that, became fin keel). Traditional full keel design.
Poor man's NorSea27. Also of Atom Voyages fame.

PROFILE 40 -  motorsailer

Puffin 28 (sedan cruiser -- is there a sailboat?)

Paceship PY23 (22.5) PY26 (fin)

Prairie Trawler29 - were I a part of a couple, this would have been in the top three. Probably #1 because of price.

Pacific Seacraft 25 - full-lenth keel cut away at the forefoot. She is shaped like a ship's double ended lifeboat and has a displacement of only about 5,000 lbs. Suggested current cost was between $15,000 and $20,000. The PS 25 is a sweet-natured little boat and a good singlehander. 4,750 lbs (too light)

Pearson Ariel 26 - cockpit too large (holiday boat versus liveaboard)
Pearson ALL except 58-66 28.5 Triton's have fin
Pearson 28 fin

Peregrin 27 (ugly)

Permacraft 26 - motorboat "big gasser" and "large cockpit"

Plastivella Italy Kudu 27 (fin)

Potter 25 model is ugly - a version of the Fischer boats https://janice142.com/BoatInfo/Potter25

Q Quickstep 24 - cutaway keel

Rambler 24

Rhodes Ranger by Seafarer 28' (check engine access/displacement)

Ranger Tug 21

Ranger 26 (fin) deck core requires repair for leaks by Jensen Marine
Ranger 28 mast sits on keel and causes big problems; engine inaccessible

Rhodes Meridian 24' (outboard - does have full keel) Rhodes Meridian 24'  - Full keel. Motor well and low freeboard keep working crew capacity two two or three.  Loaded with gear or people, will take on water.  Best as a daysailer / overnighter for protected waters.
Rhodes Meridian 24.9 & 25.7 (no shower or space for one; head under bunk/below waterline)


ROGGER USHANT motorsailer

Rosborough 246 - small go-fast boat (outboards) looks similar to my Seaweed. Has possibilities. Dual pilothouse doors.

Rosbborough 265 -

Roughwater 29 - powerboat

Rustler24 http://www.rustleryachts.com  (daysailer / no accommodations)


Saga 24 motorboat
Saga 27 AC motorboat


SCANYACHT 290 motorsailer

SCOUT 30, M/V (great fuel economy)

SEADOG motorsailer
DEEP SEADOG motorsailer

SEAFARER 21MS motorsailer

SeaSprite 27-28 (called both -- 27'11")

Seaway Coastal Cruiser 25 (similar to Rosborough25)

SEVEN SEAS motorsailer

Shannon 28

Sisu22 trawler - with 30hp Yanmar

SKIPPER 28 motorsailer

Skorpion, Germany

Snapdragon 27 - twin keels

SOUTHERLY 28 motorsailer

Starley Sundowner 21' Motor Sailor (need more info)

SUNSPEED 81 motorsailer

SWIN RANGER motorsailer - forget the Swin, I saw the underside of one and there would be minimal stability.

S2 9.2 (both aft and center cockpit modesl) fin keel

Sabre 28 (fin)

SAGATOUR SAGA 27 (motorsailor/ side deck too narrow, appears unsafe)

San Juan 23 - centerboard

Saybrook Yacht Yard Stueck (fin keel, low freeboard)

Seacraft Motor sailer 27' (ugly windows)

SeaFarer 26 (fin)

Seidelman 25, 29 (badly built, rail in water sailing at 10 knots wind)


Southern Cross 28 (modified full keel, draft 4'8")

Soverel 26/27/28 (26-27 too lightweight) (28 is centerboard)

Starwind 27 - airfoil keel (not full keel)

STEADFAST 24 Fin keel  (Motor sailor called bilge keel?) – motorsailer is ugly
STEADFAST 30 motorsailer

Sunspeed 25 (small – TOO SMALL – windows; boxy cabin)

Swan (too long - 37'+)

Sweden Yachts (too large)


TAMAR 24MS motorsailer

Tradewind, UK

Tresfjord 28 - powerboat

TRINTELLA III motorsailer
TRINTELLA IV motorsailer

Tripp, USA

Trump 25 aka Margaret D Ketch

Tristan Trawler 28 (aft cabin, fly bridge power boat)

Tahitiana is 31' 9 (full keel)

Tanzer 22 (22.5) 28 (fin) 26 (lightweight)

Tartan 27 - centerboard - They have shoal draft, and have about as much room as you will find on a boat that will still sail half way decently.

Taswell, USA (too long - 40'+)

Tayana, Taiwan (too long - 37'+)

THAMES / WESTERLY 26' pilothouse/motorsailor (built for pigmies/ugly/small)

Trintella (roomy, well-built from Holland, newest aluminum) (fin, too big - 40'+)

Tusker 26 - ugly cabin/windows (yuck!)  motorsailer


Vancouver 27/28 (27/28 from uk differ from 25, which is a definite "no")

Van-der-Stadt steel motorsailor 28'

Victoire 28 - Dutch-built, 28-foot (made in Holland early 70's)


Vindo 29 (high maintenance mentioned)

VOYAGER 290 motorsailer

Van-der-Stadt steel motorsailor 28’ long fin keeled

Vancouver 25 - has lifting keel, construction "problems" (Taiwan) and sliding head?!

Vertue24 - (possibly wood)

Virgo Voyager 23' (side decks too narrow, bilge keels)

VOYAGER 30 motorsailer

VRI-JON 29 steel trawler


Westerly 23 Pagaent (dual keel)  motorsailer
Westerly 26 Centuar - fin keel (also bilge keel mentioned – perhaps the 28?).
They are all bilge keel with an unprotected spade rudder, over 6' headroom and still very popular. Asking price here in current mags £10-15k. Sailing caravan, well mannered but defiantly a plodder. Early engine was the VolvoPenta MD2, there were about 3 different layouts offered during the production life and over 2000 were built.
[Dead link, but maybe helpful]
[Note: Click on the Westerly Album for pictures]

Westsail 28 (K means owner finished) full keel smaller version of the 32

WARRIOR 35 motorsailer

Waterbug 26 - wood motorsailer

Watkins 25 (centerboard) 27 (fin) 27 Pilothouse (ugly, high)
Watkins 29 (not thrilled; a bit long) Not a full keel

Westerly 26 Centuar - fin keel
THAMES / WESTERLY 26' (small/ugly)  26' pilothouse/motorsailor (built for pigmies)

Westsail 32

Windy26 trawler (Scandinavia version similar to Albin 25)

Willard Vega 30 motorsailor with pilothouse

X - Y - Z

Yar26 - M/V (slow power boat aka pocket trawler)

Yankee 26 (fin)

Yankee 30. They are very well built boats designed by Sparkman & Stevens in the early 70's. They've been sailed throughout the world. I have to admit some bias as an owner. But, I highly recommend them for a couple or single-handed cruiser. http://storm.prohosting.com/yankee30
[Dead link, but maybe helpful]

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