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Date: 25 January 2015. Fred and Ruby.
Guest author Douglas G. Pollard Sr. aboard S/V Sea Legs.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It's written by a previous contributor [see About Douglas Pollard Sr.] and follows up on that article. I love reading about how life on the waterfront was in years past and wish for my Grand similar experiences. Perhaps pieces like this will encourage younger parents to consider loosening the apron-strings and allowing exploration of our world...

I wonder if dirt dwellers (away from the waterfront) were allowed similar freedoms?

Douglas said: I have in a lot of ways had an unusual life but my father was the cause. He was an adventurer in spirit but the times required him to work every waking hour to raise a family, have a home and give us kids the chance to follow our dreams.

Norman Rockwell's "Daydreaming Bookkeeper" might have been inspired by Douglas' dad Fred.

Growing up he (Fred) encourage me to do the things I dreamed of, I can still hear him telling my Mother, "Ruby, don't worry about that boy he can take care of himself and he has things to do and things to see."

Mom a gentle and very liberal for her time taught me to see the things that so many don't have time for.

How could my life be any different?

Douglas Pollard, Sr. in St. Georges Harbor, Bermuda.

My kids embarrassingly say they admire me greatly. I find it hard to get them to give enough credit to my parents Fred, and Ruby for giving me the chance and encouragement and the self confidence to do those things I dreamed of as a child. IF I have achieved anything it is that I was able to follow through with my child hood dreams.

I have a son who goes out west and hikes the rocky mountains. He is a hard worker, building two homes in the mountains worked as a Mail man and still found time to have adventures. I sometimes tell my wife I should have named Him "Fred Pollard".

If I dropped dead in the next 30 minutes I have to say Life owes me nothing. Thank God I grew up of the Parents I did. I find my self, them, even more than I am me. Doug.

Douglas G. Pollard Sr. of the 27' Albin Vega "Sea Legs" 2225 KK4YGO

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2015, 2023

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