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Date: 2 July 2015. Rocky Raccoon Returns.


Back in April I met Rocky Raccoon. He was a teenager, not quite full grown but living on his own along the waterfront here. His arrival is described in the Rocky Raccoon vignette. I have been watching him grow up and he has gotten braver as the weeks go by.

Rollin' Stone is the large black shrimp boat on the left.

Recently Rocky Raccoon even came aboard the Rollin' Stone. I did not see that initial visit to the shrimp boat. What I did note was the fellow leaving the boat late one night.

I didn't think much of the raccoon being aboard until the following day. Jerry is the owner of Rollin' Stone. He mentioned finding a half eaten box of saltines by the back door of his boat. We immediately suspected the raccoon had enjoyed a snack.

Mallard ducks enjoy saltines too...

Jerry and his sons cleaned up the mess. There were broken crackers and crumbs everywhere. They put it all in a big black bag on their aft deck. Then, for some reason they left the bag when they went home for the day.

And lo and behold, a visitor arrived to polish off the crackers. More mess ensued. Rocky Raccoon may not be the tidiest critter alive. He is efficient at scoring food.

Next Rocky peeked out to see if the coast was clear:

It is always fun to spot wild life afloat, and sometimes it really is afloat!

Rocky headed forward on the boat and peeked out another *scupper:

He's looking out the middle scupper just to the left of the dock.

*Scupper: an opening where water flows off the deck and into the ocean or river. On most boats the scuppers are very small. For a working shrimp boat, the scuppers are large rectangles. Lots of water needs to be shed and quickly. That is what a scupper does.

Rocky Raccoon decided that going out that scupper was a bit difficult so he opted to climb to the top for a better view. He did not seem too pleased to see me. Then again, he did not seem overly concerned either. He was full of saltines so perhaps that made for a happy mood.

I know in the summertime I enjoy saltines quite often. With either peanut butter or tuna fish salad, saltines are an easy component for a fast meal. Of late I have not been eating very well. It is too hot and I confess the engine not being done has worn heavily on my spirits.

Perhaps too it's the upcoming holiday. The 4th of July is my chance. You see, I love love love burnt hotdogs. I have been so hoping to have one grilled. And a friend did say he would burn one for me but that was months ago. Talk is talk, you know?

I love picnics. Do you?


Actually I prefer hotdogs blackened slightly. That is the way Mother made them. Maybe she was a lousy cook? And when I made a fire on the beach there was nothing more fun that stabbing a hotdog with a stick. I would place it in the fire. The dog would come out burnt, puffy and delicious.

Maybe this year, eh? There is always hope for a holiday invite. We shall see...

Anyway, Rocky continued forward on Rollin' Stone, making himself right at home.



Finally the raccoon reached a conveniently placed piling. He came down off the boat.

I love his striped tail. It reminds me of Daniel Boone's coonskin cap. If you have not watched the Daniel Boone shows with Fess Parker of late, you are missing out.

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Daniel Boone - The Complete Series



It was fun watching Rocky Raccoon make himself at home. He has been around quite a bit lately.

And just the other day I spotted a sweet girl raccoon. Her fur is silver whereas Rocky's is more brown. The gal had a couple of *kits, not more than six inches tall. They were far under the dock and I was not able to get a good picture but we have kids. Small ones.

*Kits are baby raccoons.


Life continues and that's a good thing. Still Rocky needs to mind his manners. Boarding a boat without permission is plain wrong.

Do you have raccoons in your neighborhood?
And, have you seen any babies yet?

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2015, 2023

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