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Date: 12 June 2018. St. Pete's Electro Battery.


Replacing batteries is never cheap. Finding a store that has good prices often takes a lot of time and effort. In St. Pete the place where the pros go is Electro Battery. (Phone 727-323-4848) That is where we went. The manager is Joe. We arrived early and were helped immediately.

This is Joe with coffee in hand.

Joe is standing in front of a pallet with some of the 8-volt batteries being exchanged.

Side Note: It was smart to go to the supplier of batteries versus a reseller. Prices are lower and the size needed was ready for immediate purchase.

In stock Joe also had good quality 4-gauge terminal ends. I needed those for two wires down in the bilge of the boat I've been working on. At the time I only required one as I had not spotted the second wire missing an end. It is ALWAYS  a good idea to buy extras. You never know when that spare will come in handy. Yes, I got two.

Next time I will pick up four more terminal ends for 4-gauge wire. I should have bought them when I was at the Electro store. I wish I had a dollar for every time I think of something after I have left the building...

I will admit the first time I went to Electro was quite traumatic. You see, we drove by an adult mobile home park. I realized I could live there. I am over 55 years old. Oh my goodness. That was a real shocker... When did that happen?!?

Fortunately a few nights at anchor cured me. I love my Seaweed.


While at Electro Battery I met a nice gent by the name of John Bell. He does marine electrical work and was able to answer a question I had about my set-up aboard Seaweed. Thanks again Sir.

Side Note: Joe (manager, Electro Battery) is on vacation until Monday. I will get John's phone number and include it here then, if at all possible.

Update, 2023: I was not able to get contact information for John Bell. That is unfortunate though the "good ones" are generally extremely busy. Argh!!!

This is John Bell. His company is AB Marine Service.

Electro Battery has an efficient staff. They immediately
got to work removing the old batteries from the work truck.

Then the new ones were carefully loaded by Matt ↓ into the vehicle.

Electro Battery gave us one of those carrying straps so we'll be able to maneuver the batts once back at the boat.

For those that are not aware, this is a people carrying vehicle with a large trunk. It is NOT a hauling vehicle to move your junk around.

The owner of said vehicle does not carry anyone else's stuff anywhere. Ever.

From speaking with other truck owners over the years, I suspect that sentiment is universal. Folks simply do not understand the number of requests received by owners. At a certain point the balance is shattered. Thence forward, all are told no. Problem solved.

Electro Battery loaded a truck bed full of batteries.

Joe remembered the boat owner from the last time he had replaced the 32-volt system, many years ago.

That is it from here. Tomorrow I will tell you about the install. What I did wrong, plus the mistakes found and fixed.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to provide your local source for batteries in the Comments below.
Please be sure to say where you're at for other visitors.
Do you have onboard extra terminal ends for the larger wires? I wish I did.


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2018, 2023

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