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Date: 14 October 2014. Birds on Boats.


Recently I met Sam, a pretty little yellow canary who lives aboard Lily Maria. That is a beautiful bird, who also happens to be slightly spoiled. For instance Sam likes Romaine lettuce and is well supplied with a fresh leaf each day by his provider-of-all-things-good, aka Jean. But what I liked best about that canary is he is quiet, unlike a critter I met over on the east coast!

This is Sam:

Over on the east coast while anchored near a marina I met a nice couple with a pair of small dogs and a parrot. The sailor who owned the ketch told me he had taught the dogs to bark whenever a boat was nearby.  That is wonderful, except when you are staying in a marina.

Those yappy little critters would bark like lunatics.

The owner would shout "Shut up" and the dogs would stop barking.

Then the damn parrot would start barking, interspersing same with a decent imitation of the owner's "Shut up" in a never ending loop.

I was glad I had anchored upwind of that fiasco!

Have you ever been stuck near a loud boat dog?
Any experience with a parrot aboard a boat?

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