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Date: 23 November 2019 Stowing Halloween and Thanksgiving Decor.


Side Note: I've been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff for the website. Year-end rollovers take a lot of time and effort. That's mainly because my coding skills are rudimentary. Organizing the transition is mentally challenging. I do enjoy the process of figuring things out and making the magic. Additionally, my Win7 netbook (thanks again Karl) is about to become obsolete. I've seen Win10, and it is ugly. Apparently though I will have no choice but to learn it, and soon. Argh.

I love my life aboard Seaweed. Although the broken arm recovery has taken far longer than I anticipated, progress continues. One thing that brings me joy is celebrating holidays. I have one box that contains most of my Christmas and all of the Thanksgiving and Halloween decor. It is stored underneath my bunk in the forward cabin.

These are my Halloween, autumn and Thanksgiving decorations:

For many years I have tucked everything used between Halloween and Thanksgiving
into a plastic and gold colored pouch. Eventually however the plastic began to degrade.

As you can see from the above photograph, there is not a great deal of decor specifically for autumn.  Halloween is important to me because of two friends (Pam and Nancy) who love it so. For me, I remember my friends at Halloween.

The best part of Halloween nowadays is eating Brach's candy corn, Indian corn, autumn mix and pumpkins. Yes, pure sugar, and scrumptious too. I do not recommend the knock-off versions. Those are AWFUL!


Halloween aboard Seaweed is understated. A ghost
or two, along with a kitty all bring smiles to my face.


←The Boo ghosts towel is a particular favorite.

This is the kitty ↑ cutout I bought at Hobby Lobby one year for just 10 cents. I stained and varnished the wooden cat.


I do have a fabric Thanksgiving dish towel in the autumn bag. The first of November it goes on display.

There is a recipe on the dish cloth. I have not baked the pumpkin pie however. There is no oven on my boat.

As for sweets, my son-in-law's mom Janice makes The Best sweet potato casserole I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It is one of those things that I still remember all these years after tasting it... truly delicious. Yes, her name is Janice just like mine.

One of the ways I maintain my happiness quotient is by celebrating good times. When my Halloween/autumn bag disintegrated due to age I knew I needed a better option.

Like many, I am moving away from disposable plastics. Fabric can be repaired so I wanted a spiffy bag to pop my Halloween goodies into. That's where my friend Cheryl helped out tremendously. She took me to a Thrift Store where I found the perfect bag.

This is actually a nylon mesh bag. I like it because the size is perfect and I can see what is inside.

Although I initially would have preferred a cotton fabric bag, the quality of the mesh is such that I believe it will provide me with a long working life. The zipper is a color that reminds me of turning leaves in the fall. This is perfect for autumn. Best of all it was just fifty cents at a thrift store.

Part of my joy in thrift stores is hunting down a bargain. This bag is nice, but it's not $5 nor even $3 nice. It is however a good value at *four bits. That is why I purchased it.

*Four bits: 50 cents. 2 bits is a quarter aka 25 cents.


I did a marvelous job putting the Autumn decor in the bag. Then I stowed it inside the Christmas box. That's a real chore to get to as it's only needed in December. The Christmas box is not conveniently located, nor is it easy to access.

Like any project worth its salt, I forgot one item as I was putting things away. The tail had broken off the cat.  Of course I discovered that tail segment after everything was put away. The Christmas box lives under my bunk shoved way in the back of that locker.

I keep Halloween segregated from Christmas via the bag, though all goes into the same small crate. Leftover cards (if I have any) are placed atop the Christmas ornaments. The new container of autumn goodies is stowed atop the greeting cards. I am so tickled to have just the right size bag for the fall decorations. Thanks Cheryl for bringing me with you to the thrift store.

I love Christmas and enjoy sending cards to friends near and far. I do try to get the cards in the mail early in December though this year I was a bit later than I would have preferred. It's important to be early, especially for those Bah Humbug folks who don't decorate much at all. I want them to be happy, so my way of bringing joy is to write out a whole bunch of cards.

November would not be complete if I did not share with you the
 following sign posted on a local auto parts joint a while back:

The Advance Auto Parts store next to Home Depot was closed, though others were open on Thanksgiving. The yellow sheet provides details. At first I found the dichotomy between the red and yellow signs confusing. Then I realized what they were saying. It amused me so I took a picture to share with friends.

I am tickled with the nifty bag I found at the thrift store. It's just what I didn't know I needed.

Thank you again Cheryl for including me in that fun outing. I appreciate that.

That is life in late November aboard Seaweed. More upcoming, and thank you for reading.

Do you decorate for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving?
What sort of items do you put on display?

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2019, 2023

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