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Date: 29 December 2015. St. Pete boat show 2015 (part 2)


Thursday I went to the boat show with a fellow who owns a boat docked near my Seaweed. It is always fun to go with a friend. We discussed new items and shared perspectives on products seen. Several tempted me however I resisted for the most part. On Saturday I was better prepared.

As a side note, the bathroom facilities were clean and air-conditioned. These were nice even at the end of the day. The ladies room seldom had a line. It is a little thing however I was impressed.


Island Time on her mooring

Fred and Cheryl from the next island south picked me up for a ride over to the boat show on Saturday morning. It is a lot more fun to be a passenger especially when traffic congestion is high. The Christmas parade with streets blocked off simply added to the hoopla. I did not have to deal with boat-show parking either. Being a passenger is tiptop! All thanks to Fred and Cheryl who own a Schucker named Island Time and brought me with them.

We ended up with a wonderful parking spot. It was close to the Media Entrance. That was great for me. The main entrance was near by.


This time I was a bit smarter than on my initial visit. I had tucked three Cuties into my purse. Cuties is one brand of seedless sweet oranges. They are easy to peel. They also are refreshing and quench my thirst. At $3 and more for a bottle of water at the show I wanted an inexpensive option. The small oranges served that purpose very well.

Side Note: Halos is another brand of similar oranges. Basically they are perfect, sweet, seedless and easy to peel. While in season I always have a bag on hand. You cannot have too many of the little treats.

On entering the tent the nicest thing happened. A fellow came up and asked "Are you Janice?" Marty reads my website. That was so neat. No one else "on the street" has ever recognized me and I was thrilled. My First, and I do thank both Marty and his Janice (nice name incidentally) for the warm greeting.

Meet Janice and Marty:

Later that afternoon I told my daughter about being
 recognized. Kidlet promptly asked for my autograph!


Proceeding into the tent I once again visited the Mantus Anchors display.

I was interested particularly in Greg's chain hook for a snubber. Also I wanted a fresh look at his anchor swivel. The 45 pound Mantus sure would look pretty on the bottom holding my Seaweed. I simply could not lift it without the windlass so regretfully left it for the next boater.

Greg owns Mantus Anchors and was at the show.

The metalwork on the Mantus swivel reminded me of a Garhauer. [Sailors know Garhauer Marine as the Premium company for well-made stainless hardware.] I've lusted after a pair of their fine triple blocks for literally years. Yes, Garhauer was at the 2015 St. Pete boat show too.

Another owner/inventer at the boat show was Al of Arid Bilge.

I find it very helpful to have the guy who invented the product at hand. The Arid Bilge system was fascinating. For those with yachts it is a product worth investigating.

Later I stopped by a booth selling glues. Ma-Bri offers an amazing line of glues. These products adhere anything including StarBoard. That was news to me. I thought the only way to connect StarBoard was via nuts and bolts. This item is definitely something I will keep in mind.



While I was at the Ma-Bri booth a gent brought by a glass fish with a fin that had broken off. In less than five minutes the item was repaired. Best of all the fix was invisible. These glues certainly did a better and neater job than my old stand-by Gorilla Glue.


One fin perfectly attached and strong enough to support the weight of the fish almost immediately. I could definitely see the Ma-Bri glues as a part of Seaweed ship's stores.


After wandering inside for a time I stepped out for some fresh air. Just outside the first tent I met Rick Rhodes. He's written cruising guides. His
Cruising Guide to Florida's Big Bend  is quite popular among those planning a trip to the Gulf coast. Found on many Great Looper boats is The Ohio River, Voyaging On Today's River - A Boating Guide also by Rick.

Captain Rick Rhodes at the boat show.



Books by Captain Rick Rhodes (affiliate links below in blue)


Cruising Guide to Florida's Big Bend  

The Ohio River, Voyaging On Today's River - A Boating Guide


After chatting with the Captain I relaxed on a nearby bench overlooking the marina. Sitting back and enjoying one of my refreshing oranges was just the rest I needed to rejuvenate myself. After a few minutes I was again ready to peruse.

The next stop was Uniquely Nautical. Owned by Mary and Paul Warren, looking at their wonderful offerings was great. I liked that the items were quality products. Paul was very kind. The display was done with quite an artistic touch. It was definitely enticing.

Paul is holding one of his trays, this one featuring the Virgin Islands.

Like me Paul is a member of
Boat Writers International. The items displayed were varied and all tempted me. I look forward to doing bad things to my waterline via Uniquely Nautical. Thanks Paul! It was fun meeting both you and Mary.


Eye Candy for Ranger Tugs fans




There was a new-to-me gem at the boat show that struck my fancy. It was a Cutwater and wow. I was given a tour. Their shower curtain runner certainly tickled my fancy. I would love one just like it for Seaweed!

This is the bimini shaded cockpit of a Cutwater:

The Cutwater boats look comfortable. All had tuna doors which is a particular desire of mine. Climbing over the transom simply is not fun. That will not get any easier as I get older either. Someday... well, someday I would love to have a nice little opening like you see in the above picture.

More information can be found at http://cutwaterboats.com

While wandering the boat show Cheryl (S/V Island Time) sent a text inviting me to attend Pam Wall's seminar on the Bahamas. What a treat that was! Pam, her Andy and their kids are sailors and experienced gunk-holers. They have been around the world and found the Bahamas just about perfect.

Pam's lecture group grew. Folks kept coming and by near the end the tent was filled with seats. I liked that she was well-organized and kept things flowing along. Questions were answered, clarifications made and avenues explored. She was most Excellent.

Pam Wall was with West Marine for years and became their Outfitting Manager for the whole company. She now offers one-on-one consultations for those desiring this life afloat. Advice from folks who have actually cruised is superior to any other. It is not just theory when you are far from port and something breaks. Pam's your girl.

Pam's website is http://pamwall.com

After the talk I stayed around to visit with Pam. She was gracious.

It was nice to relax with Pam after the seminar while she waited for a friend. I feel like I have the start to a boat friendship and look forward to meeting her along the waterways in 2016. Oh, and Pam: I am the lady with the Schucker miniature trawler. (waving)

All in all, the 2015 St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show was great. Boat shows allow folks to see what is new as well as the tried and true. I always like going. This time because there was no time schedule it was even more enjoyable.

I keep my oranges under the galley sink in a net. It is cooler there and away from the hull.


In retrospect the Cuties oranges were a great idea. I could have a refreshing and healthy treat at will. There were lots of garbage cans at the show. Finding a place to dispose of the peels was easy.

There was a good variety of foods at the boat show along with beer if you are so inclined. I had a sausage and green pepper sausage sub the first day. Saturday found me eating a soft pretzel and pizza. The chicken looked good and a soft serve ice cream cone tempted me too. Hotdogs were everywhere. You will not go hungry at a boat show.

Meeting Marty and Janice was terrific. Being recognized was spiffy I must admit. Thanks! Keep an eye out for Seaweed and give a call on VHF Channel 16 should you see her near you. I am always listening.


Did you attend the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show?
What day or days did you go and what did you buy?

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