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Date: 17 January 2024. 2024 St. Pete Boat Show Weekend.


The new year has arrived and life is once again looking better for me. This weekend the St. Pete Boat Show is the place to be. I have been attending for several years, starting back in 2008 when a whole bunch of us came down to outfit a 40' sailboat for an around the world adventure. Boat show bargains were found in abundance. As always I am interested in new products coming onto the market. Viewing the boats for sale is quite illuminating too.

St. Pete Boat Show dates: Thursday 18 January 2024 through Sunday 21 January 2024.

This picture was taken last year. There are a variety of boats and motors for sale. You will see go-fast speed boats
for the fishermen and divers, center console boats, cabin cruisers, trawlers, motor yachts and lots of sailboats too.

Goslings, the red building on the left side of this photo offers adult beverages. It is quite popular.

A few years back Bob Bitchin of Cruising Outpost was hosting pizza parties at Goslings. That was fun!


For me one of the best parts besides admiring the great boats and gear are the seminars found on this page:


I am hoping to attend one of the Gadgets seminars by Bill Cullen of Sail Magazine fame.

One year I attended a seminar about cruising the Bahamas by Pam Wall. She was there a dozen or so years after my folks and I.


In previous years I have seen some amazing boats and equipment for sale:

Ranger Tugs are beautiful vessels. They are far bigger inside than many would imagine.

This boat had four 425hp outboards

Visiting with Greg of Mantus Anchors is always fun. In switching currents having the Mantus swivel is in my view a good idea. It is a powerful connection and far sturdier than the "normal" swivels sold. Definitely check those out. I also utilize the snubber gizmo.


Al invented the
Arid Bilge pump system.

Rick Rhodes was offering his cruising guides.

The Cutwater 30 is one of the nicest boats I have seen in the sub-35' category. A lot of living can be done aboard one of these vessels.


Jody of Cruising Outpost (formerly Latitudes and Attitudes) is a gem. I like her!
Revisiting friends and meeting new people is a natural at a good boat show. I look forward to seeing both old friends and making new ones this year. Relaxing spots are available
for when I want to rest for a bit.



The final three months of 2023 can best be described as not-so-great. Just 20 minutes after one of the fellows said "be careful or you'll break your phone" I dropped said iPhone7 and shattered the screen. I could not open it again and consequently I lost almost all of my phone numbers.


Message for SV Grace: I lost your phone number when my phone broke, thus do not have an address to mail your Christmas card and star. Text me please (the real number ending in 8509) so I can actually write your stuff down. And thank you.

P.S. - I am still enjoying the Inverter Friendly Pancake Griddle incidentally. Thank you!

Please don't forget to text me your mailing address.

S/V Grace

Then for several months I have been dock-bound... Seaweed has not left the pier for over three months!!!

When the whole fiasco with the virus occurred I dodged that bullet and was totally healthy. Finally in October of 2023 I managed to get infected. Recovery was quick. Long covid struck however. That had me sleeping 14 hours a day. After this many trips around the sun I have learned to listen to my body. It needed rest so I slept. zzzzzzzzzz.


It is good to be back functioning again. I believe the rest helped.

One of the many things I enjoyed last year was a sausage sub sold at the boat show by one of the food vendors. It was perfect.

The Italian sausage with grilled onions and green peppers was totally delicious. I ate the onions and grilled peppers first.

The St. Pete Boat Show looks to be great this year too. I will definitely be there on Friday. Say hello if you see me. It is possible I might also attend Saturday or Sunday.

Thank you so much for being a part of my world. Thanks too for reading.  

Are you going to the St. Pete Boat Show this weekend?
And, what do you look forward to most at a boat show?

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