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Date: 18 May 2016. Relief at a Dental Clinic.


Bravery is displayed many different ways. Soldiers are brave when facing an enemy on the battlefield. Explorers charting unknown territory during inclement weather are brave. Going to sea is considered brave by some. For me, none of those things scare me as much as having to visit a dentist.

Just the other week I had to visit one. I tried waiting, hoping the tooth would stop hurting. It did no. Finally I was miserable enough to walk the final mile into the gallows otherwise known as the St. Petersburg Dental Center.

Andrea suggested I take a seat and wait. I was quaking too much to move anyway so did as she suggested.

They take your picture which is not nice at all. Feeling like a warmed over bowl of mush, I had my photograph taken. Lovely. Just lovely.

Finally this beautiful sweet young thing came and lead me back to the death chamber. I was seated in an electric chair. That I was willing to go tells you how much pain I was in.

Next the beautiful girl started discussing my problem teeth. She was the dentist!

Meet my dentist Danielle Guerrino and her assistant Connie Kalter

With three teeth removed I was numb and ready to escape. Finally I had relief and knew I would be able to sleep at night. Believe me when I say after the half century mark beauty sleep is a necessity for happiness.

Before leaving I stopped at the office to pay the bill. This is a clinic so prices are more modest than at a private practice.

I paid Brionna and Andrea, then escaped with my smile intact, relatively speaking!

They are great gals, very friendly and accommodating.

I have discovered two things:

  1. Doctors are getting younger and younger.

  2. We should get a new set of teeth when we are fifty, not at five or six years old. They would be much more useful now than they were then.

If I ever need to visit a dentist again I'll look for Dr. Guerrino. She is great. By the next day the pain was entirely gone and life was again good.

Of course life is always great on the water.

Do you have a phobia about doctors or dentists?
If you're not afraid, what does scare you?

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2016, 2023

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