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Date: 7 June 2015. Heat Rises and Mildew Grows (finding discounts on Amazon)


Well, I learned something. Much to my chagrin I have lost most of my cruising guide collection to mildew. It was my fault. Here is what I should have done. I did not realize the consequences of that mistake. Also, I will share the gory details. I knew better, which makes the lesson all the more painful.

My refrigerator was in a locker under the counter in my galley. I did have a small muffin fan (12 volts) blowing at the compressor and a second one pulling heat out of that compartment. With those two in place, I mistakenly thought I had covered my bases regarding air flow and heat reduction.

The second row in the back of the bookcase behind Skipper held the cruising guides.

The bookcase sat atop the counter directly above the reefer aka refrigerator. Now this is not your ordinary bookcase. It is raised with the bottom shelf 3.5" above the deck. I thought the air spaces both below and above the countertop would suffice for ventilation. Alas, I was wrong.

I pulled out a cruising guide and found mildew along the edges and pages buckled. Nasty stuff though for the most part the interior pages are fine. Just the outside is icky.

My frustration is that I know that heat rises. Also, I had not pulled any guides out for so long as to realize the damage was occurring. I should have known long before now that a problem was developing. And too I would have abated the damage if I had been aware earlier. That is my fault.

So, here is my advice: Do not do as I did. Instead do as I say.

Check any place you have stuff that could be subjected to heat or temperature changes. I believe if I had been smarter and put a layer of that blue or pink foam insulating board under the books that my guides would have survived intact. In the meantime, I have a bunch of books that are going o-u-t.

Yes, I know how to clean off the mildew, but doing so in the limited confines of a 23' boat is not going to happen. They served their purpose in keeping me motivated while taking care of mother (Alzheimer's) so have earned their place elsewhere.

At this point in my life, I want things done. And these stacks are not going to be my project:

It's simply too overwhelming to handle so I will be off-loading the damaged guidebooks.

Yes, I am glad I bought the guides. Prior to owning Seaweed I did not know where I might cruise so as I learned about interesting places I would purchase the guides. A couple were from our boat so they are older than dirt, while others were purchased new, er, used.


How to buy books on Amazon for far less than retail:


Amazon has the guidebooks available, though generally offered at cover price. When I read about a cruising guide I might potentially find useful one day, I would look it up online. The next four steps netted me a great collection at bargain prices.

  1. Find book listed on Amazon

  2. Click Add to Wish List button (found just below the Add to Cart block in the upper right of the page)

  3. Check daily my Wish List

  4. When I find a copy on sale for half price or so, I buy it

Often with enough time I could find the guides for half of retail. That's when I'd buy the book. And now you know exactly why I ended up with so many.

I also use this system for my Kindle collection too. I've a list of those books I'd love to own in digital form, but not at full price. Just recently I snapped up the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen entitled Belles on Their Toes. Bought six months or so apart, I paid just $2 for each. They are worth full retail price and I'm ever so glad to own them both.

Update: Side Note on Cheaper and Belles: The digital version is Better than the original First Editions I own. They have all the words from the print copy. What I liked best is the Kindle version included photos. I saw The Shoe along with Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth, the children, etc. The pictures added a level of personalization that I appreciated.

Further Update, circa 2023: These books are now available as a set. Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes (2 book set)

Any eBook I want I tuck onto the Wish List and hope it goes on sale. I am wishing like crazy
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day goes on sale soon. I have watched the movie (it is a hoot) and the reviews say the book is better. I want it, though not at full price.


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
(Widescreen & Full Screen Edition)

Affiliate link to movie:
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

The Miss Pettigrew DVD has some of the snappiest dialog I've ever heard in a movie. It reminds me of the comedies of yesterday with double entendres sprinkled throughout. Nothing trashy, but certainly amusing...


And life progresses.

Be wiser than I was regarding book storage. Check yours regularly and you will not be looking at a mildewed mess. I wish I had pulled one book out before the damage was endemic.

Life is good afloat, and progress is being made on the engine. I am relieved. More later, but first I have Belles on my mind and am going to read now. G'night and sweet dreams.

Is there anything you do to prevent mildew?
And, have you ever read Miss Pettigrew or the Cheaper by the Dozen duo? 

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2015, 2023

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