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Date: 20 January 2017. M/V Lutin (a family tradition)
Guest author Olivier on TS M/V Lutin.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It's written by an online friend. Captain Olivier's family like my own has a long history on the water.  He kindly shared pictures of his cruising grounds and family boats from way back when... Thanks Cap'n.

For Olivier's family yachting is an ongoing tradition. Looking at previous editions of their boats is fun. For me, I am reminded that every vessel was the epitome at one time. Needs, choices and desires change over the years. Here is a look back in time from the coast of France. Enjoy...

LUTIN ("elf" in English) was the name of my grandfather's boat (my mom's father).

This is the Lutin logo.

My grandfather was a wonderful, interesting, caring and
generous who learned me everything about boating and more.

Antibes, France is the cruising grounds for M/V Lutin:



Here are 2 pictures of the first LUTIN, with my grandfather, my grandmother, my grandmother's sister aboard, in 1955....


My father named each of his boats LUTIN, so do I.


About my dad's picture on his 42' Grand Banks woody, it was my cousin on the swim platform.

Side Note from Janice: Woody is a term meaning the hull of the boat is constructed of wood. Most boats pre-1960 are wooden though larger ships might be steel.

I was behind the camera. I took the pic, from the tender of the boat.


I remember my Dad's boat was at the anchor between Lerins Islands what are the 2 islands in the bay of Cannes, the city where is the film festival. I do remember very well the week we spent around of Cannes, my dad and my mom were very happy, we had fun time all together aboard, with a beautiful sunny weather.

Mom, Helene, Olivier and Dad aboard a Lutin in July 1971.

I am glad you liked the old pictures I sent you, it was my pleasure to share them, especially the ones of my grandfather's runabout, and my dad's GB.

The End

Captain Olivier on TS M/V Lutin, a 46' Grand Banks

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2017, 2023

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