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Date: 11 May 2015. Antique Speedboat (ID sought)


Saturday I looked up and saw the coolest little speedboat just off my bow. I love older *runabouts and this one has the smooth lines that appeal to me. Here she is as she passed in front of Seaweed.

*Runabouts are small speedboats that "run about" to fishing spots, swimming holes, sightseeing, etc.

You may wonder how I immediately recognized her age. It is because her curved windshield. Newer boats don't have that. Everything is sleek and modern, often with sharp angles.

The recently built speed boats tend to be larger, with much bigger outboards too. This one, well, she feels intimate. Youare sitting close to the one you love and heading out to catch some rays. Life does not get much better.

I'm not sure of is what sort of boat she is. If anyone knows, please add  a comment. She's running a Honda on the transom but other than that I am clueless. What say the experts?

Have you an idea as to brand, length and possibly year built?
Gosh, what a cool little runabout. She's just perfect for hitting those remote beaches, eh?

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