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Date: 20 December 2021. Christmas 2021.



Like many, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I do so love the lights, the music and the simple joy of the holiday season. For me, Christmas is a time of reflection. Decorating allows me the opportunity to revisit my past. Today I will share a bit of that with you.

This is the pencil my duo used to write their letters to Santa Claus:

We would tuck the pencil into the Christmas tree. This year I wove it between the lines across my cockpit window.


In case you are curious, the line is strung back and forth so that I can hang stuff back there. Plus that small 1/8" (2mm) braid makes me feel more secure at anchor.

Side Note: I am well aware that a bit thin line from my Box of Small Stuff (linked article) won't make me 100% safe. However as a privacy shield this works quite well. Most important of all, I like it.

Privacy is provided by  some of the ornament bookmarks I made last year for friends:

I enjoy looking at pictures from a book printed in 1939.

Due to the Book of Fishes circa 1939 being under a portlight when an afternoon shower occurred, I ended up with great pictures and a damaged book. The fish pictures were initially used as Christmas ornaments and then as bookmarks. Later a few were pinned to the lines on that window, providing privacy for me.

This year I opted to hang various ornaments and pieces of my history from the lines across the aft cockpit window. I seem to be scaling back on the amount of decorating I do of late...

On the left you might notice an over-the-top envelope written by the
Original Grand. Her thank you notes are extraordinary. I love them, and her.

Decades ago when Baby was a little girl she made a felt and yarn ornament for me.

I like the kitten. It has been a part of my Christmas decorations for more than 30 years.

Eons ago felt ornament kits were sold at the five and dime store. Bucilla made them. If memory serves me, this cat was a part of one of those kits. I wonder if similar items are being made by other young ones???

Life seemed more simple back then. A fellow boater (Irene) sent along this holiday picture circa 1958.

The girls were in Year 11 high school back when this picture was taken with Santa Claus.

Nowadays Irene enjoys life afloat.

Irene lives aboard a Valiant32 sailboat named Katja. She's docked due to an impending haulout.

Decorating for the holidays is important for my happiness quotient.

Battery voltage at 13.2 makes me happy too. Candy canes are also fun at Christmastime.

Years ago a young man named Eric gifted all the women in the boatyard a Poinsettia plant.

Since then I have bought myself one each year. Buddy hangs out near the plant most days.

At night I light some stars along the bottom of my window looking aft.

These stars are battery powered. I purchased the set from Dollar General many years ago.

One thing I started doing a while back was making Christmas stars for friends near and far.

These are made from an outdated chartkit a friend passed along to me.

I ended up making quite a few stars this year:

Of late I have been helping out a neighbor with a couple of engine room issues. Why now you may wonder... it is really quite simple: I was invited to lunch with some gals and my nails were (WERE!!!) clean. Now, not so much. Lunch is on Wednesday. The chance of my nails being clean is some place between zero and zilch.

This is of course the same as whenever I am meeting someone and hoping to look put together like a cool boat gal. Ha!!! That is extremely unlikely to occur. Invariably before any social event I decide to stain and varnish something, or end up working in a grimy bilge. Consequently my hands look like I've forgotten soap exists.

On the other (oil-stained) hand, my boat is reeking of Christmas. That is a wonderful thing.

I used to do quite a lot of cross-stitching. Rudolph (center above) is a particular favorite I made.

I hope your holiday season is going well. May the spirit of Christmas fill your home with love. As Tiny Tim said all those years ago "Happy Christmas one and all..."

That's it from the water. I thank you for reading.

Does anyone remember making felt ornament kits?
And, what is your oldest/most treasured Christmas ornament?

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2021, 2023

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