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Date 12 August 2014. Afternoon Entertainment.


Back in 1993 I gave our television away and have managed quite nicely since then. You see, the children (ages 10 and 13 at the time) were arguing over a TV program I did not want to listen to in the first place. When I suggested they stop, neither thought that was a good idea. It did not take them too long to realize that was a mistake.

I walked into the Florida room (a sun room at the back of the house) and unplugged the portable they were fighting over. Then lifting it up, I carried it next door to the family that lived there, asking if they could use another color television. Lo and behold, they could. It was a miracle.

And no longer did I hear any nonsense arguments about television. Problem solved.


Post Television we did not suffer!


Instead of watching the boob tube, we played games.  UpWords and Cribbage were two favorites. And no, we did not count points in UpWords -- playing instead to get rid of all the letters in our tray. As much as I liked Scrabble when younger, UpWords is one game that is better in itss newer updated version.

Boaters Note: The letter blocks in UpWords lock in place so even if the boat rocks, your tiles will not move. If I were not a soloist, I would have my game onboard. Instead, it is at the Kidlet's house for Friday Game Night parties.


We also talked. I know: what a concept, eh? The house was on a canal so fishing became important and the Kidlets used my old dinghy too. Son managed to meet and make friends with every fruit tree owner on the canal.

But my favorite was in the evenings when one or both of the children and I would go waterside to fish.  In the dark there was a lot of communication without judgment. It's my belief they were more comfortable sharing intimacies and asking questions because I couldn't see them -- perhaps an imagined level of anonymity? 

Whatever it was, I know it was an important time for me. I was privileged to know my children as they matured (somewhat sporadically) and they knew I was there for them too.

It was a lonesome time for me -- newly divorced, though the one thing I knew instinctively was:

The most dangerous person in the world to a
child is the step-father or mother's boyfriend.


Having no outside media influences was probably among the greatest gifts I could give my duo. That and a good education -- home school for the most part, supplemented with museum memberships.


But I digress...
Of course I'm not entirely without idiot-box entertainment. Now however it is to my own liking and only those programs and films I enjoy. I do have an extensive DVD collection -- probably nudging at 100 DVDs. Most days, mid-afternoon I will make a pan of popcorn and enjoy a movie or television show. This is relaxing.

There is a special shelf over my bunk with the first half of my collection. Sorted alphabetically, of course:


And I added a spot for the second fixed VHF radio -- so I can listen from my bunk. That one is generally tuned to Wx so it's easy to check weather each morning and night. Of course the main radio has the Wx Alert on, except for Wednesday's when that alert system is tested.


Watching movies is great entertainment. And my DVD player (a small car variety -- 7" screen) uses just 15 watts of power. Truth to tell though, I've considered asking the Kidlet for a flat screen tv/dvd player -- for the bigger screen so when I put the words on (Closed Captioning) they will be larger.

Television, when I'm at Kidlet's house, seems over-rated. That said, I did like watching Pawn Stars. And all the shows seem to repeat segments or portions thereof -- don't folks have any short-term memory?

But perhaps I have a too short tolerance of the inane?

Of late I have been on a nostalgia kick, watching loads of old Disney movies. Basically when my world is upside down I want familiar happiness. These movies provide that.

Fortunately with my collection of movies I am all set with afternoon entertainment. And during the thunder-boomer season (otherwise known as summertime in Florida) you know where I will be: watching a movie and snacking on popcorn.

Are you an afternoon DVD watcher or do you prefer evenings?
Also, what movie or movies are your personal favorites?

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2014, 2023

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