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Date: 24 January 2023. Struggling with Stuff.


Christmas aboard Seaweed:

Last month in order to enjoy the holidays I did very little except decorate Seaweed and enjoy my Christmas music. For the entirety of December I did not grow any *microgreens. This is the first time in quite a while that I have gone without fresh boat-grown salads.

*Microgreens how to: Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series)


I am an expert at acquiring items for Seaweed. The issue I struggle with is not immediately utilizing these things. More than one time I have had a warranty expire before installing a piece of equipment. ARGH. That needs to change. Today I will share some of my struggles. I do ask for your guidance in how to do better. Suggestions welcome!!!

Examples of some of my less-than-stellar choices:

The purchases made are not always for me or Seaweed. For instance in the Madeira Beach Nautical Flea Market article I told you about the "good deal" I got on a pair of 1 5/8" shaft zincs. Unfortunately I later discovered these are known as orphan zincs. Nowadays shaft sizes go from 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" ignoring entirely the 1 5/8" shafts my zincs fit. I paid perfectly good money for them, albeit far less than retail prices I saw online. And I bought two of the doggone things.

The two 1 5/8" Camp brand zincs are pictured below. I saw prices starting at $35 each online for this size zinc.

Camp brand zincs are well regarded. I use 1 1/4" Camp zincs on Seaweed.

Aboard Seaweed I store my SPARE ZINCS on the shaft in my bilge. This way they do not get lost.

Of course these zincs do not protect Seaweed from electrolysis.

When checking battery fluid levels each month, I also ensure that the zincs are tightened against the shaft. While underway everything vibrates a bit. I want to ensure my zincs stay in place.

Why my extra zincs are attached to the shaft inside of Seaweed:

The purpose of zincs on the shaft in the bilge is to prevent a catastrophic loss of shaft. If for some reason my shaft comes free from the coupler at the aft end of my transmission, the shaft cannot slide entirely out of the boat. Vessels have sunk from that.

Please note: I have been on or around the water for more than a half century. Over the decades I have seen both the best and worse of things. Do shafts fall out of boats often? No. Do I want to prevent mine from ever exiting without my knowledge? Yes.

My resources are limited. Having the ability to help another mariner is important to me. When I see something I imagine another would like or be able to use at a low enough price I am delighted to purchase. I have definitely been the recipient of gear from others. Being able to share my good fortune with friends makes me feel great.

Sometimes I buy for Seaweed thinking I can use the item on my boat. This is not always true. These are the size wrong.

For this set I have four frames and three of the wood inserts.

When I spotted the above I thought I might be able to utilize them on Seaweed. Unfortunately the set is too wide for my boat. I was sure eventually someone might be able to use them. I have been giving them space in a locker for YEARS.

In my cockpit on the starboard side I have one that is damaged. It is smaller so the "bargain" steps will not fit where needed.

I finally removed the ugly one shown above. It was there for an embarrassingly long time too.

For quite a while I had two Den Haan globe oil lanterns in my pilothouse.

I did send one of the lanterns to my daughter. Her friend Melissa used one globe lantern at her beach wedding.

It is freeing to pass along items I no longer use.

Unfortunately I am bad at disposing of items that I believe others can utilize, especially when the retail price is higher. Those orphan zincs are a great example of something I paid perfectly good money to purchase. Those 1 5/8" zincs must be useful to someone. How do I find that person?

The lanterns were easy. Almost everybody likes oil burning lights. Having oil lanterns is important, especially when power outages occur.

In the wintertime, my Aladdin Genie II lamp both heats the boat and toasts marshmallows to perfection.

I like having oil lanterns and lamps. If you are curious, a lantern can be hung while lamps must sit on a flat surface. I have both aboard Seaweed. Purchasing low odor lamp oil is recommended. This oil is sold at Walmart near the candles over in the house-wares department.

Sometimes I am able to get to the stores to take back items I should not have purchased. These lights were returned.

I debated buying these because of the cost. Finally I justified the sets as I do love Christmas.

Then I tried the battery powered lights shown above. They are bright and beautiful. Due to the stiff wire powering the elves, snowmen and Santa characters these lights would be ideal on a miniature tree. I do not have a tree aboard Seaweed. Thus the sets went back to Walmart.

One of my bigger problems is dealing with the items I have purchased that are not being used because of my own dereliction. Spending perfectly good money then not installing the object is not smart. My Aims1200 pure sine wave inverter from The Inverter Store had the warranty expire before it was mounted on the bulkhead. And frankly it is still not 100% wired in.


Goals aboard Seaweed for 2023:

  • Install what I have already purchased.

  • Stop buying more items until previously bought ones are functional.

  • Offload boat gear that I do not need, want nor use.


I would love to have your encouragement as I attempt to clear my boat of unused items.

As 2023 gets underway, I do hope that I can organize myself better. I am in a rut and need to pull myself up by the boat shoes and get things actually completed. That is my goal for the next couple months. Frankly I am not totally certain I will succeed as this is winter. I prefer to hibernate when it is cold.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

Do you have boat gear purchased and not yet installed?
And, do you have any favorite online places to sell your excess gear?

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