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Date: 5 August 2023. Bait Bucket Blues.


Yesterday afternoon I saved a life. Though there is some hyperbole in the previous statement, there is a level of truth too. One small creature is free at last. That is due to yours truly. The tale follows.

Like many boaters, I regularly scan the water. While walking near the mangrove trees I spotted a bait bucket floating in the canal. Fortunately it was close enough that with a boat hook I could retrieve the yellow bucket.

Telescoping Boat Hook, floating 4' to 8' by Star Brite
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Though I am linking on the left to the coolest boat hook ever, mine is actually less than five feet long, will sink like a log (I have had to swim for it) and is generally awful. With all that said, mine did retrieve the bait bucket so there is that...

Bait Bucket - 6 quart size

The bucket saw floating was old, slimy and had a few barnacles too.


This is the second rogue bait bucket I have retrieved. The first had a 4" (10cm) fish living inside. Each also had a short piece (2-3' or 60-90cm) of frayed line attached to the handle. I suspect these bait buckets belonged to a property owner nearby. If your home is on the water please verify that the line securing the bait bucket to the dock is in good condition. Also, please be sure it is empty of living creatures.

Thank you!

After pulling the bait bucket up to the dock I opened it. Inside the water was murky. I dumped the water into the canal. A quick glance inside showed no fish, shrimp nor bait of any sort. Then, just before I was going to take the bucket to the garbage can I heard life!

A quick peek showed me a desperate 2" (5cm) minnow flopping around in the now almost empty bucket. I quickly flipped it into the water. Whew!!! This may sound silly, however rescuing that fish has brought the biggest smile to my face. And now I share it with you. Happiness is freedom found in the seas.

Thank you for being a part of my world. Thanks too for reading.  

Do you have a bait bucket?
And, do you leave it in the water??

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