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Date: 18 December 2016. Naming Your Dinghy.

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When choosing the name for your dinghy I'm full of free advice. Today I offer things you should consider when naming the *tender for your home. Most important of all I will tell you what I would never ever do, and why not.

*Tender: the small boat used for exploring in shallow waters. I also use my Algae for visiting friends and going to shore when at anchor.

On our 40'er we had a series of dinghies.

If you look on the bow you will see a davit. We could hoist the dink onto the foredeck with ease. The dinghy was stored out of the salt water. That kept the bottom clean of barnacles.

There is another benefit to hauling out the boat's tender. In some places outboard and/or dinghy theft can be a problem. With a dink out of the water it is less of a target. When making passages we did not have to worry about a tow line parting.

Jon Garret enjoyed exploring in Algae. Skipper was his first mate.

Besides the motor and oars he carried my handheld VHF for communication with shore.

Skipper is your typical boat dog. She likes going for trips in Algae. That is one of her favorite things to do. She always wears her life jacket when in the dinghy.

In my opinion too often folks name their dinghy T/T Big-Boat-Name. T/T means Tender To. I believe that to be a mistake. Your small boat should have a different name from the Mother Ship.

Illustration: Seaweed is the Mother Ship. Algae could have been called T/T Seaweed. Instead I opted for a name a bit more discreet. Algae of course is a component of Seaweed. Most important of all, I like the name.

Mother Ship: The boat you live aboard would be considered the Mother Ship. Actually in the days of whaling ships circa the 1800's the supply ship was known as the Mother Ship. Because Seaweed supplies my needs I call her my Mother Ship. This is not entirely accurate however it does encompass what my home means to me.

When a dink is at a dock named T/T Big-Boat-Name others might surmise your boat is unoccupied. That could have consequences. Not everyone is honest.

I have seen some wonderful names for
dinghies that compliment their Big-Boat-Name.

My Algae for instance makes sense if you think of Seaweed.



Favorites from my logbook...

Boat name Dinghy name
  1. M/V Driftwood
  2. M/V Dreamboat
  3. S/V Bluestocking
  4. M/V High Cotton
  5. S/V Goodness
  6. S/V Wandering Star
  7. S/V Wandering Star (different boat)
  1. dinghy Splinter
  2. dinghy Barnacle
  3. dinghy Garter Belt
  4. dinghy Q-Tip
  5. dinghy Gracious
  6. dinghy Comet
  7. dinghy Asteroid

Most folks enjoy deciding on the name of their boat. While you are doing so give a thought to a dinghy name. It should not advertise your home as vacant when seen at a dinghy dock. Security matters and little things can make a difference.

Instead of naming my dinghy T/T Seaweed I opted for a name a bit more discrete. Algae of course is a component of Seaweed. Most important of all, I like the combination.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Happy boating to you and yours...

I'd love to hear your boat and dinghy names.
And, do you have other combinations you've seen/admired?


COMMENTS: (part one)

Pam says on 20 December 2016: I like the idea of using a diminutive as the name of a dinghy (Algae, Splinter); it fits in the little boat themeJ

After a week or so of bitter cold (-25 Sunday), itís warmed up to 24 above. It actually feels balmy out there now.

Hope youíre having fun on the water!


Me: I have been having the best times Pam. This life is amazing. I cannot begin to describe the happiness I experience afloat. My Seaweed brings me such joy.

And it's warm here! It has been what we call balmy too. Think low 80's in the daytime and low 70's at night. That perfect sleeping weather.

I did decorate for Christmas. This year I did less than "normal" with fewer ornaments on the tree. Just listening to my fellows (Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney) serenade me was such a pleasure.

A few years back I was given some radio shows. Listening to them was fun too. I have "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Steward and Scrooge, plus a few others (Gildersleeves, Burns and Allen, etc.) so that is fun too.

Music though is what I like best about the holiday. And my tree. The tree is my history.

I have two ornaments left that belonged to my Grandma. She was born in 1895. A few are from when I was a little girl. The tree is a look at where I've come from...

One year I had a friend (Tina from Oramae) who helped me decorate the tree. I had fun doing that. She was nice as can be too as I shared the stories behind the ornaments. Here there are no women and men-folk just aren't into Christmas like I am.

That said, the day after Christmas everything was taken down/put away. Except for the stuff I missed. Don't ask. Suffice it to say I missed putting away my whale. I'm sure there is more so will wait a few days before I put the rest in the Christmas box.

Such is life in Florida.

Stay warm Pam, as much as is possible. Please note: 24 is an age, not a temperature!

And thank you for your comment. It is appreciated.

Tammie says on 26 December 2016: Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, and the memories it brings back of my aunt, Lyn Noble. She lived aboard the Andromeda for 25 years in S. Fla and the Bahamas, until a week before she passed away 17 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my times as her "Girl Friday"! Wanted to add her dinghy name, but couldn't find a way to reply to your post. It was a Boston Whaler, tender to the Andromeda, called "the Strain"

Happy New Year, Tammie Black

Me: I love that combination Tammie. It's a Keeper and has been added to the last page of my log book. What is particularly nice is that your Aunt Lyn had so many years aboard living the good life. That she made memories for you too was an added bonus.

My own duo loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa-on-the-Boat at anchor, underway, and simply enjoying life at the dock too. The Kidlet loves swimming in the ocean, but not at the beach! The beach has sand while at anchor is just the water and fish. That is definitely her preference.

It's odd, the things that the little ones take from boat life. It is good mind you...

The Grand (mine) loves Seaweed. She calls me Grandma-on-the-Big-Boat-with-the-cute-puppy. That anyone thinks a 23'er is big tickles me to pieces. The Grand is now four and lots of fun. She's a nice girl.

Thank you so much too for the lovely compliment re the website. I appreciate that, and your comment.



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