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Date: 28 October 2013. If the Deck Shoe Fits.


Have you dreamed of a life aboard a boat sailing in the Bahamas or down thru the Caribbean during the winter season? And then thought "gosh, it'd be great to have a woman along for the ride" but wondered why you are not doing so well in that department. Well, sailors, I have an answer for you and if the deck shoe fits...!

As long as women have curves, men will have angles.


Yes, boating is essentially a male dominated arena and likely to remain so -- at least as far as the single men living out on the hook (at anchor) are concerned. Why you may ask? Let me give you a few examples of the single sailors I have met while cruising:

I cannot tell you the number of times I have been invited over to a sailboat or aboard for a cup of coffee and not had a place to sit without first clearing off a settee. The galley sink and counter will be filled with dirty dishes. There will be piles of clutter and chaos everywhere. Plus filthy laundry and a head that needs pumping.

My galley counter gets chaotic too. I do not invite folks aboard when it looks like this:


And then the fellow wonders why I want to sit on deck and then leave immediately? Let us be realistic: Keep your boat clean and tidy. It does not hurt to sweep the spider webs down. You could close your head door or lid at the very least because really, I do not admire your productions! And for goodness' sake wear clothes on deck. Standing up and peeing over the side while facing my boat is not enticing to even wanting to chat with you.

Great blue herons are solitary water birds...

There are women out here on own own boats.  We have standards. The sailboat bum does not qualify. Can't you at least shave your neck? A mustache and beard with yellow nicotine stains from smoking is not appealing either. That is beyond revolting.

Plus deodorant -- learn about and use it. Grime should not be on your legs, ankles and neck.

Honestly boys, didn't your mothers teach you these things? None of this suddenly changes because you've a boat and now are captain of your own ship.

A floating hovel is a still hovel, and only dirt-bags want to reside in them.

Women are here on our own boats and after a time we've seen what's available. Unless I wanted a drunk who is going no where, a scum-bag who cannot even wash his boat much less himself, well, why would I stick around?

I am cruising and not waiting for you to sober up, bathe or shave. And yes, I do wonder where the single cruisers are that at least display a modicum of civility. Then again, after years as a soloist (and I deliberately chose this life) I cannot see a reason to stop boating merely because I do not have a companion. At some point I might cruise in tandem, and who knows? Perhaps I will like it, but definitely I am keeping my Seaweed. She is home.


So if you want a woman to notice you try cleaning your boat and yourself first. That will help! It might just get you invited for dinner too as couples (and single women) are not likely to have over a person who reeks of stale smoke, musty clothes or body odor.

This will be a continuing series, if there is interest that is. Next planned concerns where to look for your First Mate...

Before any so-and-so gives me grief for using the term First Mate, remember I am of an age where the gentler sex was treasured and though I can/do hold my own out here, I am not a man, nor do I intend to 'fit in with the boys' by being a trashy dame. To me a First Mate is a respected member of the crew, who both helps and is helped in enjoying the cruising life. She also runs the boat.

And remember those with Captain Bligh attitudes seldom keep their crew.

Good luck duckies, sailors and yachtsmen too....

Pekin Duck duo.

Would you like this series to continue?
Have you found your girl or guy while cruising or were you ashore when you met?

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