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Date: 18 September 2016. MIA in the Abyss.


It has been an interesting month here aboard Seaweed. I would like to be able to tell you I accomplished lots of major projects. I would love to say the planned infrastructure is finally complete. Goodness knows I wish I could say I had been out cruising. The truth is more mundane.

I plain old goofed off, and worse yet: It became a habit.
What is one more day when you are a week (or three!) behind in posting?!?

You see I occasionally fall into the Lazy Trap. It is all too easy to delay. And what is worse is that the stuff I have put off all too frequently weighs on my spirit. If I had the articles posted I would have enjoyed my time of leisure far more than I did. Argh!

And I could have been cruising! This could have been me.

Now I was not completely at ease. Instead there were a myriad of smaller projects that did get done. None of them were earth shattering. All could just as easily been accomplished at anchor in a remote cove.

Here is my friend Irene's boat at anchor in last summer:

A lot can be accomplished while at anchor. Newer boaters think all must be done before leaving the dock. That is definitely not true. Many projects can be done well while relaxing on the hook.

In the meantime I'm back at the keyboard. Life is good. Life afloat is fabulous. I truly am very fortunate.

My readers could help with one matter that is causing me distress: I need Comments -- ones that work with the code I already have in all the pages. Specifically this code:

<iframe src="https://janice142.com/comments.php?kkey=A-title" width='100%' height='300%'></iframe>

I am certain there are places where I can hire a code writer who can do the php back-end stuff and get me up and running again. If anyone has a recommendation I would appreciate the information. I am on a budget so nothing high-dollar please!

Email address: janice@janice142.com

Thanks. J.

In the meantime I have been processing the photos I took during my off time.

The garden aboard Seaweed is growing like weeds. A succulent Kim gave me is spreading wonderfully. I have even learned how to successfully propagate it. From one plant I've got four now and am starting more.

Another friend is Cheryl. We met first online and later in person. As fortune would have it our boats are practically neighbors. Actually we are only a couple islands apart just west of Tampa Bay, on the beach.


Cheryl is organizing a get together at an anchorage south of Tampa Bay next month. Scheduled in October the Full Moon Schucker Anchor Out ought to be a lot of fun. It is not just Schuckers. My friend is coming aboard his Gulfstar. There may well be a Morgan pilothouse too.

Cheryl and her husband Fred are great folks. Their boat is named Island Time. She is a real gem.

Island Time can take you anywhere in comfort. She is a beautiful Schucker 41' motorsailor.

That is life here on the Gulf coast. The weather is starting to turn. Days are feeling more like autumn. There is a definite coolness to the air. I hope it lasts.

Have you ever gotten into a lazy funk?
What got you out of the doldrums?

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2016, 2023

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