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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

In the Galley page
Off-the-grid and not starving

Aphorism Alert:  If you bit it and you die it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die it's venomous.

Off-the-grid and not starving

~ listed chronologically, as posted ~

  1. Peachy Chicken recipe

  2. Prepping - Plastics

  3. Growing Lentil Sprouts

  4. Glasses

  5. Pull the Plug

  6. As Winter Approaches - Chocolate Coffee recipe

  7. Silverware and Spatulas - Fast Tuna recipe

  8. Outside the Box (fire extinguisher hint)

  9. Pots and Pans Primer - Deviled Eggs recipe

  10. Spices

  11. Food in Foil - Chili 'n veggies, and Spam recipes

  12. After Easter (pot luck idea) - Fancy deviled eggs recipe

  13. How to Access Galley Storage

  14. Canning Primer (Preserving Meats, Part 1)

  15. Processing in Pressure Cooker (Preserving Meats, Part 2)

  16. Sausage Canning Recipes

  17. Deal Breaker (galley gear in thrift store)

  18. Canning Stuffed Green Peppers - recipe

  19. Budget Spice Shelf (costs less than $1)

  20. Flavored Coffees (economical versions) - recipes

  21. Soloist Dinner Dilemmas

  22. Life onboard Lily Maria (Thompson 44 M/V)

  23. Trash Solutions

  24. Building a Locker (Part 1)

  25. Building a Locker (Part 2)

  26. Greenery (plant growing afloat)

  27. 5 Pounds of Shrimp (how to find discount diesel) - Shrimp Scampi recipe

  28. Toasting English Muffins on a Heater

  29. Spring on Pi Day (copper advice)

  30. Windlass Debris becomes Handhold

  31. In and Out (clearing clutter)

  32. Command in the Galley

  33. Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Peppers (new canning theory)

  34. Decadence Required

  35. Is a $20k Boat too Costly?

  36. Chaos in the Galley

  37. Canning Taco Soup - recipe

  38. Installing Refrigerator Fans

  39. Making a Shelf (and paper towel holder)

  40. Stone-Wave Sticks - Popcorn recipe

  41. Securing a Refrigerator (fans too)

  42. Refrigerator Latches

  43. Canning 10 Pounds of Chicken

  44. Backing Plate Concerns

  45. When it's Not Square (how to fix)

  46. Vinegar Cleans Pans

  47. Garbage Bag Solution

  48. Rope Trim (stain and varnish wood)

  49. Securing the Microwave

  50. Pizza for One - recipe

  51. Waterproof 8 Gauge Butt Connectors (make your own)

  52. Popcorn for One (and Stone-wave Update) - recipe

  53. DIY Bigelow Tea ( and engine swap update) - Earl Grey and Constant Comment recipe

  54. Freezer Ice Bag

  55. Making a Towel Rack

  56. Chicken Leg Quarters (canning times and quantities)

  57. Inverters Make AC Power

  58. Solar, Batteries and an Inverter

  59. Boat Buying Decisions (what is important?)

  60. Pan Scrubber Fail

  61. Christmas Connections

  62. Dish Towels

  63. Upside Down Tomato Plant How-To

  64. On Island Time (Schucker 440 Motorsailor)

  65. Drain Cleaner

  66. Glass Dishes (elegance afloat)

  67. Five Dollars at a Time

  68. Rat Traps (securing mouse traps too)

  69. Scissors in the Galley (baked bacon) - baked bacon recipe

  70. Garbage Containers

  71. A Day of Reckoning (the diet)

  72. Scooper Question

  73. Fancy Egg Salad - recipe

  74. Scallions - Second Life

  75. Cinnamon Apples - recipe

  76. Book of Labels (refried beans recipe)

  77. Washing Dishes and Saving Water

  78. Perfect Eggs - Eggy Timer (no reefer advice)

  79. Delicious Deviled Eggs - recipe

  80. Clothespins and Hanger Advice

  81. Breezy the Sea Urchin Octopus (and sprouting too)

  82. Grandma's Egg Salad - recipe

  83. Catalytic Heater Won't Light Remedy

  84. Dating for Boaters - Part 1

  85. Dating for Boaters (summary)

  86. Diverting Portlight Drips (paper towel edition)

  87. Tips for Cooling the Boat

  88. Microgreens Shopping List (part 1)

  89. Microgreens Container Set-up (part 2)

  90. Microgreens Seeds to Harvest (part 3)

  91. Microgreens Shelves Installed (part 4)

  92. Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series)

  93. Apple Cider Vinegar VS Fruit Flies

  94. Thanksgiving 2020 and Shopping

  95. Cheesecake (easy no milk/no bake method)

  96. Tomato Rocket (Dollar Tree item)


  98. coming soon


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