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Date: 26 April 2016. Baby Wipes.


A lot of folks both ashore and afloat have discovered baby wipes are not just for infants. They are refreshing and cool. They make me feel cleaner on those hot days of summer. Simply wiping my face and neck with a moistened wipe makes a great deal of difference in my comfort level.

The observant will notice a thin piece of line across the front of my  baby wipes box. That is because on a boat things move. When the boat rocks I do not want to hear a crash.

Always when something falls it is too late. That is why prevention is the best policy.

Keeping the gear and accoutrements of a pleasant life secure is one of my normal tasks. I do not always succeed mind you. For times when things get messy I have a bag.

I simply dump everything into the bag and "call it good."
The bag is Good Enough to stow items in temporarily.

The plan is to empty the bag. Of late the bag's contents are growing in size. I know that I will take care of the items soon enough. Some are papers I need for upcoming articles. My notes and such get to be quite a stack.

Of late I have been having too much fun to write.

Cheryl and I went to lunch. I miss the cups of Constant Comment tea shared with her.

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful it is to be
aboard Seaweed? Life afloat is amazing. I am truly fortunate.


Cheryl's Fred and their friend Jesse also helped get me mobile.


←Fred cruises on S/V Island Time

Jesse travels on S/V Gypsy

The day they came they also crimped the new ends on my battery cables. I had found those on http://genuinedealz.com. The price/quality was just right.


I am happy!!! The weight of a non-running engine has been lifted.

I feel ten years younger. I weigh ten pounds more. Have I mentioned the Madeira Beach Publix grocery store is next to the McDonald's dinghy dock?!? Publix has Boarshead pepperoni sticks that are sinful. And delicious.


This afternoon I am going over there to buy another one, plus I might splurge on a couple of six-packs of IBC diet root beer. That is the only beer I like.

Side note on soda pop: Bottles, glass ones, seem to last longer aboard my boat. The cans lose their fizz too soon. That said, if you are a real pop person you will probably drink it all up before the fizz problem surfaces.

While I'm stocking up on pepperoni, Constant Comment tea and my pop, I will also buy a package of baby wipes. I need to replenish my stash.

Bigelow's Earl Grey and Constant Comment teas have interesting bar codes on the boxes.

The most important thing to remember about baby wipes is this: Go against the "most for the money" routine many of us normally follow. In baby wipes search for the FEWEST per package.

Thin ones will not get the job done. All too often in my experience they are scratchy or not as nice as the thicker ones. I have seen some of the 80 per package wipes that made Scott single-ply toilet paper look thick. Ugh.

Years ago I acquired a plastic box baby wipes come in. They are often found empty in thrift stores. For me, having the container means access to the wipes is easier. I would pay retail (once!) for a plastic container.

I have been purchasing refills ever since. Buy thick ones, any brand and you should be okay. They are offered in scented (baby powder is my favorite) and unscented.

I add a few ounces of water to the package to make them more moist. I do not add "street water" or hose water. Instead I'll use some distilled or bottled water.


As they come from the package, baby wipes are a bit too dry. I prefer them more damp. That is why I add water to the container.

You can also tear them in half. Each brand tears better in a different direction. I use half quite often.

Side Note: There are times when they work just fine for their intended purpose, i.e. wiping butts.

That's more than enough from me today. Life is great. Fred and Jesse are fun. Here we are in a pavilion on the waterfront. Jesse's boat Gypsy along with Fred and Cheryl's Island Time are anchored just off the shore.

Life is good along the waterfront. Please give a call on Channel 16 should you spot Seaweed along the coast. I am always listening.

I find I use lots more baby wipes in the summertime. What about you?
Do you prefer scented or not/ with aloe or without, etc.?

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