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Date: 17 November 2018. The Hammer (beachcombing finds)
Guest author Cheryl on S/V Island Time.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It is written by a friend of mine name Cheryl. You met Cheryl and her husband Fred in the Sojourners Saloon article On Island Time (Schucker 440 Motorsailor). Today's vignette is a portion of what we text about late at night. Enjoy.

Cheryl on the bow of Island Time:

Cheryl says: Here is a little something you can build an article around...one of our favorite pastimes....

While living on the sea is an amazing way of life, one of the best parts is being able to beach comb on many different beaches. The thrill of the hunt, never knowing what the roll of the waves will gift to you...

Finding flotsam and jetsam along the shore can make for an exciting adventure. Sea Shells, Sea Beans, Sea Glass, Driftwood, Sharks Teeth and......a Hammer!

This is the most unusual find to date for us.

My guess would be that this hammer was used to open coconuts. It was found on a beach with many coconut trees and fallen coconuts, so that will continue to be its job....our official coconut hammer.

Cheryl also takes great pictures. She allows me to share them with website friends and visitors. Thanks Cheryl!

Beach Combing is a wonderful way to get out for some exercise, enjoy the sunshine, feel the warm sand under your feet and maybe, just maybe find some treasure!


The End

Cheryl on S/V Island Time


2018, 2023

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