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Date: 9 June 2022. Estate Sale Book Finds.


Like many, I prefer being surrounded by old stuff. There is comfort in the familiar. When I look around Seaweed I see not only my history but that of others. Everywhere I see reminders of friends, both here and those who are no longer with me. I treasure those memories. A new neighbor named Colleen has reintroduced me to Estate Sales where bits of yesterday are available for purchase.

This is Colleen. She enjoys swimming, windsurfing and kayaking.


Fortunately for me, Colleen likes to visit estate sales. I had not frequented these for 20-plus years. It has been a real treat to ride shotgun (front passenger seat in an automobile) on these outings. Recently I scored, and BIG!!!

I found a few bookcases in what appeared to have been a reading room of the first home. The initial book I spotted was Prayers and Graces. Recently S/V Grace had gifted me that lovely pancake maker I spoke of in the
Inverter Friendly Pancake Griddle article. So Graces and Grace... well, I had to purchase this for my friend Janet aboard Grace.

This book was printed in 1951. It is filled with poems for children.
When Janet has a mailing address I will send it right to her.

Having a place to receive mail can be a problem. Many cruisers opt for mail services such as UPS however I chose to rent a Post Office Box. For the curious, my address is Janice aboard Seaweed, PO Box 8284, Madeira Beach, FL  33738.

The next book I chose was Pirates, Ships and Sailors circa 1950. It appealed to my nautical heritage and life.

There are 42 stories, poems and songs in this 72 year old gem:

Like many boaters, I want to have books aboard that will entertain and amuse my Original and the Newest Grand. This one, Pirates, Ships and Sailors makes me smile. The artwork is fun, and the stories are too.



I could not resist and wanted to share the first story, Pirate's Cove, with you...

Click on the pictures to get a full sized version. Use your back arrow to return to this page.



I know it is silly of me to get such pleasure out of a book I could conceivably have read when I was a tiny tot. This one might indeed have been a part of my youth though I do not yet recall any of the stories within its pages.

I saved the best for last. First though I must take a step down Memory Lane... Years ago I needed to earn money, and wished to do so in the comfort of my own home.

I chose to take care of one of the sweetest little old ladies on the planet. My Frances was a proper Bostonian, born in 1899, grew up with a carriage at her disposal, took the chaperoned tour of France upon graduation, and simply lived a fascinating life. I was fortunate to know her.

This book might have indeed been a part of her family library way back when...

When I tried researching the title Slumberland I came up with nothing. Then I moved on the the publishers, DeWolfe, Fiske & Co. of Boston. Jackpot! The company was founded in Boston in 1880. It went out of business in 1905. Thus, this gem is at least 117 years old, and could be up to 142 years old as of today in 2022. How cool is that?!?

I can well imagine my Frances reading this book a century ago.


The artwork is beautiful too. This is a *Photograveure.

*Photogravure (Slumberland spells this Photograveure on the title page and Photogravure on the cover) is not a photograph according an article on PBS.org. Rather "the photographer's negative is transferred onto a copper plate, which is used to print or engrave the image with ink."

PBS article: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/stories/articles/2005/2/14/explainer-what-is-photogravur

Because I love the sea, I chose this poem from Slumberland:

Though I am delighted I was able to read and admire this book, it will become a part of Baby's library. She too knew and loved Frances. And now, like you, she has had a peek at what will soon be hers to treasure and enjoy.

Thank you for indulging me while I share my joy at the outing Colleen and I had. Visiting estate sales is fun. Finding three books, all over 70 years old was such a treat. I'm excited to be mailing off the one to Janet, and passing along the Slumberland book to my Baby... of course Pirates will eventually belong to my Grands.

The Newest, walking along a shoreline:


In the meantime, progress is being made aboard Seaweed. I am happy to report that my new wiring for the three battery banks is complete. The upgraded solar regulator and breakers are mounted. Of course I will have to buy more wire because I forgot to order the 6-gauge necessary for the Epever60. I'll get the wire from Genuine Dealz. That company is amazing! I recommend them to all my boat friends.

Thanks so much for indulging me while I share these cool books. More from the waterfront shortly. Thank you for reading.

Please name your favorite book(s) of all time?
And, what is the title and year published of your oldest book?

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2022, 2023

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