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Date: 6 July 2024. A New Age in Boating (part 2)


I rambled on at the fingertips.

You might wish to pour yourself a cuppa caffeine. This has turned into a multi-part series. What I consider a revolutionary change in the boating world is occurring at present. I'm ready for it.

The complete series is on this page:
A New Age in Boating Series

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In A New Age in Boating (part 1) I described what I see as a pivotal trend in the boating world. Over the years we have evolved from sail to steam, then onward in the 20th century to gasoline and diesel powered cruising vessels. Now I believe the latest propulsion method may be here.  The new, updated version of the outboard motor with *EFI has arrived.

*EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection is a revolutionary improvement of outboard motors, eliminating the troublesome carburetor. This change has brought about a more stable, less likely to breakdown motor.

The Suzuki 9.9 long-shaft is one of the outboard motors I am pondering for my own Seaweed. A 25hp is also under consideration.

At this point my uncertainty is regarding where next to put my money. I still want a tuna door. That item has been on my list for more than ten years. Other needs and desires have taken priority in the interim. Big decisions need to be made however there is no real urgency either.

I am happy where I am and life continues, albeit at a slower pace than in previous years.

Underway is the very best place to be. Heading north, John's Pass is on my port side.

Memory Lane: Back in 1962 for my birthday I was gifted a used Seagull outboard. The prop fell off (in 35' of fast moving water) when I sheared a cotter pin. The motor would stall and was hard to pull start too. It was noisy and smoky. Now, all these decades later I do look back on those adventures involving my Seagull with a larger degree of affection than when they were taking place.

Side Note: Seagull outboards back in the day (decades ago) required a 10 to 1 mixture of gasoline to oil. That oil lubricates the internal components of the engine. It is also the reason why Seagulls were so smoky. Modern outboards are generally run on a 50 to 1 ratio.

The British Seagull

The British Seagull company still exists and supports these outboards. For the curious, the website is: https://www.britishseagull.com/

The site is worth a visit...

The Seagull does have a cult following. They are well regarded and simple to fix motors according to my friend Tom in Apalachicola who has a collection of them. Even some of the dock fellows here remember Seagulls fondly from their youth.

But I digress...
With the outboards of my childhood it was only a matter of time before the carburetor gummed up and the engine wouldn't work. That is a thing of the past.



At the St. Pete Boat Show there were boats sold with multiple large outboards across the transom. Nowadays the outboards have a new internal system that has made a world of difference in reliability and performance. The EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) has 100% solved the carburetor problem. I am impressed.

Denison Yacht Sales offered this beauty:

Justin Nystedt 954-654-5783
or Joe Lazzara 813-313-7512

Denison Yacht Sales: 786-482-5000


There were a lot of boats offered at the St. Pete Boat Show.


As Shelley and I scoped out the boat show we were amazed by the beautiful boats offered. It was a pleasure to share this world with another. Still, it was those large outboards that made the biggest impression.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that. Part 3 should be uploaded by Wednesday.

Have you ever been to a boat show?
And, what was your favorite part/thing you saw/wish to own?

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