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Date: 26 December 2015. St. Pete boat show 2015 (part 1)


This year I was finally close enough once again to visit the 2015 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show. I am so glad I was able to come and discover what is currently available. Over the years I have been to numerous boat shows. Each one is enjoyable. I learn something new on every visit. Like many others who attend, I have a system. This is mine:

Generally speaking I like to go on the first day. That visit can best be described as a reconnaissance mission. I do some looking and mostly get the lay of the land. For smaller shows this is ideal. It is relaxing and knowing where things are is helpful.

I am at the age when knowing the locations of bathrooms is rather critical to my comfort level. It's also good to know where to get a bite to eat. A girl cannot shop well without sustenance.

I met the nicest Nimble Nomad cruiser Katie at the Air Head [http://airheadtoilet.com] display.

I had wanted to see an Air Head composting toilet in person. This opportunity was great for me. It is an interesting system. More information can be found at Air Head  for those who are curious as I was. Katie's boat is the Nellebelle.

I also learned about Kanberra and it's odor eliminating properties.

I jiggled when I took the picture and now cannot read this nice lady's name. Argh!
[Please refresh my memory. Thanks.]


Kanberra Gel eliminates odors and contains Australian tea tree oil and other essential oils. Kidlet is a real fan of essential oils. I confess I am becoming a proponent as well. Samples were available at the show. I picked up one from the main booth. On Saturday Cheryl (Island Time) got one at the Cruising Outpost booth.


Cruising Outpost booth


Attitudes & Lattitudes is now Cruising Outpost

Bob Bitchin' at the boat show


Cruising Outpost is alive and well. The same quirky takes on life afloat, lots of pictures and more are found in the magazine. Cruising Outpost is worth reading. Check it out.


It was interesting to see in person Bob Bitchin'. Cruising Outpost is quite a magazine. I was more fortunate to finally meet his Better Half. What a Lady!!! Jody was the best...

Myself and Jody  at the 2015 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show.

There are a lot of fellows out here. It is the women behind the scenes who all too often go unsung. And Jody? Well, she was fascinating to meet. I will bet her stories would have a slightly different slant than his. It would be fun to have her aboard my boat for a cuppa. Jody is welcome on Seaweed anytime.

Women have perspectives that differ from the fellows. When couples describe overnight passages he might talk about how fast the boat went, weather conditions and the sails he had up. She would tell me the waves rhythmically slapped the hull on a beat of seven and that the moon was full. The journey was perceived individually. Strange how that works, eh?

There is more about the boat show however this post is long enough. Besides, I have Simple Jess on my Kindle and am going to play hooky. There were tons of things to see at the St. Pete show. My initial recognizance went well. And on Saturday a couple things happened that were right up there near the top of the scale. I'll tell you about them next.

Did you attend the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show?
What day or days did you go and what did you buy?

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