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Date: 17 February 2018. Book Store - Haslam's in St. Pete.


I am a reader. Books have been a huge part of my world nearly all of my life. Finding a glorious bookshop is always a treasure. Here in St. Pete we are fortunate to have a place you need to visit as you're passing through. It's called Haslam's Book Store and is located at 2025 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713. This place is a gem. It's the sort of store that you book addicts won't want to leave.

I love the store. Haslam's [727-822-8616] is right on the trolley route too so visiting should be mandatory.

Inside, Haslam's is arranged in sections. The books are sorted well. I particularly liked that I could find new and old books all in the same category on the same shelf. Truly this is the best of both worlds.

For me, I ended up in cookbooks. Gosh there are a lot of wonderful cookbooks in the world. I generally tend toward the small regional cookbooks. Those recipes usually have real ingredients that are easy to find.

Fancy cooking is simply not my style.

At Haslam's I ran across The Cruising Chef Cookbook, Second Edition by Michael Greenwald.


I always believe if I buy one more spice or try one more recipe I'll suddenly become a culinary expert. Cookbooks almost always have some tidbit or idea I never considered before. The Cruising Chef Cookbook (Amazon affiliate link) has a section on storage. With a 23' boat, finding a place to store provisions is always a concern.

Finding this book at Haslam's was fortunate. I did not even know I needed it, and voila: there it was. Perusing the pages I was sold. Who would not like a book with a recipe for Shark!?!

See this article for one reason why a shark recipe could be useful: Shark Changes Plans

On my way south down the coast I ran into a shark. I tell about that encounter in the
Shark Changes Plans vignette. Back then I didn't fully understand the "Filet and Release" method of dealing with shark. I wish I had The Cruising Chef Cookbook with me then.

Though this vignette may seem like a flog for a cookbook, it is truly intended as encouragement to visit Haslam's. We need the old bookstores where real folks are behind the counter. The mega stores may be efficient. It is the charming bookshops that I long for and support.

Oh, and best of all Haslam's does mail order. If you want something, why not try them first?

Tonight I was on the phone with an old friend. *Gone Tropic remembers ordering from Haslam's on the telephone decades ago. He bought navigation books. Readers will understand the joy in finding a bookstore to peruse. I wish you could visit Haslam's one day. It is truly worth your time.

*Gone Tropic belongs to a fellow mariner named Tom. I met him back in Apalachicola. He has recently been visiting with other friends of mine on Manatee. I wrote an article called Manatee Moves about that boat couple. Sarah and Ted cruise aboard Manatee. They have implemented some great ideas.

I hope to see Sarah and Ted and their Manatee soon.

But I digress...
The last time I was in Haslam's I was able to pick up several magazines. I enjoy reading them. Afterwards I pass them along to other boaters. Most of the time the book exchanges found in marinas will have some magazines. There are not many women's ones, so I rectify that. Women's Day is a favorite, along with Reminisce, Good Housekeeping, Reader's Digest.

Never mind. I like them all.

As much as I enjoy magazines I've considered one of those big tablets from Amazon just to be able to read the magazines without having to deal with paper. Ah, the choices... fortunately I need nothing. Life aboard Seaweed is fine just as is.

I truly am blessed.

If Haslam's is unable to obtain a copy of The Cruising Chef Cookbook, Second Edition by Michael Greenwald please feel free to visit Amazon. Purchasing through my link does help fund the cruising kitty aboard Seaweed.

But first, try Haslam's. I would like them to be in business for generations to come.

Thank you.

The Cruising Chef Cookbook, Second Edition by Michael Greenwald


I'd love to learn about your favorite bookstore.
And, is it still in business?

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2018, 2023

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