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Date: 7 April 2021. Inexpensive Fan Option.


Hella fans from Defender were one of the first comfort purchases I made for my Seaweed. Back then the least expensive single speed 12-volt model available was priced at $22. Recently mine began displaying death spirals. Replacements made by Hella are now three-speed, and cost nearly $90 each. That is too costly so I went looking for an alternative. For $8.88 I found perfection at the local Walmart.



I have three Hella fans aboard Seaweed. All have issues.


The Hella fans are loud. I used to say it was amazing: After
the temperatures hit eighty degrees the fans made a lot less noise!


Unfortunately, after a dozen years, the most used one by my bunk squeaks. A lot! I've sprayed it with lubricant which temporarily quiets the noise however this has not proven to be a permanent solution.


On the bright side, the one at the top of my doorway does still work. The problem with that one is that I broke the stand so I've got it jury rigged to stay in place. It is quiet however the direction of the airflow cannot be altered.

The one by my dinette just right of my netbook → has a nonfunctioning switch. I have to utilize the cigarette lighter plug in order to turn it on and off. The center dial switch hasn't worked for at least five years. Plus, it is noisy.

HELLA FANS by my dinette.


I was in Walmart on the fan aisle looking for options. That's when a friend noticed rechargeable fans for sale. These have a built in lithium battery. Best of all, they can be charged and/or powered via a USB cord.

Aboard my 23' long Seaweed over the years I have installed an embarrassing number (eight) of cigarette lighter outlets. Every time I wanted one someplace new I added another. Everywhere I sit/work or play I have at least one, though usually two, outlets. It is easy to find high speed cigarette lighter plugs with USB ports so I've transitioned to them too as well. I can plug the new Walmart fan into my 12-volt system with ease.

In the outbound corner of my forward cabin I have a pair of cigarette lighter outlets installed by my
friend Ken many years ago. One has a USB SPLITTER so I can plug in two separate USB cables.

What I like about the fan: It is quiet. Best of all, even on high speed, the sound level is much quieter than my Hella fans. It puts out a lot of air too. At a price of less than $10 I feel this is a bargain.

Here is the paperwork from my newest fan:

Walmart does deliver a lot of items, however this fan can only be purchased in-store. You can order and pick up at the store (without getting out of the vehicle) which is nice. I've purchased two white ones.

The fan comes in four colors: Blue, black, white, and coral. The blue is quite dark. I did not care for the blue or coral (a blend of peach and pink) color options. This 5.5" rechargeable item is available at Walmart for $8.88.

One unit is in my forward cabin and the other is by my desk. I'm very glad to have them. If you're looking for a decent fan at a good price, consider the Walmart brand Mainstays, 5.5" rechargeable fan.

I love mine:

The fan does not rotate. It blows in the direction it is pointed. Although that is my
preference, others may wish to buy one of those 12-volt fans that automatically turn.

More shortly, and I promise not to spend your perfectly good money in the next article. This time though, well, I would suggest if you want one of these fans you start hunting. They appear to sell out quickly. After owning one (now two) I can assure you that if I had room for a spare I'd buy another so that I'll always have one on hand. They really are "that" good.

That's it from the water. I thank you for reading.

Have you seen these fans?
And, what is your experience with fans?

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2021, 2023

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