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Date: 29 March 2016. Boat Noises.

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Noise is a given when you live close to the water. You might hear your bilge pump come on. Another time the anchor chain rattle. When you know what the sound is caused by, it eventually becomes part of the background and unheard.

It is those intermittent unidentified sounds that drive me
crazy. I had one such and now know just whom to blame.

Of course that would not be the person I see in the mirror each day. Nope. The person at fault is gone and unable to defend herself. And I miss Lori too.


← S/V Anja

A while back I met the loveliest couple on S/V Anja. She's a Slocum reproduction with a pilothouse added. Anja is quite the sailboat. She is definitely interesting with lots of nifty ideas incorporated in her features. I wrote about that in the (Joshua Slocum's) Spray replica Anja article.


This is Lori. She lives aboard S/V Anja. ↓

Often ladies out here swap plants. Lori gave me a beautiful lemon plant. It smelled wonderful and I tucked it under one of my oil lanterns. It had a lovely lemon scent and was quite delicate and pretty too.

This pair is the culprit and cohort.

What I did not know for the longest time was that the leaves would rub against the bottom of my oil lantern. When the boat rocked or the wind blew I would hear a slight bell-ringing sound. It was a once in a while event and just soft enough that I was unsure if it was from inside the boat or not. Argh!

Finally while chatting on the phone with my friend Irene on Katja I had a eureka moment. I was near enough the plant to locate where the sound originated. I was relieved. I knew there was a bell, and finally I found it. The tiny little leaves caused the sound.

Sounds are important. When you hear something out of the ordinary it is your Number One job to locate where the noise comes from. Next determine why it is occurring.



Side Note: When I was back in Carrabelle I heard a noise. It sounded like electricity shorting out. I could not locate the specific spot it was coming from. Worse yet, the noise seemed to be bouncing around. That is when I called the owner of a boat that was tied nearby.

Jerry, the shrimp boat owner, arrived quickly. Finally we spotted the problem. It originated ashore and was rectified post-haste. A wire under the dock was sparking/shorting out.

This is Jerry's shrimp boat Rollin Stone:


Unusual electrical sounds MUST be located and repaired.
A wire shorting out could easily burn your boat down.

Calling for help is not a sign of weakness. A second set of eyes and ears can often prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one. Fires aboard boats are a terrible thing. None of us want one and everyone works together to prevent issues.

If you hear anything aboard your boat that has the buzz of power, find out why. Those of us with Infrared Temperature Guns can check the temperature of our devices. Too hot indicates a problem in the beginning stages. Shut off the power source and fix it.

Etekcity® Infrared Temperature Gauge Gun affiliate link

Be Safe! If you cannot locate where a new
sound is originating, find someone who can do so.

That is it from the waterfront. I have been busy with my new air-conditioner cover. It is nifty as all get-out. More on that very soon.

Thanks for reading.

Have you ever had an unidentified sound emanating from someplace in your home?
And did you finally figure out what it was? What was it?

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A favorite aphorism:  Even small noises cause the pupils of eyes to dilate. It is believed that this is why surgeons, watchmakers and others who perform delicate manual operations are so bothered by uninvited noise. The sound causes their pupils to change focus and blur the vision, making it harder to do their job well.

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