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Date: 3 October 2013. Shooting Star.

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Have you ever had a day that reminded you of how good life is and how wonderful it is to kick back and enjoy good company and fabulous food? Well, last night was my night. It was one I shall remember for quite some time. It all started a couple weeks back when I was invited to dinner. On Tuesday plans were solidified for the following night. Wednesday was Wonderful!

Using my trolling motor involved a quick trip over to the marina where Skipper and I chatted with the folks on the porch. C-Quarters Marina has a huge overhang with lots of chairs... lots of the world's problems are solved right there -- or could be at least. The people make the place special, and folks like James sure have made Skipper feel welcome.


James makes an amazing barbecued chicken. A few days ago I went to shore on a grocery run. The supermarket has chicken but I wasn't interested in a whole one though it looked okay. Luck was with me as James had grilled some and shared a leg quarter -- yummy. I wrapped it up and took it home for a lovely treat.

Folks are kind and Skipper is working her wiles... so far I am fairly well trained and she has James under her spell too. If it isn't a cuddle, beef jerky is relished. Usually I bring home some of her treats in my pocketbook as she cannot eat that much at one time. Once home, I put away (hung on a hook down below) my purse without removing the treats.

A bit later Skipper indicated she wanted to go to bed so I put her on the bunk. If she thinks about it she is too afraid to jump over by herself. Later I looked and her little nose was twitching as she sniffed towards my purse. Yes, I had totally forgotten to put her treats in the little air-tight container they reside in usually. She knew those were hers. Of course I indulged Skip, all thanks to James.

And yes, Skipper did rearrange my pillow and bedding to her satisfaction and for her comfort.

Still, last night was special... dinner at a dirt dweller's house with two bachelors who can cook. I tell you it was a rough life, but somehow I made room for rib eye steak, rare, cooked on charcoal which is so much better than plain propane for flavor, then there were the shrimp (swimming a couple days ago) along with scallops (ditto) and fresh snow peas (from the garden last season) sautéed in butter (of course!) with fungus, and have I mentioned the stuffed clam shells (bits of pepper, crabmeat and breading) and a baked potato? I have not had one of those for eons (a year, perhaps more) so that was a treat too.


Just Right's Bertram28 aka the Moppie heading for the fishing grounds:

But the company was best of all. Boaters of course (Mainship owner along with a Bertram 28 so obviously the boys have good taste in boats) and gosh, I am in love. Yes. I met the next purchase (well, after a Kindle) ... is an ice maker. It cranks out ice every ten minutes and sure did catch my eye! I love ice and that is one of the things that brings me to shore every other day so having a small icemaker aboard and a way to power it of course....

[I don't know enough to recommend one and am seeking advice on same. If you have one aboard your boat or in your home, leave me a message in the comments section (below) or Email me. I would like to learn more about these before I purchase same.]

Well, you can see how a girl can go from a minimalist to a Yachtie without too much difficulty. Sigh. But boy, oh boy, that ice maker sure did look interesting. Of course at present I have no place to put one and with the ongoing waterline issues that is apt to be way down the line. I am interested in learning about the units for certain.

Anyway, a lovely evening came to an end and on the way back to the boat I saw the first shooting star I have seen in ages! And yes, I did stay up numerous nights in August looking for them in during the Perseids Meteor Shower. Then I was confronted with a plethora of overcast skies.

Aboard Seaweed time both expands and contracts. It seems only a moment ago that summer was here with afternoon thunder-boomers, and now, clear skies and cool evenings. This is my favorite time of the year. Life is great afloat!

What makes a meal memorable? Is it the food, the folks, or the location?
Does anyone have an ice maker aboard their boat? I'm interested in learning which one and what the power draw is. Plus, would you buy it again?

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