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Date: 26 February 2017. Disney 2017.


I have been sick. My get up and go was out of commission. Thank you so much to those who wrote. That was very kind of you. At this point I am almost 100%. Being sick is not fun. I did not even take my girl (Seaweed) away from the dock for over a month. It was awful!

Here is what was happening that first week:

The day I posted the last article I disappeared to Disneyworld thanks to the kindness of my daughter and her husband. They brought me on holiday with them! This was my First Ever vacation to go off and have fun. Now of course I have been to see relatives, but to actually go away and stay at a hotel was totally wonderful. Excuse me, it was a Resort according to baby. That means there is a store plus entertainment and a restaurant right at the resort. How cool is that?!?

Me, Kidlet, Princess and Mr. NRA.

Please Note: There is a temporary tattoo on my granddaughter's left arm. Kidlet wrote her phone number on it. The theory is that should Grand become separated she knows that is her mommy's number. We met a fellow in Cinderella's Castle who had 'tagged' his daughter with a key locator tied to an app on his phone. I thought that was pure genius though his wife was embarrassed when he showed us the tag attached to the child's outfit.

For those with little ones the newest thinking is to not look for a policeman. Instead children are to seek a mommy with kids when asking for help. Moms are lots more prevalent than cops.

For those who read my sil's (son-in-law's) NRA shirt, yes there were compliments. He has a bunch of similar tee-shirts. At least a couple fellows each day commented on his attire. He did end up going through the metal detectors at Disney every day for some reason.


At Disneyworld I had the most fabulous time. The first day was spent in Animal Kingdom. We went on a tour of the African savannah where we saw zebras, warthogs, giraffes, wildebeest and more. I loved the critters including the otters in another section of that park. The Grand aka Princess liked the otter habitat too.

Princess seemed most fascinated by squirrels. They were her favorite!
We went to Disney, saw exotic animals and watched squirrels. It was all fun.

I was surprised Princess recognized so many of the wild animals at Animal Kingdom. I did not realize four year olds knew so many different critters.


Have I mentioned how much fun fun fun it is to have a Grand? I love mine. To keep in touch I send her presents in the mail. The Keeping in Touch with Grandchildren article offers details. I used to send postcards when I was up the coast as there was never a chance to get to a big thrift store for cool gifts.



At thrifts I can find things that I could not afford to purchase in retail stores. Items that spark imagination appeal to me. I do not want to buy just another toy. The Grand is blessed with lots of grandparents who can do the whole Toys R Us thing.

Instead I chose things like these for her:


A Dr. Seuss motif quilt for baby dolls.

← A purse shaped like a dog.


These items like most I buy for her cost more to ship than purchase. The packages do keep me in the heart and mind of my Grand. That is all one can ask for.

My grand is a girly-girl so I look for fancy frocks. On occasion I find a former flower girl dress to send her. She pretends to be a princess when wearing them.

This is an actual Cinderella ball gown. Kidlet found it on sale at the Disney Store.



At Animal Kingdom we saw a live performance featuring the Lion King. That was super. There is a movie about the characters that I will watch one of these days. The show had acrobats dressed as monkeys, singers in costume, birds and more. I just loved it. I do not recall ever seeing anything like that before in my life. It was amazing.

Side Note: Disney could have coined the word amazing. It truly is a place of wonder. I did notice that after most of the "kiddie rides" the exit is through a store featuring ride-themed toys. Walt Disney was a smart fellow. I admire his marketing skills.

I saw Mary Poppins too.

She and I will have a spot of tea someday...

We also went to Hollywood Studios, spent two days at Magic Kingdom and the final day at Epcot Center. With *fast passes there were no lines. I had a fabulous time.

*Fast Pass is an app for your phone that allows you to pre-book specific times to visit various rides. Eliminating the lines was wonderful. It's a sort of reservation system for fun.

The gardens area in Disney is a wondrous place. I learned a lot about alternative food growing options.

Baby aka Kidlet even booked a special backstage tour of the hydroponics gardens at Disney for us. That was fascinating. I was especially pleased that my Grand is offered these opportunities. The things she heard will help in her school work eventually.

Decades ago I took my two for a lot of nature walks in Broward county (Fort Lauderdale) Florida. They learned all sorts of stuff. Later they understood life cycles, food chains and more simply because we'd walked around parks with a naturalist two hours each week for years.

We frequented the Historical Society of Fort Lauderdale too. Son volunteered there.

I don't speak much about Son as we lost him when he was 21 years old. It was one of those horrible things that happen to other people. The medical examiner said the cause was Idiopathic Arrhythmogenic Syndrome. That means for no known cause his heart started beating irregularly then stopped. That was the worst day of my life.

Seeing tomatoes growing as trees was fascinating. I look forward to adapting some of the Disney techniques aboard Seaweed.

The behind-the-scenes garden tour at Disney was very interesting. They grow a lot of the food served in the restaurants on site. I have scallions, basil and more in baskets hanging in the cockpit. I would like to expand my onboard garden using some of the methods Disney utilizes.

My grand knows me having been on Seaweed when she was 2.5 years old. That was two years ago. My boat incidentally is "big" and I have a cute puppy. Skipper was delighted to see Princess again.

It was a wonderful week. Going with the kids, watching my Grand enjoy her life, experiencing it all was one for the memory book. I'll never forget it.

Disney surprised me with a Skipper Canteen. I like the name of the place for certain.

Thankfully I did not get sick until the very afternoon I returned home. That final morning I'd woken with a scratchy throat and husky voice. By mid-afternoon the morning problems were magnified. I went to my bunk too sick to even read.

And that is where I have been.

Have you ever been to Disney?
What was your favorite part, ride or park? Mine were Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

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