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Date: 9 July 2024. A New Age in Boating (part 3)


I rambled on at the fingertips. You might wish to pour yourself a cuppa caffeine. This has turned into a multi-part series. What I consider a revolutionary change in the boating world is occurring at present. I'm ready for it.

The complete series is on this page:
A New Age in Boating Series

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The Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 is beautiful. She was one of the of the boats offered at the St. Pete Boat Show.

The interior of the Swift Trawler is gorgeous. Plus she is fast, topping out at 23 knots with a cruising speed of between 15-17 knots.

Modern boats are beamier (wider) than those of decades ago. They are more spacious than ever before. Boat owners today expect all the amenities of life ashore and new boats deliver. They are far faster than those of my youth. For many new boats, that speed is accomplished by turbo powered engines. The newest iteration of power for faster boats is the improved version of the outboard motor with *EFI.

*EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection eliminates the need for a carburetor. That translates in the simplest of terms to a more reliable product less prone to breakdowns.


Mystique Boatworks showcased a go-fast fishing boat, the Mystique 48:


Owner Keith and salesman Daniel

Exclusive sales representative:
Ron Jones 864-303-3502

Mystique Boatworks

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The fastest motor yachts seen are often powered with turbo diesels. In the old days boat builders would utilize a larger engine. Later however the form factor (size) of the engine became paramount. A smaller engine could be turned into a turbo, thus gaining horsepower without needing to enlarge the engine room. One problem is that this is a one-way street. You cannot return the engine to what it once was before becoming a turbo. The new, spiffy, greater speed of a turbo powered diesel engine does have appeal, until it breaks.

Turbo diesels have their own set of problems. It is not a question IF your turbo is going to quit. The question is WHEN. Alas, the answer is always far sooner than one hopes...

Going to a boat show means being able to look at and admire a great variety of vessels.


Boat show etiquette dictates removing your shoes before boarding any of the boats.


Shelley went aboard the Ranger Tug on display at the St. Pete Boat Show.



This 31' Ranger Tug draws just 2'4" -- less than my own Seaweed with her 3' draft. She is laid out similarly to my Seaweed though lots fancier. With a turbo Volvo, she will get up and go fast...


Offered by Lorenzo Castro 845-232-8633
of Edgewater Yacht Sales
Modern Tugs

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When weather is getting worse, having extra speed to get to a
safe spot is an important factor to consider when selecting your boat.

Being able to retreat to a protected harbor is crucial. That is one thing my Seaweed cannot do rapidly. With her small engine, an 18hp Kubota diesel, I am seriously pondering a way to increase her *SOG. An outboard may be the answer to that conundrum. After all, I have two fuel tanks so I could conceivably switch one to gasoline and keep one as diesel. This might be an answer though at this point I have a ways to go before I can afford a spiffy new outboard. They run $3k, before installation for the white Suzuki 9.9, long-shaft beauty I have my eyes on. A 25hp Suzuki with all the goodies costs just better than $4,000 and it might just be perfect for my Seaweed.

*SOG: speed over ground, basically how fast the boat is moving. 

As always I do thank you for reading. The final installment will be posted in a day or three. Thanks for your patience too.

Given a choice would you opt for diesel or gasoline power on your boat?
And, have you considered the a boat with powerful outboards?

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