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Date: 16 April 2021. Alex Moody's Carafe.


Recently I decided to begin a new category called the Channel Markers of Life. In it I will bring to friends and readers the "little things" that make a difference in life. This might be a product that has stood the test of time or another may be a way of doing something that is slightly askew from the norm. In any event, welcome to the first in the series, Alex Moody's Carafe.

Side Note: I will be going back over the past articles and adding them to Channel Markers of Life category page. Thus, some will eventually predate this piece.

A couple weeks back I was speaking with my friend Cap'n Tom.

Tom and his dog Gus are companions. They take rambling walks about the city making friends regularly.

Five or six years back I met Cap'n Tom when I passed through Apalachicola, Florida. Tom's a mariner from the old days of sextants before electronics became the norm. He is a character with interesting tales to tell. Those of us who were on boats more than a half century ago experienced life afloat in a far more primitive state than occurs today. We share a camaraderie of sorts.

Tom landed in APALACHICOLA ↓ and continues to travel via sailboat, kayak and canoe.

While chatting the topic came up about things that are
seemingly inconsequential yet make profound difference
 in an aspect of our life. Tom had an immediate response.

Eons ago his friend Alex Moody showed Tom the benefits of a carafe.

This ↑ is not just any carafe. The carafe shown in the previous picture has a glass liner and is insulated. That is the key according to Alex Moody, via Tom. Neither plastic nor stainless steel keep the contents hot like the glass vacuum carafes.

Who was Alex Moody?!? He was a character in the finest sense of the word. Tom relayed to me that they were nodding acquaintances for years before becoming friends in Alex's back yard. Besides fishing and boating, the men enjoyed the outdoors while shoreside. They both grew plants, trees, and more.

Tom raises orchids, tomatoes and flowers. This is one of his larger hibiscus flowers.

Memory Lane: When I was younger I would love finding wild hibiscus flowers such as the one shown above. They grew in profusion with at least fifty flowers on each bush. I would pluck the flower and suck out the nectar. It was a yummy sweet treat for me, and one I remember with fondness to this day.

Tom was walking about town (Apalachicola) and spotted the white bearded Alex sitting in a back yard, feet up, fishing hat on, relaxing over a cup of coffee. Tom said he was invited to join Alex in the fruit tree shaded yard. There was a tiered fish pond, a small table, and a couple of chairs out back.


Then, according to Tom, the epiphany: Alex's wife Laura came outside bringing Tom a coffee mug. A carafe was on the table beside Alex. He poured a steaming hot cup of caffeine for Tom. The secret for the hot coffee? That glass-centered carafe would keep coffee hot for six to eight hours. Wow!

Having a cool coffee cup is essential for all. I found the Grumpy mug shown
above at a thrift store and bought it for a friend. Yes, that gifted cup was a hit.

Having the ability to keep liquids HOT for hours on end is a treat. What I did not realize is that glass is the better insulator. It is superior to the more common stainless and plastics we have today. Thus, I am now on the lookout for an old thermos with an unbroken glass interior. Wish me luck!



As told to me by Tom, more about Alex Moody: Alex had a long history in Apalachicola. During Christmastime, a shrimp boat would deliver Santa Claus to the docks. Santa would then drop off gifts to youngsters. The white-bearded Alex had a red suit he donned each year for the celebration. Alex enjoyed being Santa to his community.


One year a not-so-young man in his mid-20's received his first ever Christmas presents courtesy of Santa. The man had grown up as the son of a dirt poor oysterman. He looked up to the poverty line, dreaming of the day he would have that much money!

With the help of Tom who gathered together some fishing gear (new and used) plus a few other gifts the guy could enjoy, Santa Alex arrived at the shack where the young man resided. The gifts were given and Santa left to make further deliveries.


This was the first time the kid (an adult by this time) had ever had a Christmas present. Alex along with Tom made that happen. Tom shared this detail when describing how good a person Alex was. To me this epitomizes yet another reason why I admire Tom.


Folks along the riverfront years ago did stick together. They helped one another. For the most part this continues to be true. The only place where one should be trepidatious or worried and apprehensive as a coastal cruiser is around boat bums with alcohol or drug problems. Those people cannot be trusted.

As for me, I am happy as can be. Life proceeds. I have been dumping cash into my Seaweed and Jesse has promised that he's got me in his List. I'm happy for that too. You read about Jesse in the Lightning Strike series Summary (parts 1 and 2) series.

Thank you for being a part of my world. Thanks too for reading.  

What seemingly inconsequential thing makes you happy?
And, how did you discover your special item?

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2021, 2023

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