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Date: 31 December 2021. Creating a Private Cabin.


Aboard Seaweed my cabin is at the bow. Smaller boats seldom have doors as they take up too much space. Boat designers want vessels to appear larger. Eliminating doors can accomplish this by opening up the space visually. Here is how I created privacy for myself in the forward stateroom.

The door shown below in the forward cabin closing off my head does
not exist in Seaweed. Instead that area is where my shower is located.

This is a copy of the schematic ↑ for a Schucker mini-trawler.

Basically anyone sitting at the dinette can see into my forward cabin. That makes me uncomfortable, especially when docked. The change I made gives me a feeling of being inside a cocoon. It is cozy. What I noticed as well is that my cabin stays warmer. That toasty feeling is a real benefit this time of the year.

During the winter I find a cup of hot chocolate quite the perfect accompaniment to my tablet.

Reading on the tablet is a true treat. I had never imagined how nice
tablets are until I was gifted one. I am grateful. 8" is the perfect size.

But I digress...
There is a step down into my forward cabin. I find that my knees are less cooperative first thing in the morning. Balance can be a bit off, especially if a bozo on a jet-ski is zipping around. To solve that I installed extra handles along the doorway into my cabin.

I am adamant that boats seldom have enough places to hold onto when moving about. Every time I reach out to steady myself, I install a handle of some sort. Aboard Seaweed I have ten inside handles that are both unobtrusive and useful.

I screwed in an EYE BOLT into teak level with the base of one of my handles.

Years ago my friend Ken on Sparrow gifted me a piece of stainless steel, solid 3/8" (1 cm) in diameter. The bar is 22" (56cm) long. It fits perfectly across the doorway enclosing a private space for me.

The sunshade normally used in the galley moves to the doorway of my cabin at nighttime.


Over the years I have utilized this stainless bar as a drying rack for clothes, a weight to hold down the edge of a chart, and a few times as a  means of reaching into lockers. This incarnation is the latest.

A clothespin clipped to the bar prevents the bar from sliding out.

There is a RING on one corner of my fabric piece. It slips over the end of the bar. The fabric
goes around the handle and  then is pinned to the bar. Now the stainless bar should not slide out.

When the fabric is attached I have a degree of privacy inside my cabin.


You may have noticed Tinker Bell in the lower left corner of the previous picture. I look forward to my Grand discovering Tink some day. It is these little touches I enjoy creating aboard Seaweed.

Of late we are experiencing sea fog, starting at *0100. The fog sticks around until ten or later in the morning.

*0100 is pronounced zero one hundred. It means the time is 1:00 in the morning.

I find fog soothing.

Fog dampens the sounds. My world seems ever so quiet. It is these alone times, with the silence surrounding me that I enjoy the most. Truly living aboard a boat is the best.

That said, being safe and comfortable is important. Handles are a large part of my safety plan. You will want to have plenty of places to hold on for your vessel. I love having a place to grasp when the boat is rocking.

I would like to express a special "Thank you" to those who join me on my journey. I am honored, and grateful beyond measure. Thank you for being a part of my world, and for reading.

Do you keep with the door to your sleeping area open or closed?
And, are you fond of foggy mornings too?

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2021, 2023

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