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Date: 28 January 2016. Personalizing Your Home.


I am predisposed to want my trawler to be pretty. Having her clutter free, neat and tidy are all important items for my contentment level. Being able to leave immediately is critical to my happiness quotient. Yet for my Seaweed it is the small added touches that turn this boat into a home.

Heck, any home can be made better with effort. Last autumn on the beach in St. Pete there was a community yard sale. While wandering the streets I met Frank and his lovely bride Marie. I told her how much I admired the iron work at the front of their house.

That is when she told me it was her husband Frank who made it.
Frank does custom iron work in addition to the "normal" stuff.



I loved the little fish swimming along at the bottom. The dolphin he crafted in those round insert bubbles are because his wife Marie likes them. That is love.

How nice it is that their personality is displayed in such a unique way. Cool!

Frank's company:
Bay Area Steel Construction.

To discuss your needs phone 727-726-7322.

I am not a shill, affiliated, nobody pays me for saying nice things about them, yada, yada.


Years ago a friend had an iron artist make a seahorse screen/security door for her home. It truly was one of those magnificent things that are memorable decades later... Frank's home gave similar vibes -- thus I mention it here.


It is adding the "finishing touches" that brings pleasure. In that regard that railing makes a welcome sight to those coming to visit the couple. Onboard Seaweed I want folks to feel the same sort of welcome. To reach that goal I've had fun adding items.

The latest pretty for my home was a gift from Cheryl on S/V Island Time. She made for me this gem:

It is a Spirit Shower. I do so admire folks with the creativity
to personalize gifts. This one has "me" stamped all over it.

Seaweed is written in beads along one side. Look how pretty it is:

See how Cheryl added the name of my boat on that top row
of beads? And the seahorse has a special meaning to me as well.


Years ago I met a couple named Jim and Kathy. They had two sons, Jim Jr. and Josh. Kathy gave me the seahorse you see to the right for the locker under my bunk. I loved it because it was pretty and nautical.

She mentioned it was something her son Josh had given to her. A few months later her Josh was out of the hospital between cancer treatments. He came aboard my boat.

Immediately he spotted the seahorse. I told him his Mom had given it to me. He said it belonged to him!!! I offered to take it off the locker if he wished. Instead he said I should keep it. So I thankfully did retain the seahorse.

About a year later Josh lost his battle. That seahorse is making the journey for Josh that he so wanted to make for himself.


Yes, I know I am dorky. However seahorses mean a lot to me and I would like to think that the spirit of Josh visits Seaweed and is living the life he dreamed of...



The Spirit Shower made by Cheryl has a lot of meaning. The beads are special and that they were picked with me in mind makes it all the more a treasure. At night there is a subtle ring as the beads tap together when the boat moves. It's quite musical.

I love it. Thank  you Cheryl. Truly you have talent. I love the choices you made and the artistic way it turned out. Thank you!

Another pretty that has been on the front page of my website for practically forever was made by Cap'n Kim back in Carrabelle. Taking a small glass ball and filling it with miniature bromeliads, this unique landscape is pretty as a picture. I like how the blue water beads add a sparkle of color contrast to the plants. Very pretty!

This photo was taken before Manatee's spiffy new paint job:

On a boat we do not have the space to have huge decorations. That is why small touches add so much to my happiness quotient. I love visiting other boats and seeing what they have done to personalize their home. Ted and Sarah on Manatee [see
Manatee Moves article] have manatee cups, cushions and more.

I have just returned from dinner at Sea Breeze Island Grill & Raw Bar with them and another fellow. It was great to catch up on our lives. The seafood was good. I am so stuffed I feel like one of those conch fritters I ate.

There is a dock behind the restaurant that can accommodate larger boats. Until next time, I wish you lots of tasty foods and good friends to share it with.

What have you done to personalize your home?
And, was it a do-it-yourself item or something you found along the way?

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2016, 2023

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