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Date: 17 January 2022. Declutter by Donation.


Aboard Seaweed I have too much stuff. One of my weaknesses is galley gear. I have this idea (most likely a mistaken belief) that with just one more cookbook I will suddenly become a fabulous chef. Ha! Plus I admit to being fascinated by the smaller community cookbooks.

I like older cookbooks because they use easy to find ingredients versus fancy stuff.


Most of my books are stowed along the hull in my forward cabin:

Older cookbooks are a particular favorite. They use real ingredients available everywhere. I prefer that to those fancy ones that need items I have never heard of nor tasted. For me priority is placed upon ease of preparation.

Onboard Seaweed I treasure grandma's The Maine Rebekahs Cook Book.

My grandma would have been nearly 50 when this book was
published. She gifted it to Mother who passed it along to me.

The years really do fly by. In any event, I am quite adept at gathering old cookbooks. One thing I regularly do is go through the purchased cookbooks seeking hidden gems. Those recipes I copy. Then I either gift the book to another boat gal or pass them along to Salvation Army.

October found me in CORTEZ ↓ a boating community on the west coast of Florida.


Down in Cortez, Florida I found a better option for the Cortez Southern Shoreline Cookbook. I donated my copy to the Florida Maritime Museum located in Cortez.

I love knowing that Cortez cookbook will remain in the area. That it shall be available to others is important to me. The museum is a great spot to visit incidentally. They run on donations. I found the docents to be friendly, informative and kind.

The seafood recipes in Cortez Southern Shoreline Cookbook were tasty too. Nevertheless I felt the cookbook would be better served in the community it originated in. Thus, the donation.

Aboard Seaweed I continue to keep a full bookshelf in the main cabin. A girl has to have books.


Living aboard a boat especially when one likes to collect is a constant in-and-out battle. I try to stay on top of the clutter. Too often I am much more successful at gathering than dispersal. That is where church thrift stores, museums, and major players such as Salvation Army come into play.

It is nice to know what I do not want anymore may indeed find another home with someone who will like it as much as I once did. When living aboard a smaller boat choices must be made. I believe we are more likely to treasure our possessions when they are select, special, and not in great abundance.

One thing to Consider: When parting with your older items, a museum or historical society might be just the right choice. One of my books (Eight Bells by Rear Admiral Daniel Gallery, USN) is in Gallery's U-Boat 505 museum in Chicago. How cool is that?!?


Having friends is the biggest and best thing of all. Thank you for being a part of my world. And thank you for reading.

Do you collect any books?
What book (series?) have you read more than once?

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2022, 2023

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