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Date: 9 June 2014. Beside the Marshy Reeds.
Guest author Douglas G. Pollard Sr. aboard S/V Sea Legs.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It was written by an online boating friend and describes a time years ago when life on the waterfront moved at a much slower pace. I was pleasantly reminded of days gone by, and hope you like it too. Comments are encouraged.


Painting by Richard C. Moore, Abandoned Boat, Poquoson, Virginia.
Visit artist Moore's website http://ShipPaintings.com

There was a time when I had an old boat whose life was over, I took her upstream near the reedy marsh in a few feet of water and opened her thru-hulls.

For years I looked towards her when passing by. People came down and took pictures and artists painted her. Swimming boys climbed aboard her and dove from her cabin top.

When younger I often played pirates and Indians. I would have loved to find Douglas' derelict boat...

Norman Rockwell's painting, "Cousin Reginald Plays Pirate".

Millions of minnows grew up in her secret places over time. As some of her planks came loose crabs moved in feeding on minnows, shedding in her dark safe corners. She made a great meal for worms living in her wood.


Ospreys built a nest on her cabin top.


I had not destroyed my silent friend the one I talked to. A one who quietly listened and never disagreed.

I had given her to the community and she was enjoyed by all. It was a noble end the sinking of her weathered silhouette gently received by the waters shimmering, gentle embrace

When finally gone I had no sense of loss. An old friend given back to nature. To rest at last!

Douglas G. Pollard Sr. of the 27' Albin Vega "Sea Legs" 2225 KK4YGO

Abandoned Boat, Poquoson watercolor by Richard C. Moore
is used with permission of the talented artist. See more at:



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2014, 2023

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