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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The In the Bilges page
Repairs and Upgrades

Aphorism Alert:  The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it. George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950.

In the Bilges
Repairs and Upgrades

~ listed chronologically, as posted ~

  1. The Big News

  2. Boatyard Blues

  3. Organizing Your Tools

  4. Capable of Learning

  5. Tired Captain

  6. Anchor Light Fix

  7. Project Proliferation (Hella fan fixed)

  8. Engine Update (swapping motors is complicated)

  9. Cooler Handle Repair

  10. She runs, however...

  11. Bilge Pump OUCH

  12. Prop Problems (lesson learned)

  13. Celebrate with Me!

  14. Solar Regulators (Standard vs. MPPT)

  15. Expert Advice versus Intuition (spare parts inventory)

  16. Tyranny of the Tiller (pre-purchase advice)

  17. Bearing Bad News

  18. Water System and Filter Fix

  19. Room for Improvement

  20. Diagnosing a Blown Bearing

  21. Outboard Option

  22. Life onboard Lily Maria (Thompson 44 M/V)

  23. Hayes is Here (bell housing update)

  24. Whew! Engine O-U-T

  25. Windlass is Necessary (for me)

  26. Stainless Manifold Ordered (tractor motor adapted for boat)

  27. Toilet Tissue (aka TP)

  28. Spring on Pi Day (copper advice)

  29. Hiring Expertise

  30. Marinizing the Cooling System of a Tractor

  31. Project Second Opinions

  32. Inexpensive Line Cutter

  33. Self-induced Work (engine won't start)

  34. Job Creep

  35. Securing a Refrigerator (fans too)

  36. Locker Latch Alignment

  37. When it's Not Square (how to fix)

  38. Rescue Tape Saves Boats

  39. Welding Shop and a Riser

  40. Waterproof 8 Gauge Butt Connectors (make your own)

  41. Dealing with Drunks (tool locker and dinette table)

  42. Getting Betsy Ready-to-Go

  43. Boat Search for Beginners (DIY survey)

  44. DIY Bigelow Teas ( and engine swap update)

  45. Three Keys When Hiring

  46. Buy and Install Levels

  47. Label Everything

  48. Hiring a Diver

  49. Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Batteries

  50. Varied Recommendations by Rich Gano

  51. Transmission Fluid in Bilge

  52. JB Weld (cap won't open fix)

  53. Anchor Locker Leak Fixed

  54. Alternator Bracket Pattern (how to)

  55. Upsizing the Alternator - My Mistake

  56. Scorpion Vacuum and Kindle Fire Questions

  57. Making a Plug-In AC Voltage Meter

  58. Diagnosing a Bad Battery

  59. Clothes in the Bilges

  60. Proper Attachment of a Terminal End

  61. Stacking Battery Cables

  62. Attaching Wires to the Bulkhead

  63. Routine Maintenance of Hose Clamps

  64. Hiding the VHF Hole

  65. Repairing Veneer

  66. Battery Check and Cheater Method

  67. Catalytic Heater Won't Light Remedy

  68. Battery Cap Fiasco

  69. Clean and Soften Old Ropes

  70. Petroleum Jelly aboard a Boat

  71. Shaft and Propeller Keys

  72. Multimeter Repair

  73. Multimeter Improvement (clamps)

  74. Microgreens Shelves Installed (part 4)

  75. Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series)

  76. Visiting Manatees (plus boatyard plans)

  77. Preventing Injury, Step Edition

  78. How Shaft Keys Work

  79. To the Boatyard

  80. Why Seaweed Does Not Track

  81. Shaft Key Alert

  82. New Alternator Bracket

  83. Lightning Strike and Errors Made (part 1)

  84. Lightning Strike series Conclusion (part 2)

  85. Lightning Strike series Summary (parts 1 and 2)

  86. Finding the Leak (part 1)

  87. Temporary Thru-Hull Fix (part 2)

  88. Thru-Hull Leak Series

  89. Estate Sale Book Finds

  90. Calling Cap'n Jesse (Mistakes were Made, part 5)

  91. AC Install from Hades (Mistakes were Made, complete series)

  92. Rules for Life

  93. 50 Amp 125/250 Volt Power Plug Wiring How-To (4-wires)

  94. Troubleshooting a 50A Power Leg Problem

  95. 50A Power Cord Option to Save Money

  96. 8awg Selector Switch Needed


  98. coming soon



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